As promised here is chapter six. Hope you enjoy! =)


David leaned against the wall by the door of Tris' office and silently cursed himself. How in Dante's Inferno had Lady Gertrude found out about his thieving job that night at her party?

Mikolas, he thought bitterly.

"David, are you even listening to me?" Tris asked sternly.

"Yes, Tris, I'm listening." David replied, not even looking at the lord.

"Then what did I just say?" Tris snapped back and David finally looked his benefactor in the eyes.

"Fine, If this will make anything easier, I robbed her blind. I even stole her hair and left with her dowry in my right pocket. Happy?" For a long moment it's quiet as servant and master stared each other down.

"No, David, I'm not happy. This isn't a joke. Don't you understand that this is your life we're talking about?" David stiffened at the concern he heard in the man's tone. Where did this Rich get off being concerned about a gutter rat like himself?

"I understand perfectly well, but what if I don't care? What if I don't care if I die, huh? Then I'll get to see my mom again." It was out before David could stop himself and for a long moment he looked at Tris with wide eyes. Then he whirled around and left the room.

Comrade jumped up off the floor outside the office door and followed David as he made his way through the manor. The thief slipped out the servants' entrance and hurried through the Rich side of town and into the slums.

As he made his way through the winding, filthy streets David felt some of his old self come back a little. All his time around luxury had made him feel out of sorts. Now he was back where he truly belonged, even if it was only for a little while.

He turned onto the safe-house alley and knocked on the door. The metal slot slid open. "Password?"

"Lapis." David snapped back and the door opened just enough for him and Comrade to slip inside. He ruffled Rat's hair and went to the boys side of the abandoned warehouse. Instead of seeing Wolf as usual he almost ran into Shark, who was the oldest person under Boss' work at twenty summers.

He smiled at David. "Hello, David." the older boy greeted him.

"Morning, Shark. Where's Wolf?" David asked, uncomfortably. Something about Shark always made him wary, but he kept it hidden well.

"Down in the Maze." The older boy replied and went back into the main room.

The Maze? Why would Wolf be down there? The Maze was exactly what it's name said. A maze of streets where the lowliest of slummers resided. Unlike the children at the safe house who had a place to sleep, anyone on the streets down there was on their own. It was the one place that was never mentioned if need be.

With a shake of his head, David left the safe house and went in search for his friend. Of course he'd been in the Maze before but never without Wolf. Comrade stuck close to his side as they went deeper into the slums, his hackles raising when someone got to close that he didn't like.

Spotting a familiar black head of hair he quickened his pace to catch up with the boy. "Raven, have you seen Wolf?"

Raven stopped and looked at David with bright tanzanite colored eyes. "Maybe I have, maybe I haven't. What's in it for me if I tell?"

David patted his pocket and pulled out a copper piece. Raven took it, bit it, then stuck it in his pocket. "He's down on Duke Side, past the canal."

"Thanks, Ray." The blonde said quickly and started on his way.

"Oh, and David?" the dark haired boy called over his shoulder, stopping David in his tracks. "Be careful down here. You look like you've came by some money lately so I'd stay where the lanterns still glow if I were you."

David nodded and Raven went on his way whistling an eerie tune that sent chills through the thief's body.

Shaking himself, David continued until he reached the canal. Duke Side was where he needed to go, so he jumped the thinnest section of the canal and waited for Comrade to do the same.

He made his way though the streets, feeling more self conscious the deeper he went. Shadowed faces looked at his from alleys and rotting doorways. Comrade was in full alert, growling a warning to anyone he sensed there.

David knew that without Wolf, Comrade was the only thing keeping him from getting mugged so far. Finally spotting Wolf in a shadowed doorway he followed the older boy as he went into a shelled out building.

He had just stepped into an adjourning room when Wolf whirled around and slammed him into a wall. David gasped and Comrade let loose a feral growl but didn't attack. The wolf dog wanted to, but had learned from the time that he was a cub that the older boy was a friend.

