This is a tribute to my past memories and their icons:
Childhood: 90's cartoons, Nickelodeon, Cinta Rasul,Westlife (1999-2000), Backstreet Boys(I Want It That Way), Blue(One Love), Discovery Kids, Aaron Carter(I Want Candy), Lion King, Lilo & Stitch, Paint My Love etc.

Early Teenhood: Utada Hikaru, Classical Music, Russian folksongs, Jesse McCartney (Beautiful Soul, Just So You Know), American Dragon: Jake Long, Invader Zim, Nidji, Avril Lavigne, Carmina Burana,Sean Kingston(Beautiful Girls) Twilight ,etc.

Late Teenhood: Glee, Invictus, African folksongs, Arabic Classical Music, Mehter, etc.

Early Adulthood: Current era. I'm collecting Westlife songs from 1999 to 2012(they'll split by next year) and other relics of my past, and making memories for my future self.

The Ghost of Time

By: Muhammad Syarif Fadhlurrahman

As the sun's enthronement goes on daily,

As does his dethronement, leaving nightly,

As the current on the stream of my life flows,

My body's growth also faithfully follows,

As the wind erodes the hills of desert sands,

On my past the ghost of time gets his hands,

His theft left me nothing but sore feeling,

For he leaves not an iota of the real thing,

But just the relics and the shadows once cast,

They are the only ones that will with me last,

Shadows guarded as treasures of my memory,

And kept with me the tangible relics in safety,

They shall accompany me till my senescence,

And disappear with me…

as death shall one day destroy my essence.

Nostalgia optima amica mea