I sigh happily to myself as the train slows to a stop, making that horrible screeching noise. I am very happy to be getting home to Alesium, and my mom of course. It has been almost a year since Alesium and I started dating, we are very close to graduating. Six more months and we get those diplomas. I'm sure you are wondering why I was even gone. I was college hunting, I invited Alesium along but he seems to think that he is not going to college, but he is going to follow me where ever I go. A bit like a lost puppy I think, but god knows I love him.

Shaking away my thoughts, I stand up, grabbing my bags, to exit the train. As I clumsily walk down the aisle, my bags thumping against the seats on my right, I glance out the window to see Alesium. He is standing there, talking to my mom while she watches the door of the train, waiting for me to step out I assume. I smile to myself as I step off of the train onto the platform. My mother of course, like any mother, is making her way over to me to fuss about how she missed me so much and how my trip was, Alesium by her side with a grin a mile long.

'Oh Anthony how was your trip sweetie?" she fussed, trying to take my bags from me. See what did I tell you? 'Alesium and I missed you oh so much."

'Are you kidding me she wouldn't shut up about how the house was so empty without you, she had me stay over.' Alesium said with a grin before kissing me on the cheek and taking one of my heavier bags.

'I was only gone a week you guys,' I chuckled. Those two just crack me up anymore. And I just can't wait to get home and snuggle up with Alesium and watch a movie.

'Why don't we get going now? Maybe we can watch a movie when we get home?' Alesium suggests. I swear it's like he can read my mind.

It's late and Alesium is snoozing next to me on the couch, his arm rested lazily around my side, and the funny thing is, we aren't even all the way through the movie. I smirk at the sound of his snoring. It isn't even snoring really, it sounds like a kitten purring. Maybe I should wake him up, even though he is really adorable when he is sleeping. I shift slightly and angle myself to place soft fairy kisses up his neck to his mouth. I feel his lips lift into a smile around my own.

'You awake now?' I say, as I am pulling back from the kiss, with a grin on my face.

'Not if you don't stop doing that,' he retorts playfully with a mischievous grin on his face, leaning in to steal another kiss. I gladly oblige, pushing his back against the couch and straddling his lap. I let out a small moan as he breaks the kiss to nip at my neck.

'A-Alesium,' I moan out, as the thought that my mother is just in the other room crosses my mind.

'Mm?' he says between nips. God I wish we didn't have to stop.

'My mother,' I gasp out as he sucks on my collar bone, 'she is in the next room.'

He lets out a sigh and stops assaulting my neck, but still not moving me from my spot on his lap. He looks quite ravaged right now, I wonder what he would look like after some hot and steamy sex. His lips are slightly puffy from kissing and his hair is slightly messed, more than likely from me. I can't help but smile and lean in to kiss him quickly.

'Hey! That isn't fair you know, I don't get to kiss you more but you get to kiss me?' he fake complains. I know very well that he doesn't mind it. I just smile and situate myself in his lap so that I can finish watching my movie. We sit like this for a few minutes and my eyelids start to get heavy, causing me to drift off into a well needed sleep. A week apart from Alesium does not help me sleep very well.

I wake up, surprised that I am in my own bed. I turn onto my side and see that I am of course not alone. Alesium is there, his small cat purr of a snore filling the air, clad in only boxers. He is so adorable right now that I could kiss him. So I do, I carefully straddle his sleeping form, careful not to put too much of my weight on him, and lean in, pressing my lips against his in a chaste kiss. He stirs slightly before opening his eyes and smiling at me on top of him.

'A man can't sleep without being kissed awake around here can he?" he teases before placing a soft kiss on my lips.

'I can't help it, you're just so adorable when you are sleeping, just ten times more kissable,' I tell him truthfully. He smiles, running his hands up my sides and under my shirt.

'I think you are damn near irresistible all the time,' he says before engaging us in a full on lip lock, his hands still roaming under my shirt. I moan slightly when he brushes his fingers across my nipple, causing my pajama pants to tent slightly in the front. I am sure Alesium notices this because he pushes my shirt up, implying for me to take it off. I gladly strip the garment, and pull at the hem of his shirt as well. Hr lifts up to allow me to take his shirt off. Once our chests are bare he goes straight to my collar bone, sucking and biting at it just enough to make me moan and cause my pants to tent even more. I push him back down against the bed and nip my way up his neck, making him too moan, before whispering lustfully in his ear.

'Alesium, I want you inside of me for the first time.' I pull back to look at his face. What I see makes me happy; his face is filled with lust, love, and concern.

'Are you one hundred percent sure?' he asks quietly, moving me off of him before moving on top of me. I nod my head. He smiles, though his face not changing from what I had seen there just moments ago. He kisses his way down my body to my pants line and just as he is about to pull them off, we hear banging on my door, making Alesium fall off of me and onto the floor.

'God fucking dammit,' he mutters, getting up from where he fell on the floor.

'Time to get up boys, its eleven thirty,' I hear my mother's voice from the other side of the door before hearing her footsteps retreat. Alesium sighs and grabs a new pair of clothes from his gym bag in the corner before making his way to the bathroom. The way I'm going, I'm going to end up a virgin forever.