Nat: Half an hour later Emily and Ian continued chatting, waiting on everyone else to join them.

Emily: So, whose turn is it to drive, tomorrow?

Ian: We play home, tomorrow.

Emily: Really... I thought we played the King Arms.

Ian: No, that's next week.

Emily: Well, while I am one week ahead. Who will be driving?

Ian: Don't look at me. I can't drive!

Emily: It was just a question.

Ian: Well, it isn't me.

Emily: Oh, never mind!

(Micheal walks back over)

Micheal: Getting no sense from Ian?

(Emily turns to face Micheal)

Emily: You can say that, again.

(Ian looks at Micheal then back to Emily)

Micheal: What is it you're trying to ask?

Emily: I just asked, who was driving next week?

(Micheal glares at Ian)

Micheal: And why couldn't you answer that?

(Ian looks back at Micheal)

Ian: I don't have a license.

Micheal: Thank god for that… But what has that got to do with who is driving?

Ian: I'm only saying, it isn't me.

Emily: Just forget it.

(Micheal turns to face Emily)

Micheal: To answer your question, that would be me!

Emily: Thank you.

(Emily looks at Ian)

Emily: Now, why would that have been too hard for you?

(Ian looks back at Emily)

Ian: How would I have known that?

Micheal: Never mind. Forget it!

(Ian glares at him)

Emily: Let's just hope we do better this time.

Micheal: Ian isn't playing so we should do.

Ian: Hey, I had one bad game. So what?

Micheal: Who gets dropped most weeks?

Ian: It's not my fault the darts are dull.

Emily: A man who blames his darts is a sore loser!

(Micheal looks at Emily and smiles)

Micheal: You got it in one.

(Another customer approaches the bar)

Customer 3: Micheal, when you have a moment. Can I have another, please?

Micheal: Sure mate.

(Micheal goes to serve the customer)

Emily: I wonder where Angela has gotten to?

(Emily looks towards the door)

Ian: Oh, yes. Angelica came-in earlier on today?

(Emily turns back to face Ian)

Emily: With Martin?

Ian: No, she was on her own.

Emily: That's not like her. I thought she had her date with Martin.

Ian: I don't know about that. But she had a message for you.

(Emily stared at Ian)

Emily: And it has taken you this long to tell me.

Ian: Angelica had to work and will be late.

(Micheal walked back over)

Emily: I thought Angela had the day off.

Micheal: She did but she had been called into work.

(Emily looks at Micheal)

Emily: So, she had to turn Martin, down, once again.

Micheal: That's my sister for you.

Emily: It's hard for her to say no.

Micheal: In a way, that's my fault; I keep her working all the time.

Emily: Don't blame yourself, Angela loves working, as well.

Ian: Look who is talking. You are just the same.

(Emily turns to smile at Ian)

Emily: Guilty as sin.

Customer 7: Can I have a bottle of bud, please?

Micheal: Of course, you can.

(Micheal walks away)

Emily: Didn't you say Chloe was going to introduce someone to us?

Ian: Yeah, some old friend.

Emily: Old friend?

Ian: One of her friends as moved into the area.

(Micheal came back over)

Emily: Well, any friend of Chloe's, is a friend of ours!

Micheal: That's exactly what I said.

Ian: I wonder what he does for a living.

Emily: More importantly what's he like.

Micheal: Well, if Chloe likes him, he's O.K, in my book.

(Emily smiles)

Emily: Same here.

(Emily suddenly starts stretching her arms out to the side)

Micheal: You look really tired, Emily. Was it really a hard day?

Emily: You could say that. I had aerobics training for children and adults. Knackered!

Ian: Not too tired to have fun, tonight?

(Emily turns back to Ian)

Emily: No-way. Friday night is party night!

Ian: I wouldn't say we're having a party but definitely a fun night.

Emily: Either one, I don't mind.

(Two people walk over to them)

Chloe: Hello, everyone.

(They all turn to face Chloe)

Emily: Chloe!

Chloe: Everyone this is Ben.

(Everyone looks at Ben)

Emily: Hello, Ben!

Ben: Hi!

Chloe: Ben, this is Emily, Mike and Ian.

Micheal: What can I get you, Ben?

(Ben turns to face Micheal)

Ben: Fosters, please?

Ian: So Ben, where are you from?

(Ben looks at Ian)

Ben: London!

Micheal: You want your usual, Chloe?

(Chloe smiles at Micheal)

Chloe: Oh, yes, please.

Ben: I've lived in London most of my life. A job offer came up over here, so I moved and got in contact with Chloe.

Emily: Pleased to have you here. Any friend of Chloe's is a friend of ours.

Ben: Thanks!

(Chloe turns to look at Ben)

Chloe: See I told you, you had nothing to be afraid of.

(Ben looks at Chloe)

Ben: Yes, you were right.

(Micheal comes back with the drinks)

Ben: Thanks. How much do I owe you?

Micheal: Since it's your first time - On the house.

Ben: Cheers.

