I leant against the brick wall, hidden in the shadows, as I watched Atari walking down the sandy beach by his side. She was truly happy beside him. I ignored my primal urge to beat the flying crap out of Donatello for dating my sister. Perhaps pull my blade out on him and sufficiently scare him to the other side of the planet; preferably some place where any communication whatsoever was impossible. The protective older brother in me paired with the killer in me meant hell for whoever went near my baby sister. Life as an assassin, a contract killer, didn't leave much room for true happiness, I knew that. And I hated that I couldn't do anything to help her.

Perhaps they were just destined to be with each other. Perhaps it was fate. Who knew? But I knew he made her happy. Though the day he made her unhappy would be a very bad day indeed for him. I wasn't quite the forgiving type when it came to my baby sister.

But who knew all those years ago that they this would happen? Who knew that there would actually be a guy that I approved of, a guy that I would allow to stand by her side? Not me. I watched as they laughed, Atari's face lighting up in delight. Yes, he made her happy.

Who knew all those years ago that she would end up with my best friend? Who knew that my best friend and my sister would fall in love? Not me, or I would've picked a different best friend.

I watched as the blue-haired boy and the violet-eyed girl strolled down the beach, hand in hand. Against my will, a small smile tugged at my lips. They truly were an oddity.

Donatello and Atari - my best friend and my sister.

Who'd have known?

Maybe it was fate.