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The start of the fall


Music notes were all I saw at that moment .

The assortment of notes were scribbled onto a piece of parchment paper as I continued to hum out its melody , the sweet tone of it all swirling in my mind .

Instinctively, I tucked a small lock of my hair, as black as a raven's body as many would imply, behind my ear and exchanged the blunt pencil in my hand with a more sharper one from across the pale peach colored table . I filled in the notes and donned the necessary key signatures .

" Aisling ! "

A loud firm voice startled me as it dragged me back to reality from my land-of-melody. I immediately lost the tune to the piece I was working on as the newly replaced pencil escaped my grasp. Nevertheless, I quickly caught it with my free hand before it found the floor.

I heaved a sigh of pure relieve .

"Who in the world ? " I asked, frustrated that the melody I finally sought vanished from my mind .

"Well, usually I wouldn't have bothered you , but you see, class is starting soon and we both know neither of us can afford to be late " explained Anna, my fellow angel apprentice in her tranquil voice while I flushed scarlet .

" It's time already ? " I panicked and started loading my bag with my scripts and stationery before undoing my ink black hair from its messy bun . As I packed, a silver light caught my attention by the corner of my eye .

The silver necklace with a tiny pendant of a harp lied innocently on the peach colored table while I picked it up with utmost care and examined it with interest .

"Anna ? " I called out to my friend and showed her the pendant . All she did in return, was smile and embraced me warmly .

" It's yours , I mean, Talia present you a notebook so I thought I should get you something . Do you like it ? " Anna asked worriedly as she released me from her hug.

I squealed in response and jumped right back into her arms, causing the both of us both to lose our balance and ultimately fall to the floor with a crashing ' thud ' . "Anna ! I love it ! Thank you so much ! " I continued to shower her with my gratitude while she merely chuckled .

" Well, thank the lord that you like it " Anna said after we found our footing . "Oh , yes, before I forget ," Anna reached for the pendant in my hand and pressed the silver gem that was attached to the harp . I stared in bewilderment as the once petite harp increased in size slowly and took the form of a real sized harp.

I gasped in shock . " How did it-? "

Anna cut my shocking response with a sly smile and implied "Let's just say, it's a secret and please do keep this to yourself, alright ? " she gave me a pleading look and I couldn't resist so I nod in agreement .

Anna then smiled angelically smile and turned towards the door .

" Right! And now for class! See you at the study hall, Ais ! " with that said, she braced for the pale white door as her snow white wings unfurled and with a flutter,she was gone .

I stared at her brilliant wings, a single thought breaking my daze .

How I wish I had wings like that .

" Thanks, Anna ! " I called out to Anna before brushing some invisible lint off the table. I closed the huge white door behind me and walked unaccompanied towards the study hall .

" And you're safe ! "

The ever cheerful voice reached my ear as soon as the dark brown door swung to a close . I then managed to earn myself a reasonable amount of deep breathes while the bell continued to chime .

" Right, safe " I said a tad bit breathless as I looked up to meet a pair of dark brown eyes that sparkled with mirth .

" Talia " Talia, another one of my fellow angels gave me a comforting smile and help took the light blue coat hanging off my hands before dragging me to the nearest seat .

" Where is Anna ? " Talia asked whilst looking around the magnificent vast hall, trying to catch a glimpse of Anna . I shrugged with dismay and took out my books and stationary .

"Last I saw her, she was rushing to the offices " I enlightened before giving a wide smile to Talia while handing her the present that she gave me .

" Anyways, I composed something. Might you have a look ? " I asked Talia, eager for her to say yes when she burst into a fit of laughter . It took her a while to settle down back to her tranquil self before accepting the notebook from my hands .

Talia flipped through the pages of the midnight blue notebook its cover, decorated with white music notes and silver glitters .

My favourite notebook .

"Hm… this is pretty good . You should seriously consider joining the music department rather than having to stay here " I shrugged before replying her a small smile .

"That way, all three of us can take lessons together ! " Talia said with enthusiastically while I merely giggled and shook my head in disagreement .

" I rather not . Angi and Helianna said they prefer me to be here , in the writing department " I assured firmly with a smile intact .

Angi and Helianna are my two mentors . They have taught me many things about the ways of an angel and the meaning of happiness and for that, I will forever be grateful for their guidance .

"Well, I just think you have the talent but it's fine . You can always ask me and Anna ! " Talia said brightly while brushing her golden blonde hair to a side .

I gave her a one-armed hug as my gift of thanks and smiled to myself .

"Professor Ruth ! " Talia said in a hushed whisper before looking out to the front .

" Good morning , my angel apprentices " a beautiful angel with dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes said . Although, for some strange reason, she sounded astray .

Is she ill ?

"Before we begin…. " she allowed her words to trail as the brown wooden doors creaked open . Two grand figures and a messenger now stood in the great study hall .

Helianna and Angi

My mind swirled in confusion at the sight of my mentors . Shouldn't they be busy in their own department sorting more important matters ? Just what were they doing here in the study hall ?

"Angel apprentice, Aisling, the wingless angel, please step out " the messenger, dressed in magnificent white garment spoke, his voice, monotone and his expression blank .

" Y-yes " I stuttered while stealing glances at Talia as she gave me a worried look, a rarity on her beautiful face .

" It'll be fine " I swallowed before bidding her small smile and walked down the short steps .

" Announce yourself " the messenger commanded, his voice as emotionless as it was .

"I am Aisling, the angel apprentice of the writing department and also... the w-wingless angel " my voice, nothing more than a mere whisper by the time I ended my statement .

" Very well . Please follow us "

I gave a weary look at my two mentors as they shook their head and whispered, " Do as you are told"

I nodded solemnly and clutched onto my only comfort, the harp necklace that I was wearing around my neck as a foreign feeling began to sink into my soul .

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