Hello Fiction Press, this is my first story for this site. This is a spin-off of the series "Card Master" By Richard Omega hope you all like it. The basic rules are all the same as in "Card Master" with a few differences which you'll see in this chapter

Chapter 1: A Bully Put In His Place PT.1

In Zero City, a small city not far from Delta city and Skylab (these cities are property of Decode9 and Richard Omega respectively), Armor Dueling is very popular with it's citizens. The city can not afford to have large high-tech dueling facilities like the neighboring cities, instead it has duel fields set up in the local park and a semi small tournament hall that was previously a theatre that was remodeled to hold duels. Unique to Zero City there is the new form of summoning known as Meld Summoning.

On her way home from school on a bright and sunny day Yuki Ookami, a 13 year old girl with shoulder length black hair with a light blue transparent hair clip that is shaped like a shard of ice and light blue eyes wearing Zero high school's uniform which is a white blouse and whine skirt (sorry for the fail description of the uniform XD) she is carrying a backpack which holds her notebooks and deck holder along with her deck, is humming a song as she walks. Her ZD (Zero Duelist) rank is 67

A heavy set boy wearing the Zero high boys uniform, a pair of black dress pants and white dress shirt, and has red her and brown eyes, ZD rank 43, approaches her and says with a mean smirk, "hey Yuki heard you bro went to Skylab, guess he was sick of being a loser."

Yuki frowns and retorts, "he beat you every time you dueled him, Sam Muran."

Sam frowns and says, "he's just lucky. Either way you are still a sucky player, even a pre-schooler could beat you I bet" he says with a new smirk.

Getting mad she says, "Jay was helping me before he left! I bet I could beat you!"

"I wanna see that, lets go to the park and do this! I cant wait to see you cry when you lose!" Sam says with confidence overly evident in his voice

They head over to the park and stand at opposite ends of a concrete duel field that is at the center of the park. It is a basic duel field with benches for spectators on either side.

As they activate their deck holders (which are the same as in the original "Card Master) and draw their 6 cards, people that are at the park move to watch.

80 HB appear and Yuki says, "ladies first!" she draws and her 7 cards are: Blizzard Fairy, Icicle armor, Blizzard Pup, Ice Wall, Frozen Doorway, Sheer Cold, and Blade Of Frozen Steel.

"My first move will be to summon Blizzard Pup in defense!" a Lv.1 white puppy with icicles on its fur with 700 ATK and DEF appears. "I then set two counters and end my move"

Sam can't help but laugh and tells her, "thanks for telling me what they are smartone!" Yuki face palms realizing her mistake. He draws and his 7 cards are: Jumper Knight, Jumper Guard, Jump evasion, Super Bounce House, Jumper Catapult, Bouncer, and Melding Force. He smirks.

"first I'll activate the spell Melding Force to…" his card fizzles and goes face down "what just happened?"

On Yuki's field is a counter card showing a card frozen in a pile of snow she explains, "I activated my permanent counter card Sheer Cold which activates when you use a spell or counter, it is negated and set and can't be used while this card remains on the field"

Sam frowns and replies, "nice try but you only delay your defeat. I summon Jumper Guard in defense" a Lv. 2 man jumping on spring boots holding a shield with 200 ATK and 2200 DEF appears. " I set two cards and end"

Yuki draws and it is Blizzard fiend. "I summon Blizzard Fairy in Attack" a Lv.2 fairy with wings made of frost with 1200 ATK and 900 DEF appears. "when she is summoned I can summon up to two more from my deck and I choose one" another Blizzard Fairy appears. "now they each gain 500ATK points for each Blizzard Fairy I control including themselves!" Both fairies go to 2200 ATK.

"Now I tribute my Blizzard Pup to use its effect to make your monster lose 500 ATK and DEF" Jumper Guard goes to 0 ATK and 1700 DEF. "Blizzard Fairy attack his Guard Chilling Pixie Dust!" Blizzard Fairy throws a flurry of snow at the guard and it dodges.

Sam, revealing his counter card that shows Jumper Guard bouncing over an attacker, explains, "my Jump Evasion activates when you attack a "Jumper" monster, it prevents my monster from being destroyed but I take damage equal to half your monsters ATK and it ends your battle step.) his HB drops to 68. Yuki says "I end my turn"

Sam draws Jumper Armor. "now time to show you how bad you are!"

Yuki has a small but what does Sam have planned for his turn? Does Yuki have a plan as well? You'll have to wait to see next time: A Bully Put In His Place PT.2

I do not own card master and have permission from Richard omega to write this spin-off . Sorry if it's a little short, like I said this is my first story. Please support Richard Omega, Decode9, and Van Quatra. Let me know what you think.

Fierce Ookami howling out, see ya!