Chapter 2: The Ex and the Ride

How did I end up here?

I'm now sneaking out the back of a club with quite possibly the hottest guy I've ever seen. His southern frat-boy accent is interestingly charming, his eyes are so blue I feel like I'm swimming, and his body's just all sorts of muscle and perfect.

But his smile...dear God, I lose my train of thought when I see that. Thank god the shirt's back on or else I would have just lost it right there.

I'm wondering why we're sneaking out the back of the club, but I don't ask any questions. Instead I willingly follow him past the crowds of people towards the bathrooms and the rarely-used smokers' back door.

Until I realize I came with people, and probably should tell them I'm heading off for the night.

"Hey, I'm gonna go find Jake and tell him we're leaving."

Brandon nods, swings his keys and decides to wait for me by the speaker nearest the bathroom.

I'm then cursing myself because I had the common sense to actually be nice and not split without telling anyone. It's not like they'll even be looking at for me anyway. But I decide I personally am too nice to worry about it.

I dig through the hoards of people on the dance floor trying to find him or that trick of his he's dragging along but can't seem to find them anywhere. Probably off in the bathroom, I think to myself, but then I feel a tap on my shoulder.

Thinking it's Jake, I turn around and find Danny, my other roommate. The straight good-looking roommate that likes coming to gay clubs for the attention and for the hot fag hags that get thrown to the curb when their gays ditch them for their pursuit of a hookup. A bit of a goofball, but mostly harmless.

"What up? Lookin' for someone?" Danny's face is barely noticeable below his flat-brim Phillies hat, predictably cocked halfway to the side in an attempt to look cool. It works. Only in Philly can you wear a Phillies or A's cap and still get into a gay club. But I can still tell it's Danny from the cute smirk he's always got on his face.

"Yeah, seen Jake around? I'm heading out and wanted to let him know."

"Jake's in the bathroom with that little boy of his." Danny pointed to the bathroom near where Brandon was standing, and then for some reason he froze in his tracks.

I started waving my hand in front of him, trying to get him to snap out of it. Earth to Danny, come in Danny.

"YO DUDE!" I scream in his ear, and he jumps and hits two guys behind him. They say nothing to him in response. If I accidentally hit two guys while they were dancing I would end up with a black eye and claw marks. Oh, to be beautiful and attractive.

"Sorry, I just..." He continued to stare in the direction of the bathroom, who took no notice and started looking up at the ceiling as he waited for me. "I feel like I know that guy from somewhere, but I can't figure it out."

"What guy are you talking about?" I'm confused. How does Danny recognize anyone in this place? Does he do any extracurriculars I don't know about?

Danny leans back to whisper in my ear. "Guy with the blue button down, jeans and the white shoes. Over there." He jerks his head over towards the bathroom.

I didn't even realize that Brandon's button down was blue...well, actually it's almost a baby blue and it's striped with white, but you can't expect Danny to go into the particulars when describing someone.

Then I realize.

He's talking about Brandon.

"How do you know him?"

Danny shrugged. "Dunno, I just do. Maybe from the gym or something?"

I was wasting my time here. Sure, it is a little strange that Danny knew Brandon, but frankly it doesn't really matter.

"Okay, so tell Jake I'm heading out for the night."

Danny whips around to yell at me. "What the hell do you mean, you're leaving early? You can't leave early!"

Oh, but I'm leaving early.

I'd rather be under Brandon, sweating and completely naked, than here sweating and clothed. Screw that, I'd take Brandon over a puppy at this point. And I love puppies.

Another song comes on. A remix of Katy Perry's "E.T." and Danny gets pulled away by some girl with hooker heels and shiny blonde hair, which leaves me free to...


Shit. I know that distraction.

I turn around and see my ex-boyfriend Corey standing right in front of me. Shit. Double shit. Not fucking good. Does everyone I know go to this damn place?

"Hey, Corey."

"Will! It's so good to see you!" He wraps me in a bear hug and I can feel every damn muscle. I hate this guy.

"Uh, yeah, you too Corey," I lie. "But I gotta go."