(Chloe looks around)

Chloe: Where's Angie? I thought she was coming tonight.

Emily: Angela, is just running late.

Micheal: She got called into work, today.

Chloe: Couldn't say no, again; Yvonne always picks on the weaker ones.

Micheal: You certainly would have turned her down.

Chloe: Too right. Don't ever miss a day off... You never know when it will come round, again.

Ben: Have to remember that one.

(Chloe grins at Ben before turning back to the others)

Chloe: Is Angie bringing this Martin with her?

Emily: As far as I know.

(Chloe turns to face Emily)

Chloe: So what's this Martin like?

Emily: I only met him once, at Angela's party.

Chloe: Oh, yes, I remember him, now; he asked Angie out that night.

Micheal: Martin has been here a few times, he seems nice enough.

Ian: How long have they been going out?

(Emily turns to face Ian)

Emily: Since Angela's 16th; a month ago.

Chloe: Is he right for our Angie, though?

Ian: Anyone must be... If they can put up with her working, all the time.

Emily: That's true.

(Angela moved up behind Chloe)

Angela: Either, you are all in deep conversation or Ian as his mouth open.

(Chloe turns around to face Angela)

Ian: Ha, ha! Very funny, Angelica!

(Angela glares over at Ian with an annoyed look)

Chloe: You sure love to sneak up on people, don't you?

(Angela turns to smile at Chloe)

Angela: Only, when it's you.

(Ian glares at Micheal)

Ian: It seems to run in the family)

(Chloe turns to the guy beside Angela)

Chloe: Oh, so, you must be the one that puts up with our Angie?

(Angela now glares at Chloe)

Angela: What's that supposed to mean?

(Chloe turns back to face Angela)

Chloe: The guy who puts up with you turning him down, all the time.

Martin: Yes, that would be me. I'm Martin!

(Chloe turns back to face Martin)

Chloe: Chloe!

Martin: Lovely to meet you.

(Martin takes hold of Chloe's hand and kissed the back of it)

Chloe: Oh, my. He's so sweet.

(Chloe quickly smiles at Angela before turning back to Martin)

Chloe: Would like to go out with me, instead?

Angela: Stop flirting, Chloe; you'll scare him away.

(Martin lets go of Chloe's hand and puts his arm around Angela)

Martin: No-one could scare me away.

(Martin gives Angela a peck on the cheek)

Emily: You're right, Micheal; he seems like a great guy for our Angela.

(Angela slowly turns to face everyone)

Angela: O.K, you lot. That's enough about me and Martin.

(Martin turns towards Ben)

Martin: I don't think I've seen you in here before. Are you new in town?

Ben: Yes, I've just moved here.

Micheal: What can I get you, Martin?

(Martin turns to face Micheal)

Martin: A pint of smooth and a still orange, please.

(Micheal walks away)

Angela: Oh, yes, this is a friend of Chloe's, I was telling you about.

(Martin turns back to face Ben)

Martin: You must be Ben.

Ben: Yep, that's me.

Martin: I'm Martin!

Ben: I've heard a lot about you two.

Angela: Chloe, what have you been saying?

(Micheal walks back over)

Chloe: Nothing! Nothing bad, anyway!

Ian: Oh, come on. We need some music on.

(Micheal turns to face Ian)

Micheal: You know where the jukebox is.

(Ian glares back and holds his hand out)

Ian: Keys!

(Micheal walks over to the till as Ian turns back to everyone else)

Ian: Any requests?

Chloe: Something with a good beat.

Emily: Something you can dance to.

(Micheal walks back over and passes Ian the keys)

Angela: I think Ben should name the first song.

(Everyone turns to face Ben)

Chloe: Yeah, which song would you like, Ben?

Ian: Just name it and I'll see if we have it.

(Ben looks at Ian)

Ben: Do you have any songs from Shania Twain?

Ian: Of course, which one would you like?

Ben: That doesn't impress me much!

Ian: O.K, that one it is.

(Ian walks over to the jukebox)

Angela: Great choice.

Emily: Yes, I love this song.

(The music starts up and Ian walks back over)

Chloe: Come on Ben; let's show this lot how good you are at dancing.

(Ben turns to face Chloe)

Ben: I'm right behind you.

(They both head onto the dance floor)

Martin: Can I have this dance, Angela?

(Angela turns to face Martin)

Angela: Sure.

Micheal: Sorry, to spoil your fun. There are a few glasses to be collected, first.

(Angela glares at Micheal then turns back to Martin)

Angela: Sorry, work must come first.

Martin: I'll be here, waiting for you.

(Micheal passes Angela the glass collect and she walked away)

Emily: Well, Ian... Are you going to ask me?

(Ian looks at Emily)

Ian: Ask you, what?

(Emily looks over at Chloe and Ben and then back to Ian)

Ian: Oh I see. You would like to dance?

Emily: Yes, I would.

Ian: Come on, then.

(Ian holds his hand out for Emily and then walked her onto the dance floor)

End of Scene Four