Placement was the word I was scared of the most.

I went through it when I was 10. It was the scariest, most painful thing I have ever experienced. It was kind of like what happened 70 years ago to the Jews in Germany. In fact it was exactly what happened 70 years ago.

Punishment for religious devotion to something other than what the bastard we had for a king beleived in.

My mother and father were shot by one of the officers at the placement camp. I guess I was lucky, but I had no other family. I was basically alone now.

Amazingly I had made it out of the Placement camp. I had help by some outside Rebels intent on bringing our king to his death.

I had met one of them, and talked with him for a while.

His name was Garth. His parents were both killed also so we had something to talk about. I remember he had told me the first step to feeling better was crying. I guess I didn't notice while I was talking with him I had started to.

But I'm really getting off the subject. Why now? Why would I bring the horrible nightmares of placement camp after 10 years of freedom? I had heard on the TV last night the king that supposedly killed himself had comeback to reclaim the throne that had been empty all these years.

I was walking around the base I worked on.

I took a job in the military after the King commited himself to the ground. I figured working for them, I could help things like King James from happening again.

I had sworn to myself that nothing would keep me from keeping James off the throne. I knew what would happen if he did. But for now I had to keep my faith in the people. Or atleast the Parliament. They would never elect him. After what he had done? Never.

But, I guess you have to be careful to what you put your faith in.

They elected James as King. He had promised during the campaign, trying to make his false promise towards the Parliament seem real, that his past mistakes in the past wouldn't happen again.

They were stupid to think that he would keep his promises. As soon as he was King he made himself dictator of the land, and nobody could stop him.

People were going crazy. Nobody wanted the past to come back again. Nobody. But James did. And since he was dictator he could do what he wanted. He took the Military and told trem to round up all of the Christians once more. Except instead of Placement, Death would be the punishment. Nobody wanted to listen. But we had to.

If we refused he swore to kill our families. I still had no idea what I was going to do. Things were turning out so horribly. People were dying every day, just because of what they belived in.

I guess I figured, that because I had no more family left he couldn't hurt me.

I tried looking for Garth and his band of Rebels. Hopefully they weren't dead. But my hope was broken and stomped on after I found out that they had all been killed in a freak accident on a plane. Apparently it was a plane the King was on.

They had gone down trying.

But I wasn't going to let all their work go down the drain because I was a coward. So I did what I thought would be best.

After the death of Dictator James McCollungh a few years later I can still remember the cries of relief from around the land. It was like the whole world was happy.

I looked to the graves in the feild. Millions of tombstones covered it. All died for what they believed in.

I had made sure Mother and Father's graves were right next to each other. Along with Garth and his friends.

I think I had done the right thing.

James had died the same way my parents did...Accept no one was their to watch him.

Because nobody cared. Accpet Me.

Whoa. I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. I really can't believe I wrote something like this but...I like to write angsty things. The ending is kinda tricky. Tell me If you guys can't figure it out.

Oh yeah...R&R Please. I'd like to get some feed back on this one. I really didn't wan't to bother with names on this one. The main character could be a girl or a guy. You can pick. Also, I got the Idea for writing this from reading the books I have on the Nazi's. Very interesting books. One more thing. The place in the story is made up. Don't get it confused with England, please. That's why I called it a 'Land'. Duh. Any way Like I said Before R&R.


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