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Now, for those who've read my profile, you'll know that I have planned to write a Trilogy of novels called The Mystique Rebels. If you haven't, check it out! It'll tell you the plotline of the first novel! Either way, I also mentioned on my profile that I would occasionally post a short story based on a few of the supporting characters. Well, THIS is the first one!

It is set in the world I created for the Mystique Rebels Trilogy, set two years before the first book. It is when Josie is still a part of the human resistance and was still the leader of Team Eight.

I also had a sudden craving to write about Saralene which was the main reason why this little plot bunny was born.

You should know these little tidbits about Mystique Rebels if your going to read this soooo... yah:

Powers - In the story, powers aren't only special abilities but the name of those was possess such abilities. Powers are what you call the mortals who have these talents

Kali - Kali is the Indian Goddess of War and the name of what you might call the Power Secret Service. Their best force working for the Commander

Kyle - Kyle is the fiance of Josephine Crescent.

Enjoy :-D


She hadn't noticed that he had entered the room.

Roy had slipped in silently, his eyes shifting to take in his surroundings. The room was dark and damp, the walls made from stacked stone. A single dingy light bulb was giving off a muted glow, causing shadows to constantly curl in the corners. Thick, solid bars separated Roy from the prisoner, each bar easily twice as large as his bicep. They were gleaming dully in the muted light, obviously new attributes to the ancient room.

If Roy hadn't studied the blueprints of the room beforehand, he would've thought the security seriously lacking to hold such an important prisoner. He wouldn't have noticed the five security cameras placed strategically around the room. He wouldn't have noticed the steady hum that meant the bars on her window were laced with electricity. He wouldn't have noticed anything.

But he did.

He leaned against the cool steal of the door, hearing the resounding click! as the guards locked him in. They didn't want to risk any chances of her escaping.

A flicker of surprise crossed his features as his eyes wandered to the prisoner. Despite her situation, she seemed completely at ease with her surroundings, confidence radiating from her nimble form. She was moving though the cell gracefully, her body twisting and turning in a way that Roy instantly recognized as Tai Chi.

The way she moved had an unearthly beauty to it, in such a way that Roy thought only she could've pulled it off. She was like a snake; every move she made was delivered with purpose and grace. Muscles coiled within her body like springs, just aching for a chance to be released. He could almost feel the power burning through her, the power that made her only that much more dangerous.

Thick, black hair ran down her back in waves, so dark it appeared to have streaks of purple. Wisps of hair framed a strong yet angular face, her skin olive toned. Her eyes were mysterious and smouldering, dark enough that they would've given midnight a run for its money.

He had read her profile, sifting through any records that might've helped him in his investigation. She lived up to her French and Vietnamese heritage, her beauty giving a face someone would naturally trust. For the first time, Roy believed that she was completely capable of what she had been rumoured to do. He could see her seducing a man, whispering sweet words in his ear until he told her what she wanted. Then he saw her placing a knife directly over his heart and killing him without a second glance.

Black lashes brushed her cheeks as she closed her eyes, sighing as she swayed to the side. Her clothes, thought tattered and streaked with blood, had been designed for freedom of movement. A skin tight, dark green shirt clung to her curves, stretchy black pants riding low on her hips. Her boots looked as if they had been moulded to her feet, flexing as she lifted her leg elegantly into the air.

The gorgeous youth looked barely older then eighteen, a playful innocence still retained in her features. Every move she made was with the ease and self confidence she had gained over the years. Her past wasn't a secret. In fact, her story up until she was fifteen years of age, was widely known.

She had been thirteen years old when the war began, travelling cross country for the chance to survive. No one viewed her as a threat at the time, the Kali to engaged with hunting down the more dangerous survivors of the nuclear blasts.

When she had finally been caught, the Kali made their first mistake. She was fourteen years old at the time, a frail beauty that looked hardly capable of surviving in the harsh environment of war. Instead of killing her, or even sending her to be used as a hard labour slave, they decided she was harmless enough to be sent to a human brothel.

For a year, she lived up to that decision, obediently doing what she was told without hesitation. Then, one night, she took one of the whips used in the shows, and killed nine men. She had put up a remarkable fight for a fifteen year old, almost succeeding in her escape attempt. Almost.

They caught her, binding her hands together and throwing her back into her room. They had sent in the order for her execution to be at dawn the following morning but, when they returned to her room, it was empty. When going through the security surveillance tapes, the Kali discovered that she had escaped with two young rebels from the human resistance.

Since then, they had sworn that no one would ever make the mistake of calling her harmless again, that her name would be synonymous with dangerous.

