I wrote this as an automatic writing exercise today. I arranged it into a poem.

There is a place the sidewalk ends

at the corner of the street

I fall up and up and down


I don't understand the reason of man

this world of fragile imaginary beings

things like us just don't exist


I am a multiple

I am us and we are me

we are one together

and play the lute for my reflection

of one of three of six of ten

of all the beings in my head


The eyes are pulsing

stabbing the piano keys

and playing me

the eyes

they burn

like a plate of fire

a plate of cheese that holds desire


I cannot fathom what the night holds for me

the night of the light of the bubblegum tree

I cannot see what wonders it holds for me

the tree the tree the bubblegum tree

I cannot hunger for another leaf

of bubblegum bubblegum bubblegum sheaths

I cannot comprehend what it plays for me

the rut-tut-tut of the bubblegum tree.