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When Everything Begins


I gasped in shock as the sharp silver sword of the warrior wearing a red armor missed the other warrior's neck by a few centimeter .

This was the ' game ' that queen Constantine had mention during dinner when I had first arrived in the Kingdom Of Hell . A week has passed , there were still vague questions that surrounds the situation but I couldn't afford to dwell in the past forever . For that rebel against every teaching and advice that my mentors had taught me . I had also gained some courage to stay in this kingdom thanks to the great hospitality of Desiree and Queen Constantine . Even my normal cheerful self was coming back to life thanks to their kindness . Although the betrayal of my mentor still stung , I tried to not think too much about it before I know what to do next .

This is what known as ' faith ' .

When the warrior in the red armor manage to pierce the chest of the warrior dressed in blue , the crowd around the battle ground cheered as I fought the nausea that was building in my stomach . The sight of blood make me want to run towards the warrior laying on the ground with short breath and heal him with my magic but the hand clasped on my wrist prevented me from doing so . I was not even sure if my angel magic still work in this kingdom , I stole a glance at my ' husband's ' face . His ruby-red eyes trained at the fallen warrior with a kind of emotion I could not describe .

Keagen stood up from his sit and released my wrist .

The power that swept the hall was terrifying , it was as if the touch of death had invaded everyone's senses even Damien , the third prince of hell took off his earphone's and stared at his brother . I couldn't help but giggle , throughout this long week in this foreign kingdom except during dinner I had never seen prince Damien took off those instrument known as ' earphones ' . In truth , the shocked look due to his brother's booming loud voice was what made me giggled .

"Aisling ... ? " Desiree called out to me .

I glanced at Desiree's amused expression and took a peek at Keagen's face , that made my blood run cold . I finally understood what it meant by ' if only looks could kill ' . I gulped nervously as I gave a tentative smile towards Keagen , I saw a ghost smile touched his life before he turned back to the crowd and coughed twice . Maybe I had imagine the smile ? For it was close to impossible that the stoic prince known as my husband would smile towards me .

"Warrior from the House Of Phoenix you have proven your determination for all to see . " The warrior in the red armor kneel and mumbled a soft 'yes , my prince ' , satisfied by his response Keagen continued . "Your determination to once again step into the world and gain a life , I acknowledge ." with a flick of his finger a book appeared on Keagen's left hand , he casually flipped it and kept glancing at the nervous warrior . "I shall go through your life record , before choosing what kind of being you will be in your next life . " With a blink of and eye the book was gone from Keagen's hand .

The crowd cheered for the red armor warrior where as his team-mate congratulated him .

I smiled softly at the scene , it was such a beautiful moment that show of true emotion that was rarely seen in this kingdom . It looked so much like how both my friends and I used to be that made my heart ache a little .

"The one week of horror game is finally over ! " Desiree cheered loudly but the her voice paled in comparison to the crowd's cheer for the victory of the warrior that had just won . I glanced over at Desiree in confusion , from what I heard these games are held once in three-month and last for three weeks each week with a different game or a different batch . How could today be the last day of the games ?

"The first batch is a horror game while the second and third one are not to me at the very least . " Desiree turned to me and gave me an evil grin .

I blinked twice before realization hit me , she had once again heard my thoughts clear and loud . I looked down at the floor and allowed my flowing black hair to cover my blushing face . Desiree loud giggles was heard as the heat spread to the tip of my ear making my face look as it was flaming . This was such an embarrassing thing , letting her hear my thoughts each and every time that shows my weakness towards the situation . I wasn't suppose to show weakness in any condition because through the years and years of training I had understood that strength is the weapon of a being . Through strength we can protect what is important to us and encase them in our embrace .

Weakness could not be tolerated in us the beings known as protectors .

"Aisling , I can only hear your thoughts when I concentrate on you but usually I would be too distracted to concentrate on anyone , other than when I was talking with them ." Desiree explained while staring at Keagen who was still giving his speech . " I can hear your thoughts also because you don't have a shield in your mind , you trust anyone too easily and your mind is open to all watchful readers . " She continued but turned to face me , her eyes lost the look of childishness that it once held as those eyes pinned me down with its strong gaze . " I am telling you this because I agree with you we are protectors of the universe . Be it the being of hell or heaven all of us have the responsibility to keep this universe running . "

She leaned to me , lifted a strand of my dark hair and twirled it around her slender finger .

