I don't really like leaving notes and such with my writing, and I also think I'm not supposed to, but hey, that's okay. So I suppose it's time that I finally thank you guys. To everyone who left a review or favorited my story, you are awesome. I always appreciated the reviews and the favorites certainly made me feel better about my writing, not to mention that all of it made mine, and occasionally, my brothers' days. To everyone who stuck with it to the end, thanks a ton. 66 poems aren't exactly easy to follow, especially if it takes three months to deliver. So one more time, thank you!

And to all of you who wondered, none of what I wrote was from personal experience. I'm merely girl who has dealt with people with some mental issues and played it from there. Call me Julia if you like.

I got the twin idea from watching my older twin brothers interact and also from how I interact with them as their unofficial triplet.

Well I'll be taking a break now; that poem was emotionally draining, but I hope to write again soon.

Love you all,

Cordie D