The room was dank and smelt of decay. The only life inside was in the form of three teenagers, young boys really, shivering from the cold. The door slammed open abruptly, causing the boys to press themselves against the slimy wall behind their backs for support. A bulky, well built man strode inside, his hands gripping onto the hair of a young boy stumbling along beside him. The boy struggled violently before he was shaken roughly by the man holding him. Another man walked into the room and towards the first. The newcomer spoke quietly, but his words carried to the three sitting shock still with fear.

"The girl is still missing."

At his words, the black haired boy stilled, and the three other boys could see his smug grin. The man holding him shoved him towards the others before striding out with the second man, the door slamming shut behind them. They occupants of the room heard the bolt sliding home and a padlock clicking shut before there was silence once more. The black haired boy stretched out on the stone floor comfortably, the grin still on his face. The others looked at him, curiously and caution warring for dominance on their faces. Only one was brave enough to speak up.

"Who are you?"

Dakota looked towards the rusty-red haired boy at the question and smiled. "My name's Dakota. What's yours?"

"I'm Levi."

"So how did you end up in this here humble abode, Levi?"

"I was walking alone at night. I was kidnapped by some men. They knocked me out and when I woke... I was here. No one has come in to tell me anything, only making these two get into the room as well."

"Is there anyone who will know you're missing?"

Levi's eyes darkened. "I'm an orphan. I live with a few other orphans, street rats. No one will miss me." Dakota looked questioningly at the other two, but they too shook their heads.

"Please tell me at least one of you three gave them trouble?"

The one on the left of Levi perked up. His cheeky, mischievous grin out of place in their prison. "That would've been me. Kicked one in the head, one in the family jewels and punched another in the face. I'm Donatello."

Dakota smiled at Donatello, looking at the way his blue hair stuck up in every which way. Donatello's hair could be nothing but coloured, but the way it seemingly exploded from his head, unable to stay neat or flat, was amusing. "Good on you. Can you fight?"

"I'm a karate black belt. What about you Tokka?"

The platinum-blond on the right of Levi, Tokka, shrugged. "I don't take lessons or anything, if that's what you want to know. But I can fight."

"I used to take karate. I quit," Levi said. "but I can fight."

"Good. This is going to be worth it." Dakota said with a wide grin.

"What will?" Levi asked curiously.

But before Dakota could answer, the door burst open once again. The other three boys recoiled, pressing against the wall at their backs once more. Three beefy, muscled men walked in as they struggled with their latest prisoner. The slender girl in their grasps got her legs loose and swung them in a roundhouse kick towards the man in front of her, knocking him out. The other two swore before they managed to get her hands restrained and simply lifted her up by her shoulders and legs. Cursing, they deposited her on the floor none to gently beside Dakota and left, dragging their fallen man after them. The three other boys watched in shock as Dakota laughed, and the girl sat up with a bright grin.

"Slap it." Dakota said with a smile, reaching his hand out for a high five. The girl's grin widened.

"Sorry 'Kota, I can't. They cuffed me this time."

"That's alright. Meet Levi, Tokka and Donatello." Dakota grinned. "Guys, meet Atari. My sister."

The boys didn't offer her a handshake, aware that her hands were handcuffed behind her, but started in shock when she pulled her hand from behind her back and stuck it out towards them. Her other hand came forward, twirling the handcuffs on her forefinger, as she looked at them with a cheeky grin.

Dakota smirked. "Did I mention she can pick locks?"

"While this is all well and good," Tokka said. "Can you tell us why we're here? What do they want from us?"

Atari and Dakota exchanged looks before Atari spoke up. "You're here because – you've all been recruited."

"Recruited? For what?" Levi asked.

"To become assassins."

There was a shocked silence. "Be what?" Tokka spluttered, his eyes wide.

"An assassin." Atari repeated. "Will you join?"

Levi hesitated before nodding. "I'll join."

Atari smiled at him and turned to Donatello. Donatello shrugged, some of his blue hair flopping into his eyes. "Sure, why the hell not."

Dakota looked at Tokka. "You've only been recruited Tokka. You don't have to come. If you don't want to, they'll take you back to wherever they first took you from, no strings attached."

"I have nothing to keep me there." Tokka said, his face dark with memories, his eyes full of pain. "I might as well join."

Atari grinned. "Awesome. Now, we wait for the first chance to escape."

"Wait, escape?" Levi inquired, confused.

"It's a chance for us to show that we're capable of escape should the need arrive and that we can work together in a group. It also highlights our abilities and weaknesses so that we are placed in the right areas to play to our strengths. Why do you think Dakota and I are so bruised? We use every opportunity to create chaos." She smirked.

"The boss loves it, the guards hate it, and, ultimately? It's a heck load of fun."