Hey, guys! So, its been a while, but I am currently doing NaNoWriMo and have decided to publish my novel on here. :) I am currently doing NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month, ie, 50K words, 30 days- yerp. Exciting. I, however, started writing TODAY, but am determined that, while this is my first year doing this thing and i have been extremly busy lately, I am going to finish, and on time! :D So wish me luck, join and do this on your own, review, etc... Thanks!


I remember when I first got that phone call from Mrs. Jensen. The day was cold, the gray clouds over head acting like a fog as it clung to the earth. The winds were chilly and the thick smell of dried, dead leaves filled the air—it was late fall. I had just turned fifteen a few months prior and was walking back from the gas station across my street to buy a couple of Cokes, even though it wasn't exactly good for my acne problem that I blamed on genetics.

I remember the feel of my phone vibrating against my pocket and the way I reached into my jean pocket to fish it out, assuming it was another call from my worry-wart mother. When I flipped my cell phone open, and heard the crackling sob crying out from the other end of the line. The line that erupted after I said, "hello? What's the matter?" Most importantly, I remember my cell phone slipping out of my hands when Bea's mom wept the most horrifying thing I could ever imagine: "She's dead, Leelee… She's dead…"

And I have never felt so cold, hurt, and alone in all of my life.

Happy NaNo-ings!