"Oh God, please let me go!" The man hooked to the chains screamed and tried, unsuccessfully, to break them. It was useless, the chains were made of metal and, unless he were super-human, there was no way he could break them. The man's captor, Aiden, chuckled at the man's horror. He laughed even harder when he saw that the man's wrists were starting to bleed. Aiden loved blood. He loved how the color was so smooth and how slowly it would drip down from a wound. Oh, how blood captivated him. It grasped his interest since he was a little tyke. Aiden stared at the man for a moment longer before grabbing the knife that was lying by his side. He walked over to the man cowering against the wall and kneeled over him. He was a good looking man. Probably had a nice family, maybe a wife and a kid. None of that mattered to Aiden at the moment. All he wanted was to see that delicate, thick, red blood that flowed through the man's veins.

"Do you like Halloween?" Aiden asked the terrified man. Scared as the man was, he was curious as to why this psychopathic little boy asked him that.

"Yes?" The man answered but it came out as a question. Aiden didn't like that.

"Are you sure?" Aiden's voice hardened. He wanted an honest answer. Lies just won't do.

"Yes, yes I'm sure!" Hm, he sounded honest enough. Aiden straighted and walked over to the wall where a clock was hanging. He stared at it for the longest time before he turned around and asked, "Do you know the date?" The man shook his head. Aiden smiled before walking back over to the man. "It's October thirtieth. The time is eleven fifty-eight. Do you know what day it will be in two minutes?"

"October thirty-first?" The man answered wearily.

Aiden frowned. He thought the man understood. Oh well. In the next a moment a scream could be heard echoing throughout the room.

Aiden wiped the bloody knife on his shirt. "I'm really sorry, but that was the wrong answer," Aiden said. The man whimpered and shook from the giant cut Aiden had made across his stomach. The cut was deep and was bleeding profusely. Aiden had the passing thought that if he ever made it out of here alive the man would need immediate medical care. It was only just a passing thought though. There was no way he would let this man live.

Aiden looked behind him at the clock on the wall. Twelve o'clock. Aiden looked back at the man with a devious smile filled with hidden intentions. "Happy Halloween." Suddenly, Aiden lifted the knife and brought it point down on top of the man's head. Blood spurted from the hole and landed on Aiden's face, the wall, the floor. He let go of the knife's handle and wiped a little of the blood away from his face. He stared at it for a moment before putting the red liquid to his lips. His tongue licked the little bit of blood off of Aiden's finger. That was first time Aiden had ever tasted human blood.