The Heart's Key

He found it; he found the key, the key to my heart. I had hid the key in the most obscure place I could think of. It is a place they once called the Okanagan, in 2150 another world war broke out. I grew up in a town called Vernon B.C until I was ten, then all the children under twenty were moved into a safe zone, and anyone who was unable to fight was also put there. The war lasted only 2 years, but half the world was in smithereens; my home town included.

After the war they started putting computer chips in people's hearts, each person was given a key to go with their heart chip. The chips made it possible for the government to monitor people, so that they could find out if a war was ever going to start again; the world was already too broken. They also needed to make sure more children were being born so the population was kept up, but not so high that the world couldn't handle it. The keys that went with the computer chips were so if anyone went against the government, the government could take over their emotions. Some people ran away and hid to get away.

I was only 12 and they still had the children contained, so they just put a sleepy gas into the chamber, then operated on all of us. When I was 14 and had got away from the government I started training as a spy, when ever a government official came and asked why my heart was so often pumping to fast I replied that I like to keep in shape. Most people would keep the key around there necks for safe keeping, but what they didn't and still don't know is that the key is how the government sees your emotions. The keys looked vintage and the opposite of there electronic counter parts.

My key was (before who ever found it) buried deep in the ground in a field near where I grew up, I thought no one would think to look in a blown up area. Maybe they didn't maybe it was just one of the humans, not a spy or government official. I am hoping maybe it was one of the people that got away from having the chip put in them, so I can hear the story of how they got away. But it's not that likely because I can feel that the stupid key is getting closer and closer to me; I was trained to feel the keys proximity.

"Alexandra are you listening to me, Alexandra!" One of my spy trainers yell.

"Ya I'm listening Raku, sorry got a little sidetracked." I reply

"What the hell could have sidetracked you! You're the best spy we got, you never get distracted!" He yelled across the room, I walk over to him and whisper

"My key has some how gotten closer to me, that's how I got distracted."

"Ok that's a good reason" Raku replied slightly miffed. Raku is a tall Chinese man that has died his eyes brilliant blue and his hair has a purple tinge to it. He is the most deadly man I know and he offered to personally train me. I am now 19 years old, seven years since I got the tracker (as I like to call it) put into me. I am only 157.5 cm tall; slim with strait black hair down to my butt, electric blue eyes, and every centimeter of me is deadly. I am one of the only people left these days that has a tracker in them, that hasn't changed a single aspect of their natural body.

"Okay, lets try and get back to training Alex?" says Raku

"I told you to only use Alexandra please!" I say slightly annoyed "But yes, I need to try huh?"

"Okay, Alexandra" he replies sarcastically. I move over to the wall running area of the gym, the hardest thing for me is my high jumping due to my height. I am an amazing fighter because of how fast I can move, and people always underestimate me; which makes fights easier. I am also quiet apt with weapons, my favorites are: throwing knifes, the staff (collapsible), swords (also collapsible), and guns.

"Hey Raku it's five pm I am going home!" I yell

"Be safe!" he yells back

"I always am!"

"I know, but just be extra safe."

"Of course." I reply

Raku has become like a father to me, he took me in when I was 14, my parents wanted to travel, and they just told me to go find someone to live with. So he said he would take me in. My parents never really cared about me, and I like Raku more anyways. I moved out of his house when I turned 18, to give him some space, and I also had some money saved up from doing spy business

As I am walking home I can feel the key getting quiet close, who ever has the key moves very fast. The place I am living now is at least 2000km away from where I hid the key; they must have either got wings built onto them, or have an aero dynamic flyer. As I get closer to my sky rise apartment building the pounding of my heart tells me the key is quiet near just gets increasingly stronger. When I get to my floor, the 59th, just under the roof, I brace myself for impact, but nothing happens. The person who has my key must be in my room. I take out my card to swipe into my door, along with a throwing knife, and open my door. I see no one in the entrance so I walk to the living room and there on my couch is a man.

"Hello Alexandra."