My latest poem - though a bit different to my usual style - and I have only just realised that my paragraph breaks aren't in some of my poems despite me putting them there and saving them, even when I change the HTML it still changes back! Very frustrating! So anyway, you're going to have to imagine it with a paragraph break after each full stop. Also if there's anyone who has the answer to my predicament I would be very grateful if you could let me know! Thanks and enjoy - Velvet Vixen x

This is the end,

Did you have fun?

Pain will rend,

Your blood will run.

This is the end,

How do you feel?

As you descend,

Your mind will reel.

This is the end,

You ready to go?

Do not pretend,

Your sins all show.

This is the end,

The time has come,

You will die now,

For all you have done.