A Short Break

To my friends and to my life.

Tess is sitting in front of the fireplace. It is a chilly, frozen and dark night. She looks out of the french-style window, the view outside is white although it's in the middle of the night. There are few cars are on the road and no one is walking on the street, the trees swaying gently in the breeze. This suggests an early cold winter, and an early cold winter it is. The television is switched on, there's a report on the news about Remembrance Day. It remains Tess of the last winter, at that time, she watched TV every night with her grandparents. Sometimes it was sports, sometimes a variety show. Those days consisted of happy and warm memories. She wants to go back to last year, but she knows she can't. Definitely nobody can.

"C'mere Tess, come to join us," says Marry, she breaks the silence.

"I just wanna sit here. I haven't lived in such a house for a long time," Tess shakes her head and soon remains in silence again.

Marry, Kate and Rebecca are the owners of this house. It is a big house, it's slightly European. To be honest, when Tess enters into the house, she finds it is similar as her house in her hometown; hence she feels welcomed. It's just like she is returning to her own house. Although, Tess's life in university is good, to live in a different place for one day might just be a good way for her to get off campus.

Today is November 11th, now it is 11:00 p.m. There is only one hour left until day will be over. The twelfth of every month is a big day for Tess, maybe nobody else knows why, only she does. The sound of the clock continues to tick 'Tick, tock…tick, tock.'

Last month, on October 12th, it was Tess's second transition after she came to this unfamiliar country. She was happy and excited during the first month. New people, new friends, new classes, generally it was a new world. She thought she had an adventurous spirit to handle everything. Her spirit burned brightly during the first month. Now, she doesn't even know why she could face everything bravely during that first month. However, during the beginning of the second month, her studies, her life didn't go as well as she expected. She couldn't tell her friends because they couldn't understand her. She couldn't tell her parents because she didn't want them to worry. This situation was just like hell to her, nobody could understand her, nobody could support her, and nobody was there to listen to her. Study went from bad to worse. Homesickness took over most all her life. Going to school every day and then coming back was her usual day. Yes, it was dull! She knew she should release her stress, release it. Release it! Luckily until that day, she would never forget it. A meaningful night with Elsa, Henry and Eric, when she told Elsa about what happened lately, she cried loudly, releasing all the stress she had bottled up inside her. Elsa hugged Tess closely to her breast. Elsa told her,"The day before we move out, you will have already gotten to know others, you will have more friends, that doesn't consist of us, you will get used to it, but we will always be your sides." Tess cried louder, but this time because she was moved. She could hear her tears stutter between her words.

Then Henry told her, "When you feel sad you can go to Elsa anytime."

Also, Tess was moved by Eric. Although he didn't say as much as Elsa and Henry, however when he stood there he was like an inspiration to Tess. Tess was greatly touched by what they told her. She knew she should be strong. She didn't know how to appreciate to them. Finally, she found a way to be happy and positive; this might be an ideal way to express her thanks.

Since that day, October 12th, she became a happy girl again, even though sometimes she was a little frustrated, she still showed her smiling face. She didn't want anyone to worry about her anymore, especially them! Also, she began to pray since that day. In fact, she wasn't much for praying, but she prayed that Elsa, Henry and Eric would be delighted every day. That day made her stronger; she was able to expresses herself and flee from her dull life. Maybe one day she will forget what they said to her, but she will never forget the feeling which they showed.

"It is 12o'clock now," says Kate,"Tess, you should go to bed, don't lie on the sofa, or you'll get cold."

Tess opens her eyes gradually, she won't go back tonight. She doesn't tell anyone why, she doesn't want anyone to know, but in fact she does. She wants someone figure out she is not there tonight and then text her…She does really love Elsa, Henry and Eric. Other friends have told her she felt homesick was because it was her first time coming to another place. Therefore, when someone cares about her, she feels like they are part of her family. But Tess doesn't believe so. When other people care about her she thinks they are really good friends. Hence, when Elsa, Henry and Eric talk to her she feels that they are more like a family member than a good friend! Sometimes she knows that she may be not important to them, but they are always in her heart.

Lately, she has been having a strange feeling; she doesn't know how to express it and doesn't want to talk to them about it, although she loves them! Finally, she wants to escape for one day, she wants to think about something by herself. Now, when she is lying on the sofa, she can only think of them, especially one. She hopes everything will be fine, Tomorrow is another day. She doesn't want to think too much.

It is snowing now. Snow, there is nothing but white outside, a pure and silent winter, noiseless as the heaviest snowfall at early dawn.