December 25, 2002

May sat quietly behind her windows and stared aimlessly towards the dark blue skies.

It had been a long day at the Julliard's household. Earlier at dinner, her mom and her grandmother was fighting about something again, an event that always occur whenever her grandparents came to visit.

Suddenly, she heard some of the bells from the Christmas tree downstairs chiming. May couldn't stop herself from smiling, could it be the person she was waiting for the whole night? She checked her clock and it read 12:04, four minutes into Christmas.

May crept silently out of her room and down the stairs. She hid behind one of the couches and when she took a peek at whoever was making the rustling and the shuffling noise, she couldn't help but let out a small squeak. It was none other than Santa Claus himself!

Unfortunately, Santa heard her tiny slip up and turned to see a startled May hiding behind a couch.

"Hello little girl, aren't you supposed to be asleep by now?" Santa, who had almost the same voice as her dad, said.

May shook her head apologetically. "Sorry I couldn't give you cookies tonight Santa, you can take back you're gifts if you want to." She said instead. "Mommy didn't let me give you some cause she said you're not real."

Santa sat down the couch and gave a big sigh. May noticed that he wasn't as fat as the pictures said he looked, in fact, Santa looked kind of fit, again, she noted, just like her dad.

"I don't think the elves would like it if I take back the gifts to them, they've worked very hard just to make a perfect present for you." Santa said smiling. "Don't let what other say get you down May, you can believe whatever you want, everyone is entitled to their own world of make-believe." Then he stood up as if preparing to go. "Besides, I already had enough cookies for the night."

Santa patted May's head and told her to go back to sleep.

As May rested her head on her pillow, she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Their own world of make-believe.

Author's Note: I. HAVE. UPDATED.