You'll find it started like any other day. I woke up and went to school. The only difference was the cough I must have picked up due to the season. It was annoying, yes, but nothing I couldn't get through. Or so I thought.

The day was moving steadily, happily even. Though that cough was getting worse. Coughs would come and wrack my entire body. Rough, scratchy coughs hurt my throat. Still, it was normal for the time of year I told myself. Soon fourth period came.

I was coughing nonstop by this point. I couldn't stop for the life of me. How true that statement is. I coughed, and it felt as if part of my throat was ripped out by some bloodthirsty animal. The next fit of coughing was truly terrifying to me.

Tiny droplets of blood came from my mouth, spilling onto my pure white paper, staining it a dark crimson. The puddle grew larger and darker. Black spots started to gather before my eyes. My last conscious thought was how much the blood resembled a red rose, thorns sharpened to a point on the stem. Beautiful, but deadly, like the liquid that formed it.

I know no more, as that's when I died.