A/N This ones kind of strange, I have no idea where it came from. I must have been watching the siren episode of Supernatural or Charmed :P no picture yet. 2010, copyright Chantel Royal (Destiny)

Princess of the Sea

Do you hear the voices in the sea?

They call to me, they beg of me.

Please, please set us free.

We're trapped beneath the sea.

A siren raises her tail bright purple, blonde hair sparkling in the light.

Believe believe in the right to dreams.

Believe believe in me.

The sailor stares at the siren in fear, she's been heard of.

I with my skirts in hands wave her away.

Shoo shoo I say, you can't take my husband today.

The siren sings calling for them.

They jump the ship leaving me lonesome.

Come, come join us Leigha,

Princess of the sea.

Show us your tail, and swim with me.

Believe believe in the powers that be.