English Writing Competition

Colours entwine as one, fluttering and flickering as they dance around each other. Butterflies, beautiful and brave, landed onto the wild flowers that surrounded our picnic blanket that sat underneath the overgrown tree. "Mum?" I ask, peering over at her from her lap. "Why don't you ever come back with me?" Her hazelnut eyes twinkled, lashes halting their process in blinking. With trembling lips I whispered, "Don't you miss me when I leave?"

Shaking her head, her hazelnut orbs shut twice. I couldn't tell if she were refusing to answer me or if she was just shocked. A minute passed. Two. Then three. Opening her eyes, Mum looked down at me, smiling sadly. "I miss you more and more each day, Nathaniel. Don't you ever doubt that, ok?" A tear escaped her eyes and her smile wilted. Ruffling my hair, she laughed dryly. "Make your own happiness without me and never count on anyone to do it for you."

I grabbed at her shirt as she began to get up. "I don't want anyone but you, Mum. I need to stay with you, why can't you understand that?"

Our tears flourished together, tangling as one and I couldn't tell if it was her tears falling on my chest, trailing down to touch my heart or if it were mine, freezing my bones. "Nathaniel, I have to go."

"Don't go! Mum, stay please!" Releasing my hands from her shirt, she withdrew from me fully and began to walk away. "I'll be better, Mum. I'll be better, but please stay. For me, please?"

White. White. White.

My eyes shot open and the colours I had imagined evaporated, the one wretched horrible colour left perpetrating my mind. Didn't they know I hated this colour? Didn't they know that the one place I wanted to be was outside these walls, away from this putrid white colour?

White. White. White.

Why was the colour sneaking up on me?

White. White. White.

A nurse entered the room, her skirt sashaying as her steps quickened towards me. My blue eyes caught the object within her hand and I swallowed. I hadn't done anything wrong, why was she trying to attack me?

Backing up into the corner, trying to not touch the colour, the nurse followed me an unknown look upon her face. Was she scared? Of me, or of what that one pointy object could do?

Hands flying to my neck, I felt the vibration pounding deep within my throat. I didn't mean to scream, I promise.


Gaze sweeping through the branches, I bent down to get a closer look at the person beneath me. "Yes?"

A girl stood before me, her blonde hair cascading in curls around her shoulders. Light blue eyes scrutinizing my dark blue orbs, her smile broadened, its points reaching her eyes. "Would you help me? I'm searching for a spot to take a photo."

"You haven't noticed have you?" I asked. At her blank stare, I explained, "This forest is filled to the brim with good spots." Pointing to the floor she stood on, I continued. "The ground you stand on is covered in blue flower- forget-me-knots, a beautiful flower that mixes well with the dirt and grass."

If possible, her smile grew. She shook her head, "And they say I'm one of the best photographers in Australia. You've never picked up a camera in your life, have you?"


"Well…." She waited, for what I wouldn't have a clue. "Your name, what is it?"

"Nathaniel," I answered warily.


"Lost your Romeo, I see."

She pursed her lips together and her light blue eyes filled with mirth. "No, but I'm game enough to take on a new man." She blushed and placed a hand over her mouth. "I didn't mean-"

Jumping down from the branch, my sneakers squeaking as I met Juliet's side, I smiled. "You asked me if I could find a good spot for a photograph, did you not?" I asked and she nodded. "Then let's go."

Black. Black. Black.

I squint my eyes shut, hoping for a brighter colour, something with a little more energy within it.

Nathaniel, do not leave.

Don't listen to them Nathaniel! Think brown. Think green. Don't allow them to get to you!

We're standing still on a mountain, Juliet studying our surroundings. I can picture her taking in the river that forms a circle around the whole forest kilometres away from us, wondering if it looks as clean and relaxing as it does from here. Light blue eyes jumping from all sides, she'd spot a flock of cockatoos flying together, peaceful and belonging. Their laughs echo across the forest and she smirks, her hands trying to catch one as it flew overhead.

Pointing towards the trees, she asked "Do they feel as soft as they look?"

I studied the trees, summoning secret memories of how he had pushed himself off of this same mountain and had felt the protectiveness of the green lush trees. Smiling, I looked toward her and answered, "They sure do."

"They look like cotton wool, do you know that Nathaniel?"

"They sure do feel like that, Juliet."

Juliet reached for my hand, entwining our fingers together and looked at me with twinkling eyes. "Can I count on you for my happiness, Nathaniel?"

Thinking back to Mums last words, I shook my head and clasped her hand tighter. "You have to make your own happiness, Juliet."

"Then I'll make you mine." She said and smiled. "Tell me, do you like the colour white?"

I grimaced. "Nope."

She took a step forward, "Good because neither do I."

Pulling me towards her, she stepped off of the mountain and plunged deep into the trees. Reaching out towards us, they tried to protect us from the pain that would occur and attempted to freeze us in space.

But we were falling.

Falling in love.