9 Years Later

Six year old Tyler sat in the front of the school bus because that's where all the cool kids sat. Even in the first grade, he and his friends wanted to make a name for themselves. Otherwise, how else will the big kids play with them? Tyler Parker had his mother's reddish-brown hair and her sense of humor. He also had his father's golden hazel eyes and adorable smirk. This kid was going to be a heartbreaker when he grew up, and his parents knew it too.

Tyler made a lot of new friends on his first day of school and even talked to some big kids from the third grade. The day couldn't get any better, or so he thought. During lunch time, he noticed a girl crying at her desk. She was a cute girl with light brown hair and blue eyes that reminded Tyler of the ocean. He grabbed his lunchbox and walked up to the girl who was crying by herself.

"What happened?" Tyler asked, patting the girl's back to comfort her.

"I - I lost my l-lunch." The little girl said between sobs.

"You want to share with me?"

"Really? A-Are you sure?" The girl looked at him with her bright, innocent blue eyes.

"Yeah, sure. My mommy made me a huge lunch! She said to share with my friends if I wanted to."

"Are we friends?"

"Do you want to be friends?"

The girl nodded her head. "Yeah!"

"Okay then, friend. My name is Tyler. Tyler Parker. What's your name?"

"My name is Addie Scott."

"Nice to meet you Addie." He politely bowed and shook her hand.

She giggled. "Wow, such a gentleman."

"My dad told me to always be a gentleman to girls. I bet that's how he got my mom to marry him." He whispered the last part as if it was a secret.

The two new friends talked and ate together for the entire lunch period. Eventually, they became really good friends, and little did they know that they would become the best of friends one day - Just like both of their parents were.

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