Pen: Time to wake up, my angel.

(A young girl slowly opened her eyes as her mother continued to call out)

Pen: Come on, up you get.

Angela: I'M COMING!

(Angela called back as she got up and grabbed her dressing gown making her way to her Mother's room)

Angela: Sorry, I overslept.

(She walks over to her Mother's dressing table)

Pen: It's allowed!

(She poured some water from a jug into a glass then carries some tablets and the glass over to the bed)

Pen: You have a date today?

(Pen smiled towards her daughter)

Angela: I wouldn't call it a date. We're just going to spend some time together.

(Angela started to help her mother take her tablets when suddenly she was stopped by a hand gently placed on hers)

Pen: When I was your age, it was always classed as a date when a guy took you out.

Angela: Not when we have been going out for over a month. Now, take your tablets mum.

(Afterwards Rose places the glass on her Mother's bedside table)

Pen: Thanks. Now, what are you going to wear for your date?

(Angela stares back at her Mother)

Pen: And don't give me that look.

Angela: Will you be alright, while I'm gone?

Pen: Except, one thing I need, before you go anywhere.

(Angela thought for a moment)

Angela: Oh yes, you're breakfast. Be back in a moment!

(Angela walked out of her Mother's room)

Nat: Half an hour later, Angela left her Mother watching her favourite TV show. As she was about to step into the shower her mobile rang.

Angela: Hi, Emily.

Emily: Hi, Angie. How are you doing?

Angela: Me! Oh, I'm fine.

Emily: How about your mum?

Angela: Still the same.

Emily: She'll get better soon, it will just take time.

Angela: I hope so. So are you at work?

Emily: Yeah, just got here. I was calling to see if you were coming out tonight?

Angela: Yes, I'm working!

Emily: Not all night, I hope.

Angela: No, just for an hour or so.

Emily: It's your day off, any plans?

Angela: Just meeting up with Martin.

Emily: I remember when he asked you out.

Angela: I've always fancied him, just didn't think he would ever ask me out.

Emily: You didn't even think he noticed you.

Angela: Well, he is much older than me.

Emily: Doesn't matter. Just as long as he remembers that himself.

Angela: Yes, he is always considerate of my feelings.

Emily: That's all that matters. How long have you two been going out, now?

Angela: Just over a month.

Emily: Oh, yes. Your 16th.

Angela: Don't you remember; he tried to get my brother's permission, first.

(Emily starts giggling)

Emily: That's right. Well, enjoy your date.

(Angela takes a deep breath)

Angela: Why does everyone still call it a date?

Emily: Because he's taking you out.

Angela: I know that but…

Emily: … Oh, stop complaining.

(Emily was quick to interrupt)

Emily: Got to go, see ya later.

(The phone line went dead)

Angela: Bye!

(Angela put her phone down and she was about to step into the shower when her phone rang once again)

Angela: Hello!

Work: Angela, is that you?

Angela: Yes, it is.

Work: It's Yvonne, here. Is there any chance you can come into work, today? We're short-staffed!

Angela: What time would you like me to come in?

Work: As soon as possible. We're swamped!

Angela: I suppose I could come in and help out.

Work: Thanks. Could you stay till closing time?

Angela: Yes I can. I'll be in as soon as possible.

Work: That's great. See you soon.

(Angela puts her phone down)

Pen: Angelica!

(Angela walks to her Mother's room and poked her head around the door)

Angela: Yes, mum!

Pen: You need to learn to say no.

(Angela grins at her mother)

Angela: No, to what?

Pen: You know what I mean.

Angela: We need the money.

Pen: And you need to relax and enjoy yourself once in a while.

Angela: I will one day.

(Her mother glared back)

Angela: When you're better.

Pen: Now, you have to turn Martin down, again.

Angela: Yes, I know. I just hope he understands.

Pen: One day he won't, if you keep this up.

Angela: I'll just go and give Martin a call, then.

(Angela turns away from her Mother's room)

Pen: One day, you will listen to advice when it's given to you.

(Angela smiles to herself and then heads back to her room to call Martin)

Martin: Oh, hi there. All ready for today are you?

Angela: I'm sorry. I have to cancel; I've been called into work.

Martin: I thought it was your day off.

Angela: It was supposed to be. There has been a change of plan; they're short-staffed!

Martin: And I had a lot planned for us two.

Angela: I'll make it up to you, later.

Martin: Are you still going to the club, then?

Angela: Yes, I've still got to help my brother out.

Martin: You are going to be shattered.

Angela: Nothing, I'm not used to.

Martin: But you won't have enough energy to dance with me, later on.

Angela: I'll make sure I have. I'm not missing that.

Martin: I truly hope not.

Angela: Well, I must go. I'll see ya later.

Martin: Let me know when you're ready and I'll come and meet you.

Angela: O.K. Cheers.

Martin: Bye, for now. Don't work too hard.

Angela: Try not to.

(Angela puts the phone down and starts to get ready for work)

(When Angela was ready for work she poked her head into her Mother's room.

Angela: O.K. I'm off to work. Is there anything you need before I go?

(Pen pulled her head out of her book and looked at her daughter)

Pen: Your head isn't screwed on today.

(Angela smiles at her mother)

Angela: What have I forgotten, now?

Pen: Just think for a moment.

(Pen reached out and touched the photo she had on the bedside table of a younger version of her daughter and another boy slightly older)

Angela: Oh, of course. Let me call the club.

(Angela started to pull her phone out her pocket)

Pen: They won't be open, love. Try his mobile.

Angela: I'll just nip in on the way past. They should be open by then.

Pen: What time will you be home?

Angela: Won't be till late and then I'm at the club, later.

Pen: Yes, I know you are, love.

Angela: See ya, later, mum.

Pen: See ya, my angel.

(Angela looks annoyed before a small smile appeared on her face before making her way out the flat)

End of Scene One