Who is he, this slave boy

whose blood now sloshes in your goblet?

He is eighteen years old.

His country was drafting, but he wanted to volunteer

for the front lines himself.

He is brave, but not invincible.

Ah, the young...

so naive, so unaware of the

terrors of reality.

It's so beautiful,

the way they feel pain.

The way they fall.

It is so fresh; they are so

inexperienced, so untouched by life

that the first cut is a volt of electricity

pulsing through their virgin veins.

I would advise you to

stop tempting me.

There will be... issues.

If you need to take your lust

for pain out on somebody, I volunteer myself.

Your abuse is delightful.

No. With the state I'm in,

I will go too far.

I need time to calm myself. Go.

Yes, Master.