" They are many mind readers in this universe , if you want to protect your thoughts from them create a mental block . Imagine a shield in your mind and harden your resolve . " She released the strand of dark hair and smiled , it was a smile so cold that send shiver down my spine . " Remember Aisling trust no one ." She leaned closer until she was right beside my left ear and whispered .

" Not even me . "

I walked in a daze through the empty hallway by myself heading to my room for some rest . After the things that Desiree had said she went back to her normal childish self and started skipping towards the mother and started whining about something I couldn't hear . Honestly , every one of this siblings leave me more questions that clouds my mind . What Quinn had said to me during our first dinner had bothered me and the things Desiree told me made my heart scream in agony . She had practically told me to trust no one in this whole entire universe , not even her .

" Aisling . "

I tilted my head and met with the startling eyes that belongs to Keagen , my husband . During my day dreaming and constant wondering had made me unable to detect his presence . In his arm was a stunning woman with fire engine red hair , cat-like green eyes and a smile that flash with the alarm of pure evil . She wore a blood-red tube dress that clings to every part of her body that left little to imagine . The woman looked at me from head to toe , she failed to hide her disgust and sneered a little .

" Is this your wife , Keagen ? " The woman asked Keagen with a sultry tone and draped her hand across his chest with lip near his neck almost kissing .

Keagen never strayed his gaze from me as he nodded to the woman's question . When the woman planted a sloppy kiss on Keagen's lip I broke our eye contact . I can't believe that my husband is kissing another woman right in front of me , I felt the hurt burning in my chest and placed a hand right above the ache . His eyes fluttered open and stared into my blue one's , those orbs were telling me something as pure raw emotion flashed across them . Although the ache in my heart did not allow me to focus on anything other than their interlock mouth . I did not need to see this , did I honestly expect this man to love me ? Deep down I knew the answer even if I didn't believe he would love me I had hoped that he would at least try . Just as I was about to walk away with my tears kept at bay a soft but firm voice was heard .

" Keagen what do you think you are doing ? " Queen Constantine asked .

Keagen pushed the woman away from him as she fell on the floor with a hard impact , I flinched at the sound her fall made . Fear was in her eyes darted from Keagen , Queen Constantine and me . I wanted to reach down and lift her up but the look on Queen Constantine and Keagen stopped me from doing so . Queen Constantine walked towards us and reached for my hand , she engulfed my cold hands into her warm one's and gave my hand a light squeeze before directing a soft glare at her eldest son. Keagen merely smirked and shrugged before making a large hole appear before the woman he was kissing a moment ago as she fell into oblivion . The screams that had escaped from the hold made my soul quiver . It was as if people was in constant torture their scream , broken and high-pitched , it broke my heart a little for whoever that was in that hole . I mumbled a silent prayer hoping that god above will still hear my plea's even if I was no longer an angel .

" I have dispose of her anything else that you need , mother dearest ? " The sarcasm in his voice was hard to miss .

"Yes , Keagen in fact I do need something from you and Aisling . " Queen Constantine said as both Keagen and I looked at her slender frame in confusion . " First of all I would need you to made an announcement that the second batch of them game will be postpone to another week . " She said , her tone soft and carried a tinge of excitement . " It's time for you start to learn to be a good husband and this week you will spend time learning how to do that , my son . " She continued and placed my hand into Keagen's large hand . "You and Aisling will be spending a week together for your marriage honeymoon and learn to care and respect each other . Do you both understand ? I looked at Keagen with wide eyes as his other hand that was not holding me clenching into a fist .

"And where do you suppose we should go , mother ? " His voice was tight-laced with a tint of anger that made me cringe .

Queen Constantine was not affected by the anger in her son's voice as she answered with a bright smile that brings the sun to shame . "Of course it is to earth , my hometown ."

To Earth ?!

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