Saralene Beckett.

He smiled. Finally, after months of planning, he had caught her. The rest of the Kali hadn't believed him when he told them he achieved what no one before him had done. He, a twenty year old rookie Kali, had single-handedly caught the right hand woman of Josephine Crescent.

He stepped out of the shadows, crossing his arms. Saralene's eyes immediately snapped open, fixing him with the heat of her gaze. Her eyes were like smouldering coals and, for a moment, Roy couldn't help but stare at them. It was very brief moment, however.

"So you're Saralene Beckett," he observed dryly, "I have to admit, you put up a very impressive fight."

Her lips curled slightly, her body still gliding effortlessly through the exercises. "Being the Crescent's right hand star is a lifestyle that leaves little room for mistakes. But I have feeling you don't want to talk about that. What do you really want to talk about?"

Roy took another step forward, analysing her every move. "Why? Why did you do it?"

"Because I was ordered to," she said simply.

"Ordered by who?"

Her eyes flickered to his playfully, her hands pushing at the air. "Shadows."

"And did these shadows share their intentions with you?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

She paused momentarily in her Tai Chi. "I didn't ask."

She winked.

Roy frowned, his muscles tensing as he took another step forward, watching as she resumed her exercises. "Then explain the theatrics. Why go to the trouble of blowing up the fort once you obtained the information?"

Smoothly, confidently, Saralene lowered her hands, clasping them together to form the shape of a gun. She pointed it at him. "Two birds," she breathed, a dangerous tone lacing her words, "One. Stone."

She smirked and, dropping her hands to her sides, sauntered up to the bars. "Say," she said, returning to her easy demeanour, "I haven't seen you before. Usually I remember those who try to kill me."

Roy resisted the urge to snort. "That's because you usually kill them all."

She smiled widely. "Fair point. You have a name, hotshot?"

He smirked boldly, stepping to the bars until he was directly in front of her. "West. Agent Roy West," he told her.

This close to her, he could the emotions that swirled in her eyes, feel the heat that emitted from her body.

She gripped the bars on either side of her. "Roy West." She dragged his name out as if to taste it on her tongue, "You're the one that captured me. Congratulations on that by the way. I've never been caught by a single man."

He leant back, smirking. "I don't need help from the other men. They're not in my league."

Roy's eyes momentarily widened in surprise as, without warning, Saralene's hand grasped the material of his shirt, yanking him closer to the bars. His hands went to the bars on either side of her, to dazed to realise that her hand was still buried in his shirt.

"And you think you're in mine?" she murmured.

Almost unknowingly, Roy relaxed. He tilted his head to one side. "I'm the first to catch you without help, something no one has ever done before."

Slowly, Saralene trailed her hands up his chest, snaking her arms around his neck. She was pressed against him now through the bars, their heads only inches apart.

"As I said, hotshot," she whispered, "You're not in my league. Yet."

Roy raised an eyebrow, painstakingly aware of Saralene's hands as they wrapped their fingers around his hair, pushing him closer. Her eyes were like glowing embers, her mouth parting slightly.

In the back of his head, warning bells were going off in Roy's mind, yelling at him to regain his senses. But all sense had been abandoned when she pulled him closer.

He could feel her breath on his skin, a few strands of her pitch black hair tickling his face. An unreadable emotion flashed across Saralene's face. After a moment, Roy recognized it as regret.


Her hands released him, her body suddenly dropping to the ground. Roy blinked, glancing down at her. One leg was to the side, her arms clutching the bars fiercely as if she was bracing for something.

Roy took a step back. "Oh, no..."

He only barely had time to dive to the ground when the wall behind Saralene exploded.

Tremors shook through the room as heat blasted through the air, streaks of red and orange lighting up dreary cell. Through the noise, Roy could barely hear the glass of the light bulb shattering, scattering the glass across the room. A single, earth shattering boom! was, without a doubt, heard throughout the entire building, shaking the floor. Shards of stone were shooting through the air, a thick cloud of smoke billowing into the room.

A faint buzzing was in Roy's ears as the explosion died down. He was faintly aware of a shrill alarm piercing the air.

Regaining his senses, he scrambled to his feet, watching in open dread as the smoke cleared enough for him to see Saralene. She was standing now, facing the gaping hole that had once been the wall behind her. She was silhouetted against the dark night sky, stars littering the inky backdrop. He could just barely make out the multi-coloured lights of the next building, far below.

She opened her arms wide in an impatient expression. "Well it took you long enough," she announced playfully.

