It was 1964 in Sydney Australia. Bryce Banta was doing exceedingly well at North Sydney Public High (a co-educational school). One afternoon, he was walking to the station, when he was approached by a young woman, who leaned out of the window of her parked car.

"Can I give you a lift?" she asked.

Bryce thanked her and got into the car.

"I'd actually like to take you somewhere else first," she said, and he agreed to be driven to her own laboratory and let in on one of the best kept secrets in the country.

"I don't even know your name yet. Mine is Bryce," he said, as she showed him into a building in Crows Nest and led him to her lab.

"I'm Dr Ann O'Malley," she said, "And you're about to see why my codename is Anomaly. I've been monitoring your school secretly for some time, and if you're interested, I have chosen you to be the test subject for my greatest invention: The Super Schoolboy Formula. Once taken it should give you the permanent ability to manifest super powers. These powers are vitally needed, so that we can give you your own television show in an effort to kick start the Australian television industry."

"Is the situation really that desperate?" he asked.

"Yes, very. Apart from a few low budget cop shows and soap operas, we're reduced to importing everything from England and the United States. So are you prepared to drink the formula?"

"Well I am due for afternoon tea," he said.

"That's good. The formula appropriately includes elements of red cordial, the same type that causes hyperactivity in some children. I've added my own chemicals as well. With any luck, you'll soon be just what the networks need. If it works, I will be the only person working with you in your scenes. I'll tell other stars in your programs, that your masked hero persona and your secret identity are played by two different people. Here you are. Drink up."

Bryce tried the formula, and waited to see what would happen. He shrank to tiny size, and found that he had x-ray vision that could see through everything except the material used in making clothing. He concentrated his thoughts on returning to normal size, and found that the x-ray vision power left him as soon as he was full sized again. He made subsequent tests, and found that every time he shrank, he gained a super power (but not the same one each time) until he regrew to full size.

"I wasn't sure what powers you'd get," said Dr O'Malley, "I suspect the x-ray vision will return on a subsequent shrinking experience, but you'll never know which power you're going to get until you reduce. We need a suitable name for you. How does Captain Miniature sound?"

"I love it," said Bryce, "Looks like my hero persona will have to be explained to other stars as some sort of remote controlled doll you've designed."

"I'll build a fake remote control device," said Dr O'Malley.

"I now vow to wage war on bad ratings and narrow minded network censors," said Bryce, "Since the formula seems to reduce any item of clothing attached to my body at the time, I can design a costume to be worn under my school uniform, with a mask I can pull up."

"I'll stitch it together for you," she said.

"You can do that too? How good are you?" he asked.

"Sew-sew," said Ann.

She finally drove him home. In the weeks ahead, they took every opportunity to start filming episodes of the Captain Miniature television show, after O'Malley had successfully pitched a pilot episode to one of the networks.

One lunch time, Bryce Banta was reading a book alone, up in the classroom, when he heard a lot of noise coming from the playground. Looking out the window, he saw a scene of bullying and decided that it could use the personal attention of Captain Miniature. Bryce stripped off his outer school uniform clothing and tossed it behind the lockers. Then he shrank to tiny size, pulled the mask over his face, and used the unique sense that he had acquired from his original consumption of the Super Schoolboy Formula. It would always enable his body to send a quick signal to his brain, instructing his mind as to which power he had acquired. On this occasion, he found that he had received Telly-Scopic vision: the ability to see what was tuned in on any TV screen in a five mile radius of his location.

He was sure that this power would not be of any help in dealing with bullies, as he ran towards the classroom door. Then into the room came the tallest and most beautiful girl in the 9th grade: namely Skye Larke. She had long red hair and a gorgeous face that took his breath away. When she saw the tiny teen on the classroom floor, she ran over and snatched him up.

