Nothing is Something Worth Doing

My mind has missed a step;

I slide from the tracks of concentration

and fall out of focus

into the blue ...

... from the blur emerges a new world


I enter a place where everything comes from nothing,

a place where all flags are burned

and where a nation is born from every mind

Within this sandbox, each and everyone is all,

and all are free

Outside our mind's box, each and everyone has the power

to create their vision


Beyond our limits all it takes is one person

the power of creativity within us is so much greater

than our collected will for destruction

I have left behind the screaming steel,

disregarded the ire of industry.

I have found the might of the mind

I have embraced imagination


In this place, birds sing in a sky that never darkens

An eternal sunshine is my only need

And on music does my soul forever feed

Under this blue sky I have fallen into

live no law and no lore


Yet the smallest stroke breaks the spell

and my mind settles into its box once more

No matter, I have seen what's beyond

I smile, for I know outside the box

a bright sun is shining


As long as we each hold this power dear,

we will all be free


Cherish it