Look Away

Look away my child sweet,

oh fair bright spring

to winter's cold.

The ice that lines the window pane

has parched the poor man's soul-

and Oh! what things a man must do

to make his hearth a light!

The flames have died to embers now

where once they blazed so bright.

Look away my child sweet,

they'll tell you it is grand.

They'll spin the best of lies, my love

to plague upon the land.

They'll tell you when you're happy

and they'll tell you when you're bold,

They'll neglect to mention frozen nights

spent starving in the cold.

Look away my child sweet

and pray you judge me not.

A thousand men have suffered, dear,

a dozen more will not.

A dozen men will toast and drink

so I am to my feet.

I'm sharpening the blade- look not!

Forever child sweet.

a/n: Wham- I don't usually post poetry but there you have it. I not much for poems usually but I'm trying to be better so any help would be megasuperawesome. Thanks for reading!