Sunday April 24, 2011

I spend sleepless nights thinking about you

Wondering if all I've done is enough

Hoping to see you strive

For something other than me

I lay awake long past 10

Wondering if you'll fly one day

Fly so high you'll leave me alone

I lay awake past midnight

Crying cause you'll leave me one day

I'll be left alone in the world

I lay awake long past 3

Knowing I've done my best for you

I tried to live my life for you

I spend this sleepless night worrying about you

But it's just another from the many

I move from bed and I see you there

I'm tired and worn

But you are more so

You spent another sleepless night

Worry about your family in this world

But I know I've done so much for you

And somehow you always do more

But my work will never be done

To pay back a mother

The price is none