7 year old Quentin was playing alone in the bush reserve behind his prep school during lunch break. Louise, now teaching at Quentin's prep school, rather than the high school where she'd met Milo, came into the bush reserve too, and offered him a drink. He accepted it, then fell asleep, and awoke several hours later.

He found himself in a school classroom at about nine o'clock in the evening. He was on the carpet on the floor, looking up at the lit room wondering how he could be at school at night time.

Then he noticed something else. The roof seemed a long way away. In fact, everything seemed a lot larger in proportion to his own size than it should have been.

"I've been shrunk to tiny size!" he exclaimed, "I'm only about an inch tall!"

"Quentin, you're awake," came a voice behind him.

He turned to see that seated on the carpet behind him, towering like a huge tall giantess was Louise his second class teacher.

"Louise! What happened to me?"

"I managed to put you to sleep in the bushes with a drugged drink and make you a lot smaller with a device I invented. I'll put you on my desk now."

Her white slender fingers enclosed him as she stood up and placed him gently on her desk beside other items that were usually there anyway. She sat down comfortably in her chair and smiled down at him.

"So why do you want me to be so small?" he asked.

"Well it's nice to see you so small, Quentin. Now my boyfriend Phil will be working late tonight. So he won't be coming over to have supper with me. I thought that I could enjoy a special treat for supper (here at the school) myself. You always looked rather tasty, being the youngest boy in my class. However, I could never have managed to fit you into my mouth. So I had to dramatically reduce your size first. Now that all of this has been arranged, I wanted to ask you if you would make a nice tasty supper for me tonight."

"Do you want to eat me up for your supper, Louise?" he asked, looking up at her pretty smiling lips in amazement.

"That's correct," she said calmly, "Nobody else would know about it except you and me, Quentin. It would be our own private secret."

"I guess it would be quite a wonderful adventure for me, Louise. Yes, I'd be happy for you to eat me for your supper."

"Thank you. I'm very grateful. I'd like to put you outside and play hide-&-seek and catch you first."

She went out, turned the outside lights on, and put Quentin in a soft flowerbed in the garden.

"I'll go inside and wait a few minutes, before I come and look for you," she said.

There was something about the school gardens and being a teacher that made her even more happy to be doing this, than she had been when she'd set her old would-be boyfriends up in the garden at her house in the hills.

He got up and ran through the school garden in the moonlight.

Soon Louise came around the building and walked along the pathway looking down into the garden in search of him. Although she did not see him when she walked past, she stopped at the end of the path, effectively cutting off his escape from the end of the garden. Louise squatted down and began searching through the garden, parting the plants with her hands and looking closely for him.

If he headed back away from her, then she would eventually herd him up against the classroom's outer wall and capture him. If he remained hidden where he was, then she would find him as soon as her search brought her to his part of the garden. If he attempted to reach his original destination, then he could never manage to successfully sneak past her.

For the thrill of being chased, he decided to move sideways out of the garden, across the path and into the next garden. He made sure that she was looking down into the garden ahead, sidestepped all the paces across the path and into the next garden, and began to run through it.

Suddenly he stepped over a dry leaf

Louise heard its distinctive rustling sound, stood up, walked briskly along the path and stooped down to make a grab for him. He saw her fingers approaching him. They encircled him and closed in a comfortable grip, and lifted him high into the air.

She carried him back to the classroom.

Louise put him back down on her desk and sat down, stroked her own hair back with her hand and licked her lips.

"You shall be inside my stomach before I go home tonight, little Quentin."

She walked over to a cupboard and took out a plate and a glass and a bottle of lime cordial, poured herself a glass, and placed the drink and plate on her desk and sat down.

"Would you like to sip some of my cordial?" she asked.

"Thank you Louise," he said and drank from the top of the glass.

She raised the glass to her lips, sipped a little of it, put it down, licked her lips in several directions showing most of her sparkling tongue, and then reached for him with her fingers, smiling as he was grasped and lifted towards her mouth. He looked at her stomach, then her neck, then her mouth, and finally at her happy eyes.

He looked straight ahead as her mouth opened wide in front of him. He saw her neat even teeth and then her sparkling tongue, and immediately in front of him her lower lip. She gently slid him over her lower lip, onto her tongue, and then withdrew her fingers. He looked back as her mouth closed. He quickly turned around, so that his head was facing the front of her mouth. Then he felt her tongue arching upwards. He slid off the back of her tongue, into her throat, and was gulped down inside her.

