I finally spotted Sofia's bag, through a sea of moving luggage, the bright yellow ribbon on her bag caught my eye as it inched closer. I was ready to pounce. I grabbed her bag and backed away from the mass of impatient people and made my way over to her, where she was standing, or really, more like hunched over my bags, with my multiple name tags reading 'Rosemarie', with her eyes closed. She looked exhausted.

"Wake up sleepyhead! It's time to get out of here" I giggled, and poked her in the ribs.

"Can we go to Maccas?" She asked.

"Hun, I don't think they have Maccas here." She winced, and stuck her tongue out at me.

We, each with a stuffed bag in tow, pulled away from the carousel, and the people and walked over to customs, which was surprisingly quiet for the middle of June. Each step we took out of customs led us closer and closer to the door; and the train station. I was so ready.

"I can't believe that we actually made it' I exclaimed, pulling my bag down the boardwalk, looking happily towards my best friend.

"I know! You've talked my ear off for the last year about going to Greece. And now we're finally here!" I laughed at her knowing that what she said was true.

2 years ago, I had found a photograph of my grandparents, to whom I had never met; my dad having never spoken about them before. It was some big mystery. I brought my grandparents up one day at dinner, after finding the photo of course and he got all angry and annoyed. I didn't mention the photograph, thank God, or he would have been even angrier. On the back of the photo were 2 words, Kissamos and Crete. A bit of google research led me to believe Kissamos was a small town on the Greek Island of Crete. So this trip was part curiosity part childhood dream. I was going to solve the mystery of my grandparents! I had been dreaming of perfect beaches, olives and European boys ever since.

It was a hot day, and by the time that we got to the train station, beads of sweat were forming on the back of my neck, so walking into the airport train station foyer was a big let down when we discovered it had no air conditioning and was hot and stuffy, even hotter than outside!

We rolled our bags to the ticket booth, where a little Greek man was sitting, and looking all expectant and cute.

"English?" Sofia spoke to the man.

"Where would you like to go?" The man's nametag read Rouvas. He was such a cute little old man.

"Athens please, one way, for students… or concession?" I said in slow English, to make sure he understood, but not to ridicule him.

"Yes, tickets, students, ok. That will be 12,60" We paid the man and walked down to the escalator, down to the platform. It was a nice, outdoor platform, with roof coverings, which made it seem like it was indoors. The seats were just like back home in Australia, except painted a medium, ocean looking blue, and had Greek writing on them, with the translation into English underneath. And on this seat, we sat down.

"I'm so excited!" I said, "We've spoken to a Greek native!" Sofia looked at me like I was the biggest idiot in the world.

"Lordy, it's just one man, you're such an idiot" and gently punched me on the shoulder, "But seriously. Where do we want to go?"

I hadn't thought of this. It was around 3 in the afternoon, Greek time, and I was already tired. Probably because back home in Sydney, it would have been bedtime, at 11 pm; we should find somewhere to get a good nights sleep before the adventure of our lives begin!

"We should probably find a hotel in Athens. We're already going there now, and it's going to take us an hour to get in there, I reckon, and we should get a good night's sleep." I spoke, as the train pulled up, sleek and silver. It was on time, too, unlike trains back in Sydney that turned up whenever they felt like it! And it had air conditioning!

We sat down, no one much getting onto the train with families, just a few randoms and us, "Yeah, that sounds like a good plan, we can find some cute little place to grab some dinner and explore a little bit. But not too much, I'm actually the most tired kid ever!" I smiled at her; she was on the exact same wavelength as me.

The train trip passed like a blur of suburban train stops, and more and more people got on. Some stops had the funniest names, and we found ourselves mirroring the perfectly auto tuned voice that played on the loudspeaker when we arrived at each stop, "Katehaki" It's not that we were mocking the motherland, we were mocking ourselves, being so drained form a 24 hour flight.

We searched the guidebook that Sofia had brought along for a cheap hotel, and found one where we had to change and get off at a stop called 'Metaxourghio', which we successfully did, and find a hotel called Hotel Nafsika.

The station was clean and marble white, and we took the escalator to the street, and emerged in Athens, in a big square. Google maps said to go right up Karalou st, and we easily found our hotel with no drama, nothing stolen and nothing lost.

Our room was a typical 3 star double room

"How cute, both the beds and the curtains are made of the same material" I announced, and plopped down on my bed. It felt so good to be lying on a bed.

Sofia shook me, ' No, none of that we have a schedule and we gotta keep it! I'm taking a shower, but if you dare to fall asleep, I'm going to wake you up and harass you!" she exclaimed as she unzipped her bag and rifled through it for her toiletries, and marched through into the bathroom to take a shower. Dang, why hadn't I thought of that!

Sofia was a typical, Italian/Australian girl, she was beautiful, but the fact that she didn't think that and was shy to all, except me, made her even more beautiful. She had caramel colored hair and skin and deep chocolate eyes. I, on the other hand was Greek/ Irish, but had gotten the awkward pale skin from the Irish side, and my hazel eyes and hark hair from my Greek side. It was the dilemma of life, people always looking a little shocked when I kindly informed them that I was Greek, and I resented it. Hopefully this holiday would see my skin warming in tone and not being so pale!

Sofia took her time, like always, and half an hour later, it was my turn in the shower, and then after MY half an hour it was another good half an hour to get dressed and get ready and organize our things and decide who had they keys and what not and then we were off!

It was much cooler by the time we made it out of the hotel, and started walking around; the sky that awkward time before the sunset where it is dim but blue and beautiful and a warm kind of toasty feel in the air. We walked around our hotel area, looking at little shops, buying fruit and sweets for the next day, and taking photos of everything, of course. We found a little park and chilled there and watched the sunset dim near the acropolis, signaling the beginning of night.

"Wow, that's so beautiful" The sunset really was magical.

"I know right, I am" I laughed and pouted at Sofia, making a joke to her melancholy comment. She nudged me in the arm and laughed.

"You kind of excited about Kissamos?" I had obviously told her about my little quest.

"Yeah kind of scared, kind of excited. I mean, they are my grandparents after all, and if it wasn't for this trip, I may never have met them. But yeah nervous, because they might totally hate me… I don't know! Argh!" I bit into my apple.

"I don't think that will happen, they're going to love you as much as I do."

"Wait, wait, wait! Since when have you become a lesbian?" I joked, smiling slyly at her.

"Oh very funny. I wish I were as funny as you. You should just quit at Woolies ad become a comedian…" She looked at me like a retard, "seriously."

"Well, I seriously think we should go find some dinner now, I'm hungry!" and like on cue my stomach let out a huge rumble and we marched back towards our hotel, and near the square we found a cute little restaurant called 'Alexander the Great Restaurant' and ate our first Greek dinner there. It was amazing. We both shared the seafood taster, a huge assortment of squid, fishies, and baby octopus and tzatziki covered bread. It was a feast. A Greek feast.

By the time we were full, we walked back towards our hotel, walking slowly, half full, half sickened by the amount of food we ate, and upon reaching our hotel, fell straight into bed, and slept, ready for our adventure to begin with the morning to come.

So, chapter 1 is done! It's going to get WAY more interesting about Rosie and Sofia's Greek adventure, but for now, I'm just setting the scene. What do you guys all think? R&R would be quite helpful to the process of the story. Thankyou! xxx