"So you're Captain Miniature!" she said, "I thought your powers on TV looked too realistic to be done with special effects and stunts. It would only be apparent to an advanced scientific mind like mine. I've spent years putting on a respectable front as the most diligent girl in the school. I've been head cheerleader, and chief of the Lunch Hour Maximization Society. My real plans are quite different from the outward show I put on. In the years ahead, I plan to use my most powerful invention: the Equal Impunity Perfume. It will enable me to take over the Australian business world. I didn't know that the only potential threat to my plans (namely Captain Miniature) was someone in my own class at school. Still, I've been meaning to get you out of the way since I first realised you'd be a threat to my plans. The best way to do that is to supplement my lunch with a Miniature mouthful. I'll just go and refill my drink bottle with water to wash you down."

She put him on the cupboard and left the classroom. He restored his size, and retrieved his clothes from where he'd hidden them behind the lockers.

Having learned that he'd acquired such a dangerous opponent, he was more careful than ever to guard his secret identity, by fleeing the room before she returned and deduced it. After school, he headed quickly out into the school grounds and shrank surreptitiously again, removing his school uniform. Then he realised he could also telekinetically reduce the uniform to a size so small that it could fit into the pocket of the costume. This would come in handy. He waited on the branch of a tree, which Skye Larke would have to walk under on her way out of the school.

As soon as Skye was right under the branch, he dropped down into her backpack, using the power of invulnerability that he had acquired this time in order to survive the fall. This way he learned her address, something that would come in handy in his future attempts to stop her corporate goals.

The following year, 1965, the television industry had benefited from the reboot that it had needed, and other shows were being picked up as well. The network executive offered to renew the Captain Miniature Show for a second season, but felt that it needed something else to give it an edge. He felt so strongly that the character should have a kangaroo sidekick and was able to get The Romper Zoo to lend them their only trained kangaroo.

Captain Miniature refused to take on an animal partner, during a meeting between himself, Dr O'Malley and the network executive Cyril Beady Miller.

"It's an un-Australian attitude!" said Cyril, "Shows only last when they reinvent themselves. We can't just skip over the opportunity the Zoo's given us. Either the kangaroo comes, or your show goes."

"We'll have to go then," said Dr O'Malley, "I fully sympathize with my star here. I just don't like the ring of Captain Miniature and Captain Marsupial."

"I trust you won't ROO your decision then," said Cyril, and showed them to the door.

Later, back at Anomaly Lab, Bryce Banta asked Ann O'Malley what they were going to do. Although he was the one with the powers, as a 15 year old, he was used to looking up to the 25 year old woman who had made them possible, and always sought and respected her advice.

"The best answer is to somehow prolong your life until some future decade when censorship won't be an issue."

"You could put me in your freezer in suspended animation, after I've reduced myself," said Bryce.

"No. It might be a bit hard to explain when I'm married with kids," said Ann, "We could have you smuggle yourself aboard a rocket ship and freeze in the cold depths of space for several decades."

"It won't work," said Bryce, "Aussies never take the space program seriously. The Americans are way ahead of us. Why not invent a globe that suspends human animation and put me inside it for a long time?"

"I don't know of any way to do it," said Ann.

After a few days, she finally got an idea. Ann took blood samples from the most immature people she knew, and then used radiation to modify the properties of whatever it was in their blood that stopped them from growing up, so that it would go further and physically suspend the aging process. Then she bought a coffin and took it out deep into the bush behind West Roseville University. She placed him into the coffin, injected him with enough irradiated blood to put him under for 35 years, having promised she'd come back and awaken him in the year 2000.

In 1995, he was found and awoken ahead of schedule, by a 19 year old university student named Emma Nation. She thought he was cute, and listened to his whole story. He went to find Ann as Bryce Banta's 'son' Bryce Banta Jr, but her laboratory was now managed by someone else who told him that she was 55 and married. They gave him her address, when he said that his 'father' needed to re-establish contact with Ann. His identity card for Anomaly Lab was still recognised. He went to find Ann, who was a little surprised at his having turned up five years earlier than planned.

Ann O'Malley had learned that censorship had eased a lot in the early 1990s. She was able to re-establish him on television, and gave him the cover identity of a boy who had reached school leaving age in 1994. He began dating Emma Nation as well.