Wolf's eyes widened when he finally recognized his friend and the dark glint in his eyes died down. "What are you doing down here, Lapis?" he asked, removing his hands from the boy's shoulders.

"I could ask you the same question," David snapped. "Why'd you attack me?"

Wolf swiped his hair from his face and stepped back. "I didn't know it was you. All I knew was that I was being followed. You should leave, you don't belong down here."

"Neither do you, Wolf." David replied, his arms crossed stubbornly.

"I have stuff to take care of. You can tag along, but stay close." Wolf said with a sigh.

David nodded his understanding and followed his friend out of the house. They made their way deeper into the Maze until they reached a small wooden building that looked like it could barely stand on its own. Wolf opened the door slowly and motioned David inside behind him.

"Anne, you here?" the brunette called softly.

A small curly haired head popped out from behind a wall and studied them closely, then smiled at Wolf.

"Alley!" the little girl squealed happily, ran over, and wrapped her arms around Wolf's waist. Alley?

"Hey, where's mama?" Wolf asked and the little girl lead them to a corner of the room where a thin pallet was laid out.

At first David thought the lump was clothes but it moved when they got closer. A skinny woman with yellow-brown eyes just like Wolf's looked at them from behind a thin wool blanket. Wolf took her hand and she reached out a hand to pat the boy's cheek.

She's blind, David realized. He felt extremely uncomfortable interrupting the obviously personal moment. He went back and stood right outside the door. Comrade curled up at his feet and David sat down against the outer wall.

Wolf had a family. He had people he cared about and provided for. Wolf had people hat cared and worried about him. David shook his head, eyes slightly wide as he thought it over. Wolf must be in the stealing business so he could support his sister and mom.

He was still wrapped up in his thoughts when Wolf came back outside. "Come on, kid, let's go."

"You have a family." David said, after they had walked in silence for a while.

Wolf smiled slightly. "Yeah, I take care of them with the money and other stuff I get from boss. It was the only work I could find that I could actually…handle doing."

David shuddered, knowing full well what other work was available for street rats. He knew that people did whatever they could to care for the people they love or to stay alive. Some things were just more pleasant than others.

"Why did Annie call you Alley?" David shivered and for the first time realized that he didn't have a cloak on.

It was getting colder, so winter must be coming around again. If you think winter on the mountain was horrible, try being inside the mountain. You get a whole new perspective.

"That's her nickname for me." Wolf replied. "My real name's Allion, but I like Wolf better."

They crossed the canal and Wolf quickened his stride. "Curfew starts soon. I wanna get back to the safe-house before the guards start round up." he said. David had to practically jog to keep up with his long-legged friend.

You didn't really get punished for being out past curfew, but the guards were none too gentle if they caught any of the slummers out.

Once they reached the safe-house Wolf slipped inside the door with a wave and David continued toward Tristam's manor. Ducking into alleys and niches to avoid the guards, he made it back to the manor and slipped into the servant's stairwell. A washer woman gave him a disapproving look but it was dulled by the knowing smile on her face.

All the servants were used to David slipping in and out, so they learned not to question it. He never gave them straight answers anyways.

He wet into the main hall and up to the second floor. His room was down the corridor from Rosa's so she could keep an eye on him. He was just passing her door, when it opened and she grabbed his arm.

"I don't appreciate you leaving without permission. You may not be a slave, but you are still a servant and must ask to leave while on duty." She released his arm, but he stayed standing there in front of her.

"Tris was worried when you left. I suggest you talk and apologize to him tomorrow. Also a message came today concerning you and Tris. He'll discuss it with in the morning at breakfast." Rosa looked him steadily in the eyes, as if she was willing him to listen to her every word.

"He already talked to me." David told her.

"A different message. I could honestly care less about Gertrude and her complaining. Be up my the seventh morning candle mark tomorrow." She shooed him away and closed her door.

David went to his own room and stripped out of his trousers and laid down on his bed. Comrade joined him and curled up by his master's side. The thief petted his dog's fur absently and drifted off to sleep.


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