Corey's grin, which is just so irresistible (what is it with me and my obsession over good teeth, anyway?) turns into a pout with puppy dog brown eyes. "Aw, c'mon Will, stay for a little bit and party!" He starts dancing right in front of me and I thought I was going to lose it right then and there, but then I feel a tap on my shoulder and a hand on my waist.

"Hey babe!" Thank god for you Brandon. He grabs my chin and turns it, kissing me ferociously right then and there and I snap out of Corey's hypnotic dance trance. I know this sign of rough affection was mostly for show, but his tongue against mine makes me want to quiver in pleasure and I moan into his mouth right then and there and he knows he has me and...I'm rambling. And apparently I've also forgotten my manners and the fact that Corey's just standing right in front of me.

Damn. That was one good kiss.

"Sorry, uh, Brandon, this is..."

"...his friend Corey." Corey reaches out to shake his hand as my eyes dart away for a second. Friend, you asshole? I seriously doubt that.

But I play along with his ruse. "Yes, my friend Corey. And Corey, this is..."

"...I'm his boyfriend. Brandon." Now I look directly at him. Boyfriend? Where the hell was I when this happened...not that I mind, in fact it's reminding me that I have a pressing matter to get to down under. I'm loving that apparently two can play this game, but I just wish I knew the rules. I'm gonna have to remind myself to Google it.

Well, whatever this game is called, it's obvious Brandon plays this game a whole lot better, because the shock on Corey's face is so visible it's hilarious.

Corey barely mutters out a "congratulations" before Brandon and I are off the dance floor. It's tough to walk straight when you aren't looking where you're going.

Because that little show of masculinity back there has turned me on so much that I'm too busy making out with Brandon to even notice where I'm walking.

His lips are soft and tender, and biting them a little bit feels so good. But his tongue in my mouth teasing and fighting with mine, our teeth nipping and biting on each others' lips, sucking on them as sweet as lollipops, his arms wrapped around my waist, scratching a little bit just drives me over the edge. I taste beer and mint, and it tastes so damn good my toes are curled back under my feet again.

"Shit. We're not going to be able to make it back to my house in time." Brandon says to me once we have made our way out of the club, still hung on each other and stumbling to find his car. I sure as shit didn't drive to this place.

"Why?" I asked, more because he stopped making out with me after coming up with that realization. God when I get turned on I get so damn cheap.

"I'm sorry, but the way we were making out I don't think I can wait that long." He smiles and grabs the back of my neck, thrusting it towards him and his fantastic lips. I then make the mistake of grabbing hold of them softly with my teeth and pulling them out a little. Brandon's carnal look and his reaching for my backside proves that we're probably not going to make it out of his car, let alone drive to his place.

Lucky for me there's another idea.

"My place is a couple blocks away from here, if that's closer. The Pinnacle on the corner of 25th and Ash Streets." I had to literally push him off of me to tell him that piece of information.

Brandon nods briefly as he fishes his keys out of his jeans pocket and sucks my face off at the same. Change of plans. I hope he doesn't mind books and a mess everywhere.

We take a couple of more steps and I happen to notice a really damn nice car coming up on the right. I mean a really damn nice car. I don't know anything about cars, but I figure if a car looks that good, it's gotta be expensive. It's a nice, candy apple red, all shiny and beautiful.

And apparently it's Brandon's...

"Wait, this is your car? Really?" My eyes open in bewilderment. I didn't even know anyone with a car this nice. Then again I grew up in a home not too far from where I'm living now, so I guess I wouldn't really know anyone, would I?

Brandon laughs and clicks on his car alarm to get it to unlock. "You like it? It's a Tesla Roadster. Bit of a bitch to find and I have to plug it in when I get home, but it's well worth it. Never have to go to a gas station ever again." He opens up the car door for me and helps me in. What a gentleman.

## ##

"So this is your place, eh?" Brandon looks around while I go to the kitchen to throw on a pot of coffee. I'm a javaholic and always need several cups otherwise I will end up falling asleep and how bad would that be. "It's big for being a college student."

