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Heaven and Hell

"It's time " A blonde women with slender frame stood tall and proud with her long blonde hair loosely restraint by a single pin ornament decorated with a piece of sapphire . A few strands of blonde curl escaped from it's restraint and pooled right above her shoulder . She stood by a large while painted window bathing under the soft orange sunlight with a frown on her beautiful face .

" Certainly you couldn't mean ... " The lady with flowing honey brown hair who was sitting on a grand white wooden chair decorated with carving of vines and flowers said in a soft gentle tone but a certain hard edge was heard .

" There is nothing we can do Angi ... it's the only way " The blonde women said her voice soft and clear as she shook her head with a hint of sadness in her cobalt blue eyes . She walked away from the white painted window towards the grand piano that was placed at the middle of the white room as she pressed a key and let the sound echo throughout the room .

" Isn't this a bit too soon ? " Angi's voice was desperate as if she is pleading to the blonde women to the blonde women to say yes .

" Yes " Helianna smiled at her words but before she could even give a response the blonde woman spoke again .

" But there is nothing we can do about it " A lone tear slide down from Helianna warm brown eyes as she muttered the words .

" I am going to miss her Angi just like how I had always missed her mother "

"Me too Heliana I will to "

"But now ... all we can do now is to pray for that child " As those words left Angi's mouth the huge white door was pushed open .

"Lady Angi , Lady Heliana the conference is starting in 15 min your presence are requested " A man draped in a long golden robe lined will silver straps was kneeling at the doorside his face pale as snow and still as stone .

"Thank you messenger you may leave " The messenger merely nodded and vanished into thin air as leaving the white door wide open as cold wind blew into the once warm room .

"Heliana be prepare " Heliana merely nodded with a solemn expression as tears continue to fall .

" KEAGEN ! " The strong tall man shouted across the hall for his eldest son from his throne with a bored expression .

At the sound of the fallen angel 's voice , a man with jet black hair deep shimmering ruby eyes strong jaw and a lean body lazily strolled into the throne room with a gorgeous woman who has long dark black hair with ringlets of curls and a pair of bright blue eyes under his arm .

"Father " his voice was crispy low and cold as his ruby eyes regarded his father with a bored expression .

"It's time " Keagen gave his father a sardonic look and kissed the black haired demon on her full lips while ignoring the presence of his father , the king of hell and his mother the queen of hell .

The king of hell merely frowned and draped his strong arm across his wife's shoulder .

"Time ? " Keagan noted his mother's expression who was giving him a disapproving look and looked down with a sad look how rare was his simple though .

"Go get her " Those were the command .

The three magic words but Keagen merely gave his father a bored look and continue giving his fullest attention to the black haired demon neck .

"You mean now ? Collect that puppet " He hissed out the words to his father with tense shoulder and a hateful glance .

Gone was his cool deleamor .

"Yes not another word , Damien should accompany you " Damien his younger brother who was standing at the side of the thrown room all the while merely nodded and stuffed ear plugs into his ears .

"And Keagen get ride of that one under your arm " Lazily his father sweep his eyes from head to toe of the black haired demon .

she cringed .

" But " Keagen slurred and licked the womans check .

"Keagen " His mother spoke in a warning tone as Keagen smirked , how saint was his mother .

" Whatever "Keagen muttered under his breathe and lifted his arm from the black haired demon's shoulder before giving her a sardonic smile and a hard kiss on her full red lips with one snap of his fingers a dark hole appeared under their foot as the smirk on his lips grew wider .

The women eyes widen for a fraction as she fell into the hole the ugly scream of the black haired demon echo through the throne room as Keagen cringed slightly , that's why female especially demon female's are such a hassle to him . They scream like a banshee .

"What a waste Keagen " Quinn his second brother a demon with dark brown hair and cat like green eyes stared longing eyes into the black hole that seem to be filled with a sea of screaming soul .

"I don't like to share brother you know that " Keagen ran two fingers through his hair with a smirk firm in tact while his brother chuckled and slipped his pale hands into his jean pocket before giving out a yawn and walked away from Keagen .

"Whatever Keagen , go now and fetch her " The king hell paused for a while and added " And Quinn get another one if you want " Having said his part the king of hell lifted his squirming queen in to his arm as all three men laughed and went their seperated path .

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