This scene happens in between AMSR - Continuation Part 7 - 8

Mark sighed as he pulled up his vehicle in front of her house.

The Wilderstein family car was not in the driveway. Possibly it could be hidden in the garage, however based on prior knowledge of Beth's family – the garage was more likely occupied by her father's work materials.

He glanced behind him, trying to discern if there was even the smallest chance he could be being observed. A once mildly obsessive habit had now become ingrained into him as a second nature. Like a prey animal staying alert to a predator. Everyone was a threat.

He peered long and hard in all directions until he believed the streets were empty. He checked his watch again, wondering what was taking Beth so long. The combination of anxiety and urgency abraded at his nerves. They had just over an hour to get to their destination.

His hand moved down the side of his face– feeling the potential beginning of a headache. He couldn't believe this was happening or understood how he could have found himself in such a situation. He had condemned himself from dating, much less having another child. This wasn't just a mistake, the entire situation threatened to expose him. By allowing that one time...he had opened a door that could not be shut.

This wasn't something he could run away from.

He was snapped out of his thoughts by the sound of a door shut. Beth walked out, appearing visibly unnerved. She quickly locked her front door. The calm, confident poise she walked with had been replaced by apprehension and urgency. She too glanced around as she hurried to Mark's car.

Quickly, she opened the passenger door and slid inside.

"Sorry," she breathed, grabbing the seat belt and clicking it over her waist. She set her satchel down on the floor. One hand went her stomach, the other too her mouth.

"Are you alright?"

Beth nodded, clearly looking miserable. Her eyes closed; her hand held over her lips. Any hope Mark had left that this was just an illness instantly disappeared as he recognized the tell tale signs of morning sickness.

"Do you need me to stop?"

"No," Beth managed to say. Her eyes opened, and she swallowed hard, "we can go."

At first neither of them said a word as Mark navigated his way through the less trafficked streets toward the highway. Finally, when they passed the main road and came upon highway twenty-five did either of them dare to speak.