Reality Twist

Draped in my favorite black cape, I opened my window and went outside. There was a full moon. I had my knife, my flashlight, some water, a towel and a lightsaber. I never went anywhere without my trusty lightsaber.

Can I tell the million stories of Carla's lightsaber?

No, shut up. We have better things to attend too. The night awaits, the cold is sharp and I have a feeling this my be the night aliens will choose to rapture us. Softly I walked through the garden, I jumped over the gate.

Freedom is mine! I mean... ours. Where are we going?

Let's go see Gary. We haven't seen him in a while. I put my hood on and walked towards the forest, actually I wasn't going inside the forest as the last time I was attacked by a boar...

The lightsaber saved us!

Exactly, so this time I'm going to go by the riverside, a little longer but a magical view. I walked and thought. But I was rudely interrupted.

I think someone is coming. What is he doing so late at night?

Is it Gary,? No it's definitely not, I'll stand still. Stop moving, maybe he won't see me.

Too late. He's coming over, run!

I ran. I jumped over bushes, straight to the forest, dashing among the trees.

Don't run so fast, we can't even see,! Left,! Right,! A freaking branch, duck, you idiot!

I know, let the animal instinct guide my legs.

I don't like it, we're getting scratched,! Blood is trickling down your knees... Answer, stop running! You stop that now, he's not following us anymore, he's far away! The tree,: there's a tree, you're running straight at it... Aaaaah.

I started to climb the tree, it had broad, easy to climb branches, a precious gift in the somber forest. I sat on a branch and waited. Nothing was heard, I'm not even sure the guy followed me, maybe he didn't even see me. I laughed, the adrenaline rushed through my veins, I was breathing heavily, the run had emptied my head giving me the dizziness I loved to feel on my nights out. I feel safe now.

This is obviously some strange usage of the word 'safe' that I wasn't previously aware of. I don't like heights. This is too high for me.

I wiped my forehead with the towel. Don't think about the height, look above, I wondered why the tree had so many branches, it's because we're in the middle of an opening. We can see the stars.

What should we think about,? Oh... I recognize these stars, it's the milky way... I really wish the aliens would hurry. Do you think they'll take us to our parents,?

I hope so, the elders are getting so paranoid. I can imagine what every planet near every star can look like. You see that star? Yeah, four stars to the top of the North Star and then two more to the left. See how it twinkles? That's because it forges everything. It is the main spaceship plant in the galaxy, it's called Lapuria Spacecraft.

How do you know?

I don't know, sometimes there are things I remember. But it seems like I've forgotten most things.

Are we normal?

For this world I am not but where we come from, you can never be alone.

I'm glad I have you, even if we disagree.

Well, we all have to make concessions, the elders don't understand that sometimes you have to agree to disagree, what they call love is the most irrational egoistical thing I've ever heard of.

How can they expect someone who can't even read your mind to understand how you feel and why you feel it, what you want, when you want it and what you think and think the same?

The elders mind is too thick, even I can't read in it. It can't be that hard for them to figure it out,: now that they now that the brain can send wave signals, how are they stupid enough not to understand that other people can understand them easily?

Should we get down? We should go and see Gary.

Isn't it nice here? Gary will wait. We'll go see him another time. Oh no! I tore my favorite cape,!

I told you not to run so fast.

I'll go home, and repair it. I jumped down from the tree and turned my flashlight on. Although I really appreciated the beauty of the night, I didn't want anymore problems to happen.

«I thought I'd heard someone run away...»

Oh no, He wasn't gone! What are we going to do?

Don't worry, I know fair well what to do. I got my knife out in one hand and left the other hidden.

«Well, seems like you have something to hide young lady. But that pocket knife won't do much against me. Do you need any help? You should come with me, I'm off duty but I'm a policeman, you need some help. By the way, where are you parents? Why are you here alone?»

«You don't understand, I'm never alone.»

He looked surprised. I charged him with my knife, he quickly opposed with a defense strategy except he wasn't expecting what was coming next. With my other hand I had drawn my lightsaber out and instead of aiming my knife at his solar plexus, I smashed my green lightsaber to his temple. He fell flat on the ground.

Oh, he wasn't that bad. He didn't deserve that.

What should I have done,? «Excuse me sergeant, you are mistaken, I am entitled to do whatever I want with my life, thank you?» Remember, I'm still a minor in age.

True. This was a scary night, can we go home now?

The elder's house is not our home. Don't forget that, they have lied to us, we are not like them. We come from somewhere else and someday they'll come and rescue us.

You think?

I don't think, I know. The universe is big but one day, they'll find us.

THE ELDERS! They're coming! It's even worse then the policeman, they're dozens of them! They're here for us.

I won't let them get me. They think I'm crazy, I'll show them what we can do. I got my lightsaber out and started to run, straight on.

Flashlights, strong beams moving around, they know where we are,! They're running towards us. Now that they've found out that we escaped once they'll never let us see a window again. You here?

Animal instinct.

You know, I hate white, I don't ever want to see that color again. It's a lifeless color, it shows all the flaws, unlike black that hides them. These people are so full of flaws but they think that they are so perfect. I know what they think, they think that we're dangerous. They feel safe when we're locked up. What path should we take. I don't want to see where you go, you scare me when we run like that. Wow...

I triped on a branch and suddenly the ground was gone, I hadn't seen but I was near a ravine and I am falling straight into it!

What? Catch something, I don't want to die... I don't want to die...

As I fell, I thought : Dear mother and father, I do not know why you left us among these strangers on this archaic planet. The impact is eminent.


Pitch Black world. Eyes tightly shut I waited. Nothing happened, I did not hear anything anymore. Why was I alone? I opened my eyes.

It was about time! Guess where we are?

I don't know.

Well apparently we didn't die and from what I can see we are in outer space. Apparently we can only live in outer space for about 30 seconds. Brace yourself.

I have the answer. I know I will die but strangely I feel in peace. We're going to die.

But here, in the middle of no where, nothing can happen. I wish we could have met our parents. But I don't care, Death can come: it's part of life, the universe and everything.

It's 42...

Uploaded for the November WCC contest, thanks fro reading :D