I See You

By: Natalie Field

It's an old town place in the country, and it's October. Cold rain is falling. Red and yellow leaves are playing in the wind.

A man stands at a crosswalk, hands in worn jean pockets. He looks around before crossing the street. He flings his cigarette onto the middle of the road.

It sits there, smoking on wet pavement.

He thinks nobody's seen him.

A group of girls all bundled up in jackets walk down the sidewalk, talking and laughing. Bags and cell phones in hand. They're all talking about school, gossip, likes and dislikes… Everyone on the streets sees them, but they don't see anyone else.

A Mexican guy, a young man, walks. A hoodie is covering part of his face. He doesn't look people in the eye as he passes them – he looks slightly to their left.

He always seems to be looking down.

An old man carrying a broom and dustpan is outside, sweeping up something – litter and leaves. He's wearing a light blue button up shirt.

White hair and a bald spot.

He looks happy to be there.

A girl walks down the sidewalk, head up, completely open. She sees people, notices them, smiles at them and feels good when they smile back.

She sees people and wonders.

I wonder what sort of person you are? I wonder how you see things? I wonder what is going on in your life?

I wonder…

Well, whenever I go places, I find people inspire me. Anybody else find this as well? ^_^ Reviews are greatly appreciated.