Chapter 2: A Bully Put In His Place PT.2

From where we left off Yuki has 2 Blizzard Fairies both with 2200 ATK and 900 DEF, a face down card, the permanent counter card Sheer Cold and has Blizzard Fiend, Icicle Armor, Frozen Doorway, and Blade Of Frozen Steel in hand.

And her opponent Sam has two face downs one of which is unusable by Sheer Cold, Jumper Guard in defense with 0 ATK and 1700 DEF and after drawing for his turn has Jumper Armor, Jumper Knight, Super Bounce House, and Jumper Catapult in hand.

"I play my field spell Super bounce House! It gives all "Jumper" monsters 500 ATK " around them appears a large red building that looks like a bounce house, only much bigger. "I then summon Jumper Knight" a LV.2 man holding a long sword with springs on his feet with 1900 ATK and 1500 DEF.

"I now activate another of my field spell's effects, when I successfully normal summon a "Jumper" monster I can special summon another monster from my hand and I choose Jumper Armor." a Lv.1 armor with springs appears with 250 ATK and DEF. "I now unite my Jumper Armor with Jumper Knight and Guard to Triple Synthesis Summon my Jumper Max Armor!" a Lv.5 grey armor with springs on the feet and a spring loaded blade on the wrist with 4500 ATK and 4000 DEF appears and attaches to Sam its ATK increases to 5000.

With a smirk Sam says, "ready? because thanks to this armor your turns are limited"

"No matter what it does I won't lose to a bully like you!" she says angrily.

"well, I may be a bully it's the only way I'll get respect from the other students at school."

"Jay was liked by everyone and he hasn't been mean since his first week at school. He says that a bully is not respected but feared."

Sam rolls his eyes and replies, "it's the same thing. Anyway, my armor can attack twice every turn, so first I attack one of your Fairies. Spring Blade Thrust!" the wrist blade launches at a Fairy and is blocked by a wall of ice.

Yuki revealing her counter card says, "I use my counter card Ice Wall, it negates your attack and cuts your attack in half."

"I'm still strong enough to destroy one of your monsters and I can attack again!" He launches the blade again and pierces a Fairy and destroys it reducing Yuki's HB to the remaining Blizzard Fairy goes to 1700.

Sam swings the blade after it striking the Fairy so it destroys Sheer cold. "once per turn if I destroy a monster with this armor, I can destroy a spell or counter you control an you take 5 HB." Yuki's HB drops to 72

"And I end my turn." His armor vanishes and the materials return to his hand "And I activate my flash spell bouncer which activates when a Jumper monster leaves the field it sends a monster you control to your hand" his armor vanishes and the materials return to his hand, and Blizzard Fairy returns to Yuki's hand.

Yuki draws and gets Melding force "this is the end Sam."

Sam laughs and replies "yea right I still have 68 HB left!"

"well watch. I activate the Melding force spell to meld together my Blizzard Fiend and Fairy to Meld summon Blizzard Ying Yang Knight" Blizzard Fairy and a Lv.3 fiend with icicle horns and claws and bat wings made of frost combine and a Lv.5 woman in a white dress and light armor with a lance and one angel wing and one bat wing both made of frost and a ying yang symbol on her chest with 3000 ATK and 2700 DEF.

Sam says, "that's not enough to end this!"

Yuki sweat drops and says, "will you let me finish my turn?"

"Now I use my monsters ability, when it is meld summoned I can special summon a Blizzard monster from my deck and I choose Blizzard Ninja and his effect activates when he is special summoned, you take 8 damage" a Lv.1 ninja holding a ninjato made of ice with 1500 ATK and 100 DEF appears and throws ice shuriken at Sam putting his HB at 60.

"Now I summon Icicle armor" a Lv1 armor made of ice with 0ATK and 100DEF appears "and I unite it with Blizzard Ninja to Synthesis Summon my Blizzard Ninja strike Armor!" a Lv.4armor that looks like its made of ice holding twin icy katana with 2400 ATK and DEF.

"I activate one of my armor's effects when it is Synthesis Summoned the top 3 cards of your deck are sent to the discard pile and I draw a card" he loses the top three and she draws cryo-freeze. "And my Ying Yang's second effect is it gains 200 for each of my other blizzard monsters." Ying Yang goes to 3200

Sam smirks "sorry Yuki but your monsters aren't strong enough to end me. I'll still have 4 HB."

"yea you're right that's why I play my equip card Blade Of Frozen Steel and equip it to myself" she says with a smirk. "it gives me an additional 600 ATK" the Katana vanish and a sword with the blade layered with ice and her ATK rises to 3000

Sam gulps and says' "uh-oh"

"Ying Yang go, direct attack, Frozen Wrath!" Ying Yang charges and slams her Lance into Sam dropping his HB to 28 "and now the end. Ice Wave Slash!" Yuki swings her sword sending a wave of freezing air at him causing his HB to hit 0.

Sam drops his head in defeat.

Yuki walks up to him and tells him., "fear is no where near respect. And despite the way you act, I had fun dueling you. Your pretty good" she smiles.

