Chapter 6: The Festival Video

Yuki walks into her house returning from her walk. She walks up the stairs into her room and decides to put on a DVD of the previous year's festival tournament.

Every year the Zero City Festival is held. There is tons of food and fun, and a dueling tournament. It is a 3 day festival.

Yuki sits on her bed to watch a DVD on her T.V.

On the screen is a boy of about 15. He has black hair and blue eyes; he is wearing black pants and a white shirt with a wolf head on it and a grey deck holder on his arm.

He is standing on one end of a duel field and across from him is another boy around his age.

Above the scene is a banner that reads "Annual Zero City Festival".

The other boy has blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is wearing jeans and a black shirt, and he has a basic Deck Holder on his arm.

They are in the park and nearby is a stage, where the Mayor stands with a microphone. He is a relatively tall man around 46 years old. He is bald and is wearing a black suit and tie.

"Welcome everyone to the final day of this year's festival and the tournament final!" the Mayor calls out. "This final duel is between Jay Ookami and Gen Ryuuga! Now if both competitors are ready let's get started!"

"Time to start the hunt! You seem like you will be fun prey!" Jay says excitedly, activating his Deck Holder.

"Hunt? Prey? Whatever, I just hope you last longer than the others." Gen says coolly, activating his Deck Holder.

"DUEL!" they both call as they draw their cards and 80 HB appear.

"I'm starting this!" Jay says drawing and in his hand is: Fierce Wolf-Beta, Howl Of the Alpha, Hunting Party, Ancient Wolf, Rapid wolf, Protect The Pack, Pack Emblem.

"First, I will summon Rapid Wolf in attack, and set 3 cards." He says as a Lv. White wolf with 1000 ATK and DEF appears, howling, and 3 cards are set. "I end." He says with a wild smirk.

"A good opening move by Jay!" the mayor calls out, acting as the announcer.

"Wow that sucked." Gen says drawing his seventh card and has in his hand: Dimension Reaper, Dimension Gap, Otherworld Knight, spacial disturbance, Drop and Replace, Sword Of Dimensions, and Melding Force.

"First I activate my permanent spell Dimension Gap." He says playing a card that show a hole in a blue sky. "while it's on the field all cards sent to the Discard pile are removed from the game instead. Now I place 2 facedown and…" he says when Jay interrupts.

"I activate my flash spell Hunting Party, I activate this if I have a member of my pack on the field, it lets me look at your hand, select one card and send it to the discard pile."

Gen shows Jay his hand. "I choose Drop And Replace! And because of your spell it's removed from the game instead." Jay says and Drop And Replace is Removed from the game.

Gen rolls his eyes and says, "amateur move at best. I summon Otherworld knight in attack. He gains 400 for all cards I have removed from the game." A Lv. 2 Knight in strange looking armor with a weird looking sword with saw like teeth along the blade with 1600 ATK and 400 DEF and increases to 2000 ATK.

"Jay got rid of one of Gen's cards but it ended up being negative for him!" the Mayor says with energy.

"Like I said amateur. Now my Knight attacks Rapid wolf!" Otherworld Knight charges Rapid wolf, but in a flash of fur a Lv. 4 large wolf on 2 legs with blue fur and a buster sword with 2400 ATK and 1100 DEF appears and stops the attack and Jay has a counter card that's shows a wolf protecting a group of wolves from an attacker.

"I activated my Protect The Pack counter card. This is activated when you attack a 'Wolf' monster, I pay 5 HB the attack is negated and I special summon a Wolf monster from my deck and its effect is negated until the end of my next turn, so I chose Fierce Wolf-Alpha! A pack must stick together." Jay explains smirking and his HB is at 75.

"oooooh what an excellent counter move Jay has executed." The Mayor says overly excited.

"I'm not impressed." Gen says dully. "I end."

"You're depressing." Jay says drawing Terror Wolf.

"I summon terror wolf!" Jay said as a level 2 Purple Wolf with its hair spiked up and a vicious face and red eyes with 1500 ATK and 1000 DEF appears growling. "I then equip Terror wolf with Pack Emblem, which boosts him up 200 points for all 'wolf' monsters on my field and in my discard pile." terror Wolf increases to 1900 ATK

"Let's show him your strength brothers. I use Rapid's effect; by revealing a one of my wolves in my hand he can attack you directly! So I reveal Ancient Wolf and he attacks you directly, Rapid Spin Bite!" Rapid spins passed otherworld knight into and into Gen reducing his HB to 70.

"weak." Gen comments unbothered by the attack.