"Yeah, well, it's mostly Jake's place. His family lives on the Main Line," I shouted from the sink area, trying to find the coffee pot, and heard a whistle from him. "He needed the company, Danny needed a place to crash to escape his psycho ex-girlfriend, and I needed a place close to school and this seemed like the best place." I futz with Jake's fancy espresso machine for a minute before giving up on that and finding good ol' Mr. Coffee, the plug-in coffee maker I've had since graduating from high school. "Want a cup?"

"Sure, if you're pouring. Got any Kahlua?"

I reach into the liquor cabinet and fish it out. God, we are all such alcoholics.

"You can tell guys live here." Brandon was looking into the bedrooms. I was afraid of what mine looked like, but he was peeking in on Jake's at the moment.

"Yeah, we try and keep it clean, but the bedrooms just end up getting messy. Fact of life."

"This one's not though." He looked in and turned on the light. "Wow, this room's really nice. Loving this royal blue color on the walls!"

I am off to a really good start.

"Well thank you. I painted it all on my own."

"This is your room? Well, I don't feel so bad now going through your underwear drawer."

I panic. Shit. I keep my toys in there. Danny was the last one other than me to go in there, and I'm pretty sure he was traumatized for a week. I mean, I know this guy's not straight, but still no one needs to see that!

I quickly grab the coffee cups and make the careful dart to my room, but Brandon's standing there and I realize very quickly that he was joking.

"You scared the crap outta me!" I hand him a spiked coffee cup and catch my breath. I then proceeded to tell him the Danny story because I have no filter around the incredibly hot guys, which is why I try as hard as possible to avoid them like the plague because otherwise I just sound like a complete idiot.

Too late.

But at least Brandon's laughing. "Now I'm really intrigued by what's in there."

I laugh back and take a sip of my coffee. Damn that Kahlua makes it strong! I continue to take small sips for a few seconds until I realize Brandon's put his coffee down on my bureau and come back over to me, and when he takes the cup away from me and places it next to his I know exactly what's going on.

And start making out with him all over again. I'm worried my lips are getting chapped, but right now isn't the time to care. With every kiss we hold on to each other harder and harder, making it more and more difficult to hide my growing attraction for him. I find myself grinding up against him, the bulge in his jeans growing each and every time. We're both moaning louder and louder into each others' mouths.

He grabs my ass and...I don't know what I'm thinking and I jump up in the air and he catches me, but it makes him lose his balance and fall backward onto the bed. He grunts as he grabs me and throws me onto the bed in return, getting on top of me.

What really gets me going though is that, as his mouth is vacuuming mine he runs his fingers through my hair. There's a reason I never wash my hair before getting cut. It's because that head massage is the greatest thing ever. Well, second-greatest.

And it looks like I'm about to get both of them tonight.

He momentarily takes a break from making out with me and massaging my head only to take off his shirt. Well, actually, it was more like he ripped his shirt open, and I think a button flew across the room but I can't be too sure because now once again I'm looking at what has got to be God's gift to man. It's the eight pack, the bulging pectoral muscles and the great arms. But I look a little further down and see just a little hint of a trail leading downward. And the side lines? Holy shit.

"You like?" Brandon smirks as he looks down at me from his vantage point. Crap. I said the last part out loud. But it doesn't matter, because he's flexing every muscle, and I can't help myself from running my hands all over him, watching his face as it gives off the hints that he's truly enjoying this.

And then he unbuckles his jeans and takes them off (keep in mind that this is all while he's on top of me, people). And I come across...okay, I have just lost all words.

He's wearing a pair of blue trunk underwear. 2xist just makes anyone want to have mind-blowing sex but on this guy I wanted to do nothing other than bend over and call him Master.

I didn't have much time to focus on him. He started taking off article of clothing after article of clothing, kissing the body part that was revealed. I'm moaning as he's paying special attention to my belly button. I am really sensitive and also awfully ticklish so each sensation is its own rush of raw emotion and pleasure.

But when he's done taking off my pants and I notice just how hard his underwear is struggling to keep everything in, I realize it's time for me to solve that problem.

I'm taking matters into my own hands.

There's a place downtown where the freaks all come around. It's a hole in the wall, it's a dirty free for all. And they turn me on when they take it off. ~ Ke$ha, Take it Off

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