That's when she entered.

Two cables flew from above, zooming to a stop by the hole. A single figure stepped into the cell.

She was beautiful, in a badass sort of way. She was dress similarly to Saralene, a tight fitting cameo top and stretchy black pant clinging to her form. Slightly curled, dirty blonde hair was strung up into a high ponytail, highlighting her angular, almost elfin, facial structure. Her brilliant emerald eyes were scanning the room coldly, picking up every tiny detail. He noticed the almost hidden muscles that rippled through her body, giving Roy the feeling of a panther lying in waiting.

Power radiated from her, also like the other Saralene. Yet, where Saralene was all sly looks and flirtatious winks, the girl before him almost had a predatory feel to her, as if she wouldn't hesitate for a moment to kill. Unlike Saralene, the girl didn't only radiate power, her mere presence was enough for anyone to sprint in the opposite direction.

Roy knew exactly who this was, even without noticing the amethyst crescent that hung from a silver chain around her neck.

Josephine Crescent, the youngest of the Sisters of Prophecy.

Josephine sent a withering look towards Saralene. "No one expected you to get caught, Sara. We weren't prepared to stage a rescue mission and Sienna believed it wasn't safe for one anyway." Her eyes brushed over him, lingering for a split second before saying, "Either way, I'm here now. Let's go."

Without another word, Josephine turned on her heel and leapt onto cable, the momentum pushing it forwards. She pushed herself into the air, almost looking as if she was soaring though the heavens. She landed in a forwards roll on the roof of the next building.

Horror rose through Roy. They were roof-jumping. They were escaping.

A frustrated growl tore its way out of his mouth and he sprinted for the bars, gripping them just as Saralene turned around.

His hands fumbled for the keys in his back pocket, trying to ignore the desperation that was growing inside. Saralene smirked and, mockingly, blew a kiss.

"See ya, hotshot."

Roy slid the key in just as Saralene, copying Josephine, leapt from the cable, soaring effortlessly through the air before landing on the roof. He yelled, beating at the bars.

He wouldn't let her get away. He had been so close.

The cell door swung inwards, crashing into the wall. Wasting no time, Roy ran for the edge, placing a hand on the cable the two rebels had used. He could see them, leaping from roof to roof in the moonlight. In the distance, hidden by shadows, he could just see the outline of a helicopter.

He didn't hesitate.

He leapt off the edge, twisting himself over the gap of air. He dropped into a roll, landing safely on the roof. He grabbed a gun from his belt, forcing himself in a sprint. He began his pursuit, his eyes never leaving the two female figures in front of him as he leapt between buildings and offices.

He veered left, choosing to jump onto a higher rooftop. A plan was forming in his mind, erasing all other thoughts. Saralene was his goal.

He had spent too much time chasing her and was not about to let her get away because of a foolish mistake. And if Josephine Crescent came as part of the deal, then even better.

He was close enough to hear the steady whirr! of their helicopter, each beat of the blades sending pulses through air. The contraption was obviously military styled, hovering a few feet from a roof a hundred metres away.

He was directly above the two rebels now, his feet making no sound against the damp concrete. He strained his ears, attempting to hear their conversation.

"What happened?" Saralene was yelling.

Josephine glided over an alley way gap. "Sienna said your rescue was too dangerous and didn't approve of the mission. She doesn't know we're here."

Roy smirked. This couldn't have worked out better.

He sprinted over the roof top, almost carelessly aiming with his gun. It jolted in his hands as the bullets sped through the air.

The world seemed to slow. Josephine froze, her eyes finding him immediately. He watched as her mouth formed words he couldn't hear, her eyes moving frantically to Saralene. Roy kept running as Josephine pushed her friend over a particularly large gap, landing with an audible thunk! on the roof top with the helicopter.

He gritted his teeth. They had missed the bullets.

He dashed for the helicopter, willing for him to get to it before they got away. His vision began to tunnel, his breaths the only sound he could hear. Saralene was hastily clambering onto the helicopter, Josephine leaping in after her.

Crawling across Saralene and into the cockpit, Josephine yelled, "Kyle! Go! Go! Go!"

Roy's eyes widened in disbelief as the helicopter rose into the air, the blades creating pulses in the air.

"No!" he shouted.

He stopped by the edge of a roof, staring in dread of what had been his best chance at climbing the ranks. He could just barely see Saralene, leg dangling in the open air, waving at him mockingly, laughing.

He could still hear her laugh when the helicopter had long since disappeared.

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This will be expanded into a three shot, each one set at different times of their relationship.

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