Louise eventually returned to teaching high school.

Marty was now in year 9. Louise had become his class teacher at the beginning of the year. A few weeks into the term, Louise spoke to him one day after class.

"I know you think you're cleverer than other naughty students, who misbehave openly and get punished for it, but I'm aware of your sneaky misconduct. If you don't stop it, I shall take you home and eat you."

She remembered Milo's misconduct and thought what fun it was to taunt naughty students.

Marty had had a crush on her. Louise didn't know of this. He had tried to hide his misbehaviour since she'd come to his school, because of his feelings for her. Yet he had been unsuccessful. He didn't see how she'd be able to take him away and eat him, without the school preventing her.

He tried to be even more subtle about his underhanded naughtiness, resolving to leave quickly after school each day, so that Louise had no chance to abduct him with whatever gun or other weapon she might be counting on to do it, if she detected his further disobedience of her instruction.

On Friday at lunch time, he decided to walk through a narrow walkway between two buildings in the next block while eating his lunch. He ate all of his lunch and suddenly found himself getting shorter. He turned around to see that Louise has quietly followed him into the walkway. As she walked towards him, he found himself looking upwards. He was now only up to the height of her knees, shorter than he'd been when he first met her. Soon he was only an inch and a half tall.

Louise leaned down and picked him up.

"I followed you and pointed my shrinking invention at you. I did warn you, Marty. Tonight I will gobble you whole," she said, and put him into her handbag and took him to the classroom.

So this was how she planned to eat him. He had never thought of being eaten before Louise had threatened him on Monday, and he had never even dreamed of being gobbled whole. He had the whole afternoon to prepare for being put into Louise's mouth, in direct contact with her exciting looking tongue, and then being gobbled down to finally disappear dreamily into the acids in her well-proportioned stomach. It was both haunting and exciting. He was only new at adolescent experience of sensations, being 13.

Louise closed the door and opened her handbag on the desk. She took Marty out and placed him in the desk drawer and sat looking in at him.

"Nobody else knows about this, Marty. So my method of punishing you will be as covert as your misbehaviour. People will think you just didn't come back from the shops. Nobody will guess that you will have been shrunken and swallowed by your teacher. You're doomed, Marty."

Louise shut the desk, and waited for the students to return to the classroom.

To maintain her ruse, she asked if anyone had seen Marty, which he overheard her doing. When the afternoon classes were over, she put him in her handbag again, went to the headmistress and reported Marty as playing truant, and then went to her car. She would gobble him down with the intention of making it a fearsome punishment, with no concern for the excessive severity of her actions. He was living something akin to a science fiction story. Yet this was real. She had really reduced his size dramatically, knowing that she would really eat him all up.

Early in the evening, she opened the oven and placed him inside. She closed the oven door. It had looked dark inside the oven from the outside, but now he could look out and see the kitchen clearly illuminated. He saw Louise bend down and turn the oven on, adjusting the knob to a very low setting. She wasn't going to burn him to death. She had planned to gobble him alive. So he would be slowly warming up.

He sat comfortably, and watched Louise go to a cupboard, take out a can of fruit, open it, sit at the table and slowly spoon it into her mouth. He was fully focussed on Louise's mouth. Louise finally took Marty out of the oven. She took him to the dining table, and sat down.

"So are you sorry for your ongoing naughtiness?" she asked.

"Would it save me, if I was?"

"No," she said.

"Then I'm still sorry."

"You soon will be," said Louise, and lifted him high into the air, tilted her head back and said, "Take a look where you're going. Your fellow students will go on and have long and interesting lives. Your existence is going to come to an end down there in my tummy."

She opened her mouth wide and let him look into it.

"I'll climb out while you're lying down asleep and your body is horizontal," said Marty.

"You should have paid more attention in class, Marty. Have you forgotten that my stomach acids will make short work of you?"

"I guess they will," said Marty, noticing Louise's arousing sense of triumph.

"Not so confident now then, are you?" she said, "It's time to taste my dinner, you naughty little boy."

Louise licked him. In that second he felt the most amazing stimulation that he'd ever known. Nothing could have prepared him for the thrill of his beautiful teacher's huge tongue sliding over his shrunken body.

She did it again, and again, and again.

"You taste much better than you behave," she said at last, "Well it's all over for you, now Marty. I'm going to gulp you down to my stomach."

She opened her mouth and slid him into it, and then off the back of her tongue and down into her stomach.