"oh yea? Alpha show him what you got, Fierce Assault!" As Alpha goes to attack he vanishes. "WHAT!" he says angrily and confused.

"I used my counter card spacial disturbance. When you attack the attacking monster is removed from the game for the turn." Gen says nonchalantly showing a card with a picture of someone fading. "the attack was predictable."

"You are bugging me. Terror Wolf attack his monster, Terror Crush!" Jay calls out and Terror attacks with a terrifying slash and Gen's Knight drops to 1500 before the attack hits. Knight is destroyed and Gen' HB drops to 66.

"what just happen?" the Mayor asks as Gen just stands there not caring in the least.

"When Terror wolf attacks a monster the target's ATK drops by 500." Jay explains

"ah that makes sense." The Mayor says.

"I'll end with that." Jay says motioning to his opponent to takes his turn and Alpha returns.

Gen draws a card showing a mage holding 2 mage staffs.

"Finally, I've got my ace combination. I activate Melding Force to combine Dimension Reaper

And Dimension Mage to form Dimension Ruler!" the mage and a Reaper with a 3 bladed scythe combine and a Lv. 6 demon like man in silver armor with blue flames on his shoulders with 4600 ATK and DEF appears.

"first when my Reaper is removed from the Game I remove up to 4 cards from my deck." Gen removes Cursed Dimension, Otherworld Taskmaster, Dimension Grenade, and Gift from Another Dimension. "when my ruler is Meld summoned you take 5 points of damage for every card removed from the game. And that's 12 so you lose 60. You also draw 2 cards" Jay growls as his HB drops to 15.

He draws Melding Force and Fetch

"He can't attack yet so take your last turn." Gen says finally not being so dull and boring.

"Jay is in a tight spot now. What will he do next?" the Mayor announces.

"My pack doesn't let me down as long as I believe in them. Draw!" He Draws Power Of The Pack He thinks if this works we win. My trust is with you brothers.

"I activate my Alpha's effect, by discarding a card I can summon my Fierce Wolf-Beta, so I discard melding force and my Fierce Wolf-Beta comes out!" Melding Force goes and a Lv.3 wolf on 2 legs with black fur holding a battle axe with 2000 ATK and 1100 DEF.

"I activate my equipment spell Power Of The Pack, I equip it to a wolf monster I control and all my other wolf monsters are then tributed and the equipped monster gains the total attack, but at the end of this turn the equip spell is destroyed and I take half the total ATK as damage. So I equip it to Rapid Wolf!" Alpha, Beta, and Terror go into Rapid giving it their power, its ATK rises to 7300. (I think the math is right I could be wrong though.)

"Now I reveal Ancient Wolf, so Rapid Wolf attacks directly. Unified Rapid Spin Bite!" Jay calls out and Rapid spins at Gen faster than before. It slams into him dropping his HB to 0.

The Mayor calls out, "it's ooooveeeer! This year's winner, Jay Ookami! That was a huuuuuuuuge turn around!" the spectators cheer as Jay walks over to Gen.

Jay puts out his hand and says, "Good game. I was worried there at the end."

Gen shakes his hand and replies, "you are better than I thought." He then walks away.

The Video then shows a year younger Yuki walks up to him and hugs him and says, "good job Jay!"

Jay hugs her back, "it wasn't easy but I couldn't let my little sis see me lose now could I?"

Yuki laughs at him.

And that's the end of the Video.

Yuki walks over and takes the disc out of the player. She says to herself, "I remember how worried I was for him that day. He was so close to losing good thing he drew that spell."

She opens a box and pulls out 6 cards. They are 3 Meld Monsters, 2 Melding Force spells, and 1 special Synthesis Armor

"I still don't know why he left these here when he went to Skylab…" she says looking at them thinking back to the day Jay left for Skylab.

It was a sunny day when Yuki and Jay stood outside their home.

"Here Yuki hold these for me I don't need to bring them with." Jay said with a smile handing Yuki the 6 cards.

Yuki looked at them and asked, "Why are you leaving these though?"

"I think its best I don't bring them with me, besides I know you will take care of them" He says picking up a bag from the ground. "I gotta go before I miss the train to Skylab. Bye Yuki."

"Bye Jay." She says

Jay hugs Yuki and walks off.

Back in the present Yuki places the cards back in the box, and sits on her bed.

There's Chapter 6 hope you liked it. The reason I'm not doing the normal wrap up that I do with the next Chapter's title and all is because I don't have it yet. That's all I got for you just one quick disclaimer. Richard Omega owns Skylab.

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