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Count The Moments


I stared into the reflecting image of myself in the mirror and fidgeted , the black dress was rather revealing and I was slightly uncomfortable in it . The dress was the picture of elegant , it was a tube dress that hugged on to my figure and reached right before my kneecaps . The top of the dress was lace with a golden lining while the waist was cinch with a simple thin golden belt . I turned around as the hem of the skirt fluttered around my thin legs , I heaved a sigh something I rarely do .

"Knock knock knock . "

The voice was sweet and calming as the words slipped from the mouth of the girl who stood in front of the door . Her midnight black hair was long and was braid side way to rest again her left shoulder . Her ruby-red eyes sparkled with mirth as she gave me a sweet smile that I couldn't help but return .

She walked and stepped right in front of me as I staggered a few steps back .

" You look stunning ! " Her voice rang throughout the room as I smiled and blushed scarlet .

" Who did you get that necklace from ? " The girl asked with a curious tone as I held on to the necklace that Anna has given me . The girl was still waiting for my response as I gulped nervously . What if she told me I can't keep it ? I cannot lose this one gift that meant the world to me .

"I-it's from a f-friend . " I muttered under my breath as she stared into my eyes while I pleaded to her .

The girl smiled softly and nodded in understanding her smile was so sweet that it reminded me of the angels in heaven . " Alright but you might want to hide it , my brothers are extremely difficult sometimes . " She chuckled as if it was a funny thing while I frowned but continue to held on to my necklace wondering how I could hide it .

The girl looked deep in thoughts as she looked at me from head to toe . "The dress is not to your taste ? "

I was raise to believe that rejecting a gift from someone would hurt them deeply and I understood that this dress was a gift from the being in hell . Although I might not believe in the ways of hell but I do want to give them the respect and care they deserve so I shook my head gently and gave the girl an appreciative smile .

I choose to not speak the answer for I do not lie .

The girl rolled her big round ruby eyes as she snapped her fingers and a dark blue shawl appeared around my neck . I looked at the comfortable shawl that was hanging loosely around my neck .The girl grinned as I returned it with my own soft smile , I would like to think I had made my first friend in hell .

"Alright let's go before my family throws a fit." The girl held on to my thin rest and dragged me out from the room while I frowned in confusion . I though I was meeting the King and Queen of hell , why would I be meeting her family . The girl stopped walking and turned around to look at me .

"You are meeting the King and Queen of hell my parents. " She said in nonchalant tone as my eyes widen in surprise . She was the princess of hell ? And how in the world did she know what I was thinking ?

"Yes I am the princess of hell and I can read minds , that is one of my abilities . " She said and shrugged before dragging me across the hallway again while my mind was clouded with questions .

"Oh, I almost forgot I am Desiree the princess of hell also known as the ' Master Mind ' ." Desiree smiled at me innocently as she turned around and continued to walk .

I stared at her back and gulped .

All eyes were on me as I tried to put a smile on my face .

The dining table was a long opaque table with all kind of food lined from the front to the back . I was force to seat next to the boy who brought me to this kingdom his eyes was still shielded from all his emotion as he ate in silent .

I tried to look around and noticed that everyone was chomping down the slab of meat in front of them as if it was normal .

I looked at my plate and fought back the nausea that was rising from the pit of my stomach , it was not as if I have never seen meat before . Although usually I only consume fruits for strength meat was something I tend to avoid for they make my stomach churned .

" Aisling is the food not to your liking ? " Desiree who sat across me stared at my slab of meat with curious eyes as she looked into my eyes as if trying to read my mind .

I smiled awkwardly as I heard a sigh from my left . They boy who brought me here stared at me with cold red eyes , he cut a piece of meat from my slab of meat and put it right in front of my mouth as I stared at him with mouth a gape . A smirk over took his cold feature as he took the opportunity and placed the piece of meat into my mouth .

" Chew " With just one word from him my mouth moved on its on as I started to chew on to the piece of meat .

" Aren't you two the perfect couple now . " The boy who sat next to Desiree pushed his empty plate aside and leaned to his chair and winked towards us . I flushed red under his strong gaze , his green eyes twinkled with mischievous .

" In case you haven't guess I am Quinn the second prince of hell . " The boy with green eyes told me as he sipped on to his glass of red wine . I nodded and muttered a 'nice to meet you ' before returning to my dinner and manage to take one more bite .

I looked at the boy who had fed me the piece of meat and mouthed a thanks although he ignored me .

"Quinn don't you even try to flirt with your sister-in-law that's low even for your standard . " Desiree said as she wiped her mouth clean and glared at her second brother .

"Oh how you wound me little sister . " Quinn said as he pretended to be hurt by holding both his hands above his chest .

"Is everyone done with dinner ? " The woman who sat next to the intimidating men , who I guessed was the king of hell asked everyone gently . I stared on to my plate there was still half a slab of meat on my plate but I still nodded feeling guilty . I pushed the plate aside as someone came to collect it .

"Now why don't we have a friendly chat . " The woman gentle voice traveled around the dining room as the boy next to me scoffed .

"Why don't we start with you , Keagen ." The boy next to me looked like he wanted to protest but sighed in defeat and nodded . He glanced at me and took my hand before slipping a simple silver band into my fourth finger .

"If you still dint know , I am Keagen the first prince of hell and your husband " He spatted out the last word and turned away before taking a sip from his wine . I looked down on to my fourth finger and fingered the ring it was such a beautiful jewelery yet I feel no love for it .

"Well you know Quinn already guess that leaves my third brother " Desiree nudged a boy to her right with jet black hair ."Take those damm earphone of your ears for once Damien . " Desiree whispered harshly to the boy as she smacked the back of the boy's head .

The boy turned to look at my with sleepy eyes . " I am Damien third prince of hell . " With that said he took his earphone and stuffed them into his ears once again . As everyone around the table heaved a sigh .

"Now I am Queen of hell you can call me Constantine , please do ask me if there is anything you are unsure of or need . " She smiled sweetly and tucked a piece of her long silver hair behind her ears .

The table fell silent as everyone looked at the man sitting in the middle of the dining table waiting for his response . The man merely looked up as a smirk graced his lips , when he spoke the temperature of the room fell .

" I am Lucifer the king of hell . "

I licked my dry lips as I nodded mechanically , Lucifer seems satisfied with my response and clasped his hand together once . He stood up as Queen Constantine followed her husband's lead .

"Have a good rest children's and make sure to be present during tomorrow's game . " Queen Constantine said , her voice soft yet stern and everyone nodded once as the king and queen left the dining hall swiftly .When the door slammed behind them everyone stood up and left one by one leaving me to wonder what was the 'game' that Queen Constantine mentioned .

" Rest well in your room tonight . " Keagen whispered into my ear as I flushed red when I felt his hot breath near my left ear . Without another glance he walked out of the room and slammed the door behind him . I glanced around and saw Desiree talking to a maid in soft whisper .

"Enjoy your stay here Aisling . " Quinn said he stood up from his seat and walked towards me with a sinister smile in tact . He leaned close to my face and whispered into my ear in a similar way that Keagen did but Quinn's words made my blood ran cold .

" While it last . "

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