It wasn't long before he learned that Skye Larke was now operating under the public name of Red Moll, and had used her Equal Impunity Perfume to climb to the top of a prominent Australian city based newspaper company. Having heavily influenced Sydney, and the whole of Australia with feminism using her newspaper, she had made it even easier for herself to stay at the top of her ill acquired company. She was now 45.

One night she caught him going through her office at tiny size, and prepared to make another attempt to eat him. With his mask on, she had no idea that he hadn't aged, but did wonder why he hadn't appeared on television or anywhere else for 30 years. She told him she had never married, and gave enough clues to indicate that she was too much of a feminist to make a relationship last that long. She was currently seeing the latest in a long line of boyfriends.

Captain Miniature managed to use an intangibility power to escape from Red Moll, and soon confided first in Ann O'Malley and then in Emma Nation.

"I have to bring her down," he said to Emma, "If I'd stopped her in 1965, things would be so much better here now."

"I know," said Emma, "I would still be able to stay at home and enjoy being a happy house wife. Now we've got loads of men out of work, as the feminist movement has enabled women to take most of the white collar jobs. They're actually judging men for not having jobs now. I'm supposed to turn into that sort of woman too. I've seen my mother divorce my father, become fiercely independent and push away every nice guy who tries to get near her. She's pressured me into doing the same thing, though she doesn't know how much I've been inwardly resisting it, especially since I met you and learned what life was like in the '50s and '60s. Thank goodness I had the chance to pull you out of suspended animation and have you re-challenge the woman who caused all of this."

With her new awareness of Captain Miniature's apparent return from his 1965 retirement, Red Moll guessed that he had been in her office looking for the means to destroy her business empire. She had added the newspaper to her Innerbelly conglomerate of companies, and didn't want Captain Miniature having the chance to get at her. She began surreptitiously hiring the local super villains to start crime waves, in order to keep Captain Miniature busy.

In the months ahead, Captain Miniature fought several of them, and brought them to justice. The first was the Puppy Master, who had found a way to control dogs after bathing them in his mind controlling Puppy Putty. The first few times he shrank, Captain Miniature only acquired powers that enabled him (at best) to battle the dogs physically. Since so many Sydney residents were completely ignoring the Dog Act's leash laws, there were several unfenced free roaming dogs at Puppy Master's disposal. Finally, Captain Miniature acquired the power of Canine Telepathy and was able to command the dogs to return to their homes and make no more trouble. He planted permanent hypnotic suggestions in their minds, that would override any future attempts that Puppy Master made to give them his own instructions.

The next villain to be taken on was Mortimer Guage, who had the power (although who knows how) to affect interest rates on home loans. Having set up his own dubious loan company, Mort Gage began bilking the citizens of Sydney, until Captain Miniature acquired the power of Trans-Financial Mediation, and ran Mort's business into the ground.

The third crook in Red Moll's employ was the Likeness Monster, a dangerous psychotic man who had the power to impersonate anyone by changing his appearance (known by 1995 as 'morphing'). None of Captain Miniature's tactics worked against him, until he got another dose of X-Ray vision. Though he couldn't look through the Likeness Monster's clothes, he could see through the camouflage power at work on his facial features. He was able to detect the man and point him out to the police.

The fourth was Albert Ross, who had the power of flight with the aid of a special back pack he'd built. When Captain Miniature got the flight power too, he was able to sabotage the device and force Albert to land.

The only other secret stooge available to Red Moll was Clarence Nette, who was able to use his brass musical instrument during his concerts at the Sydney Opera House, to somehow knock all the guests and staff unconscious for an hour, during which their money was later discovered to have gone missing. Again, Captain Miniature had to make several attempts, before an effective super power accompanied his shrinking: super deafness. With that, he was able to sneak inside Clarry Nette's brass instrument, while the man had put it down to conduct one of his robberies, and rewire the device using Ann's instructions, so that it fed back a signal that knocked the user out instead. He was soon taken in by the police as well.

At the end of each bout, he was able to return to normal size and the comfort of his friend and colleague Dr O'Malley, and the far more personal comfort of the lovely Emma Nation.