Sam smirks, "you weren't too bad either, guess Jay has some skills if he taught you to play like that. See you around school." with that he walks away.

As Yuki is putting her deck holder away a girl comes up behind her and happily says, "Yuki, you were great. You really taught him a lesson."

Yuki stands and turns and replies, "thanks Kira. if I hadn't won that turn he coulda melded on his turn and probably woulda beat me."

Kira Whinry is one of Yuki's best friends. She has brown hair that goes down to her lower back, and light brown eyes. She is wearing the same uniform as Yuki. Her ZD rank 21.

Kira says, "you think he'll change at all now?"

Yuki replies, "who knows? But if he does I hope its for the better." she says as she puts her back pack on.

"Have you seen the posters being put up lately, Yuki?" the long haired girl asks.

Yuki thinks a minute, "I don't think so. Wanna come over?"

"Sure. They've been putting up posters announcing that Taro Yoshima

is coming for a tournament!

"Really? He is?" she says and starts walking.

Kira walks with Yuki and replies, "yea it will be awesome!"

"uh who is he again? Yuki asks.

The long haired girl falls back and stands up, then says, "he's the Zero Prime! ZD rank 00! You know Zero City's champ!"

Yuki laughs and says, "oh yea we learned about him in school right?"

"Yea we did." Kira replies.

"I was distracted, I was getting ready for a duel after school that day!" Yuki says walking down the street she lives on with Kira.

Kira laughs and reminds her, "yea a duel that you ended up losing"

"Its not my fault, he was older and it was before Jay started helping me." the black haired girl said with a frown.

"you know age does not matter in dueling, I've beat one of our teachers before." Kira replied.

As Yuki walks up to her door they hear a voice say, "Hey Kira lets duel! Same conditions as always!"

"Cedrick your not gonna win, you never win." Kira replies after turning to see him.

Cedrick Ayasegawa is in the same class as Yuki and Kira. He has scruffy red hair and very light green eyes. He is wearing baggy camouflage cargo pants and a green shirt with black stripes and his green and brown deck holder.

Cederick points at her and says, "hey, I'm determined I won't quit 'til I succeed!"

Yuki just stands there watching not sure what's going on.

Kira tells Yuki, "don't worry you and the readers will both be filled in through this duel" (yup had to do it, the fourth wall must break!)

Yuki blinks in confusion and asks' "readers?"

Kira activates her pink deck holder with red hearts, laughs and replies, "don't worry about it. this should be quick."

Cedrick activates his holder and says, "today is the day that I finally win and get my prize!"

"I told you already you won't win. But I keep my word, so if you do by some miracle win ill keep my end of the deal." and they stand on the side walk facing each other with space between them.

"Duel!" they both say and 80 HB appears and they both draw their 6 cards.

Cedrick bows and says, "you can kick things off."

"Ok I will" Kira draws and her 7 cards are: cutey pie, cutey monkey, cutey maid, heart shield, sword of hearts, and cute stare.

"first I summon Cutey Pie in defense!" a Lv.1 pie with big eyes and a big smile in a silver pie pan with arms and legs with 500 ATK and DEF. "and I use its effect which lets me summon another cutey monster, and I choose Cutey Monkey in attack" a Lv.2 monkey with a bow on its ear and tail and holding a banana and with 1200 ATK and 500 DEF.

"My Monkey gets 300 for all my other cutey monsters" Kira says and her monkey goes to 1800. "I place a face down and you can go."

"oh how I love your cutey monsters." he says as he draws. His 7 cards are: Supersoldier Blader, Supersoldier Explosiveman, Supersoldier Bomber, Blast Grenade, Take Cover!,

Trap The Enemy, and Advanced Battle Suit.

"I start by summoning my Supersoldier Explosiveman." A Lv.2 man in armor with explosives on him with 1800ATK and 1200 DEF. "and he attacks Cutey Pie! Bomb Launch!" Cutey pie is destroyed and Explosiveman has hearts in his eyes and moves to Kira's side of the field.

"you know I thought you would know my Cutey monster's effects by now. When its destroyed by battle I take control of the attacking monster" Kira says with a cute smirk.

"oooooooooooooooooooh I LOVE that smirk! I. MUST. WIN." Cedrick says excitedly. (I think you all should get the condition by now XD)

"Thanks to Explosiveman's ability at the end of a turn it destroys a monster it destroys all monsters on its controller's side of the field and deals 5 HB damage to its controller for every monster the was destroyed by his effect. I play to face downs and so I end!"

Explosiveman blows up destroying Cutey Monkey and reducing Kira's HB to 70.

What is the condition Kira and Cedrick are playing for? Can the Cuties beat the Supersoldiers? How destructive can these Supersoldiers be? Find out next time on Card Master: ZERO!: Dueling Decision!

Well there you have it Chapter 2. It was tough but I was able to make this longer than the last. I now have an opening and ending themes thanks to Decode9 Opening is Zero and the ending is Thought, you can find them in Decode9's "Card master Themes" I plan on having the Zero Prime in the story in a couple chapters and he'll come in when he does XD. Well thanks for reading, I proofread but if I missed something be sure to let me know.

Fierce Ookami howling Out, see ya!