Love can be both wonderful and sad sometimes...

Flawed Diamonds

Time passes quickly and your life will eventually change

Like the fluttering heartbeat of a sparrow, love is fleeting

Passions are inspired or disillusioned, and you remember

His good natured smile and that momentous first meeting

No men could not compare, he's a diamond among stone

He may be flawed but he's perfect, such brilliant treasure

That you can't help but fall head over heels in infatuation

All the while feeling, dreading, time's persistent pressure

Reality forcing itself within your heart and mind, the end

Of any good fairytale, the one that is real. Just unrequited

So alas what is love, if just a fleeting dream? Now awake

Remember your first meeting before life was complicated

Cherish those sweet moments; they're all that will remain

When time passes you by, and when your love shall wane