They couldn't take them away from him, they just couldn't. A searing pain spread
through his body, he screamed in pain. Then, like icy fingers, darkness surrounded him,
and he fell unconscious.
His eyes opened, a face was in front of him, his eyes unfocused, and he drifted
For a second time he opened his eyes. The face was in front of him again, this
time holding a glass to his lips.
"Drink." Commanded a voice.
He tried to sit up, but two daggers of pain shot through his shoulders. He groaned
and fell unconscious again.

Aries watched the young man with concern. She had found him when on a walk.
His back had two long gashes along it. In-between the shoulder blades, almost as if
something had been ripped out. He was unconscious when she had found him, and had
been so for the last three days. She had sat with him, watching him toss in his sleep, then
cry out "No!" and then a scream as if he was is an agonizing pain. What had happened to

He flicked open his eyes and looked around him. There was a girl sitting in a
rocking chair asleep beside his bed. He studied her face. Her hair was tied back, but a
loose piece hung haphazardly across her cheek. He said up slowly, wincing with the pain.
"Who was she?"
He reached out and tenderly brushed the hair off her face.

Aries opened her eyes, and jumped up in surprise. Her patient was sitting up in
bed and had his hand on her cheek. She had felt an amazing warmth and calmness with
his touch, but was still shocked.

"I'm… I'm sorry." He stammered the paused and said, "Who are you?"

"Aries.." she said hesitantly. "Who are you?"
She studied his face, he looked confused and his ice blue eyes troubled.

"I..I don't know" he said quietly, "I cant remember, I can't remember anything?"

Aries looked at him, "Not even your name? Or where you came from, Nothing?"

He leaned back on the bed, his mind racing with questions, "Who am I," he
thought, "Why am I here?"

Aries felt sorry for him, "I guess we should give you a name then."

"Yah, you got any ideas?" he said, still distracted by his thoughts.

"How about…Artemis?" she suggested

"Artemis…" he said, "I like that, what is it?"

"Artemis was a Greek god." She replied

"Okay, then Artemis it is."

Aries brought him some food and told him to rest. "You have been unconscious
for three days, you need to sleep." She told him.
Artemis agreed and soon was in a restless sleep.

He watched from behind the rock, there was no escape. His mission was to find
Nero, and stop him. It had been a trap, Nero had expected him and planned against him.
He watched as the army came before him. A cold voice shouted out above him, "There is
no escape you are trapped" then and evil laugh echoed through the cavern and the arm
surrounded him. They had captured him, they dragged him ruthlessly up a flight of stairs
and onto a platform. He fought to get loose, but to no avail. "So," said a voice from
behind a large stone chair. "We meet at last. What was your great leader thinking,
sending only one of you to stop me. You have made a large mistake my friend, but I will
not kill you, that would be to easy. Instead I will punish you for your stupidity, and set an
example for you whole kind. BRING HIM TOWARD ME AND TIE HIS HANDS BEHIND
HIS BACK!" he ordered the two guards holding him. He felt a tight rope being tied
around his arms. He was brought toward the chair and then turned. He heard Nero stand
up. "This is something I've always wanted to do, I will strip you of the things most
important to you, and the things that make you part of your kind."
"They couldn't" he thought "They just couldn't."
He felt someone grabbing at his back and then an agonizing pain seared through his