I was on my way to first period when someone ran into me. Papers were sent falling everywhere as I stumbled into a locker. I looked down at the petit body that I nearly mistaken for a girl into the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. The eyes were the colour of honey freckled with gold and green. The eyes were wide and innocent it made me just want to keep them like that.

The boy pulled away from me and I realized I was staring. The tan face that held the eyes made the green stand out more. "I'm so sorry." The boy shuttered out as he bent to pick up books that he had dropped.

I shook myself from my stupor as I bent to help him, "It's my fault. I wasn't paying any attention." I gathered some papers together, from the looks of them he was a new student. The boy had windswept light brown hair that went perfectly with his light skin tone. I stood up after gathering all his papers together. I held them out to him as he tried to stand while balancing all his papers and books.

He pulled the papers away from me adding it to his pile, "Thank you so much." He said with great gratitude before turning abruptly and going back the way he had came from. I stared after him for a second, when warm hands covered my eyes and a familiar body pressed close to mine.

"Guess who?" asked the soft voice of my girlfriend.

"Hmm…" I joked rubbing my chin like I was thinking hard, "Is it Mary?"

"What? No. Luke!" Amanda whined as she came to stand in front of me taking her hands of my eyes.

"Calm down Amanda. I knew it was you. How can I forget my baby's voice?" I asked rhetorically pulling Amanda close to me.

"With all those people after you I'm surprised you remember your own last name." Amanda said as I tried to hold back a sigh. My girlfriend was very wary of all my admirers- she hated them with a passion. It drove her made ever time that someone even looked at me. I had been dating Amanda for two years now and she still didn't trust me. But why would I like anyone else when I've got a blonde goddess for a girlfriend, which I had voiced to her often.

I leaned down to place a soft kiss on her cherry lip gloss cover lips. I pulled away to smile down at her, "You are the only girl for me, Manda. You know that." I said entwining my hands with hers.

"Yeah, but I like hearing you say it." Manda replied giggling bashfully. "Walk me to class?" She asked checking her watch before blinking up at me through her lashes.

"Of course," I smiled walking beside Manda as we made our way to her first period Science class. "So you busy to night?" I asked making small talk as Manda swung our hands back and forth.

"Yeah, I've got this family party thing that I can't miss. Some family is coming into town." Manda sighed running a hand through her hair, "So I'm stuck with a bunch of old farts."

I chuckled at how Manda avoided swearing. My girlfriend was like a pure angel. She never swore, barely yelled, had 100% in all her classes, and was the perfect picture of innocence and she was proud of it. She wouldn't even let us go further then kissing- with no tongue. There might have been reason behind her worrying, all the sex offers is going to wear a guy down at one point.

"K, we'll go out tomorrow. Are you going to join Mary and us for lunch?" I asked cautiously, know Manda was jealous of my best friend- who knew more about me then my little sister.

"Nah, I have cheerleading today." Manda said. I nodded deciding not to remind her how she could change the time as head cheerleader.

We stopped in front of her half full classroom as I glanced down her, "Mm, kay. I'll see you later?" I muttered placing a chaste kiss on her lips.

"Maybe, maybe not," She whispered on my lips before pulling away as someone called her name. I turned from her class shoving my hands in my pocket and walking away for the room. "Bye babe." I waved over my shoulder before turning the corner.

My bag bumped comfortably on my back as I pulled my iPod out. I clicked to one of my favourite songs, pulling my headphones on as I made my way to the library to find a new book to read. I had finished the three I borrowed a couple days ago.

I walked through the doors and was nearly tackled to the ground by a small blur. "Lukie!" I glanced down to see the blonde hair of Mary attached to my waist. I pulled my headphones off and turned my iPod off.

"Hello, Mary," I said a lot quieter as people glared over at me. I patted Mary's head making her back away from me.

"Don't touch my hair!" She hissed darkly patting her hair down before the bright smile returned to her face, "Come to the back room. I have someone I want you to meet." Mary said rocking on the heels of her feet in excitement.

"Kay, I'll be there in a sec. I got to return these books, and take out some that I need for a project." I replied taking my bag off my back to pull the books from my bag.

"You are such a book nerd." Mary exclaimed like it was a bad thing.

"Says the one working in a library," I rolled my eyes stepping closer to Mary.

Mary stared up at me in anger at a loss for words, "Know what…You suck." She said sticking her tongue out before skipping away from me. I chuckled at how childish she was before returning my books and going to look for the ones I needed for a class project.

After getting two books for school and another for pleasure I walked to the back of the library were only staff was aloud. I pulled my staff card from my bag and I swiped it before turning the handle. As I walked into the room I was able to drop my bag in time to catch Mary; who was going for a flying hug.

"Mary is turning evil!" I yelled at her as the door closed in the soundproof room. I was usually very quiet but sometimes I got lost in the moment and felt like a kid. I spun Mary around making her giggle and scream loudly.

"Put me down Luke. This is little people abuse! Luke!" After spinning a couple times I got dizzy and placed Mary down. I glanced down at her as she pouted up at me from her five foot height. "You fucking meanie!"

"Oh, you know you liked it." I said bending down to pick up my bag, "Maybe you need to see the tickle monster."

"Fuck off, Lukie!" Mary said as she slowly backed away from me, but with a smile on her face. I finally noticed the other people in the room as they came to stand in between Mary and I. Gabe was trying to look angry though it kept cracking into a smile. Jeremy wasn't even trying to look angry as he laughed.

"You can't even defend yourself, Blood Mary!" Jeremy said trying to calm himself down.

"You're such a bad boyfriend!" Mary cried hitting the back of Jeremy's head.

"Ow! Hey, no boyfriend abuse!" Jeremy said turning from me to chase his girlfriend around the room.

I turned to look at Gabe who was laughing at the two, "So glad Becca's got Math first period or she'd be attacking me too." Gabe said to me. I nodded at him my eyes landing at the figure sitting at the table watching the fight.

The gorgeous honey eyes were sparkling as he stifled his giggles with his hands. His brown hair fell messily in front of his face covering his eyes from me. I had to hold back the urge to brush the hair back. What was wrong with me?

Mary came to stand in front of me looking flushed and her lips were bruised. "Come meet Kendall Jackson. He's so sweet." Mary said taking my hand and dragging me to the empty spot beside gorgeous eyes-I meant Kendall. Kendall, the boy who didn't have amazing eyes and pretty pink, lips; that looked so kissable. I mentally shook my head and tried to focus on what Mary was saying.

"Yeah, I met Kendall when he was trying to find his way to his first class. But the office people must have forgotten to tell him what day it was. Poor Kenny here was so lost." Mary rambled waving her hands in big movements. I watched Kendall smile up at her as she sat on the table swinging her legs. I felt something burn in my chest at the look before I tuned back into what Mary was saying, "So anyway. Kendall, this is Luke or Lukie; as I call him." She told Kendall before looking at me, "And Lukie, this is Kendall; he prefers Ken though."

"Nice to meet you Luke, I've heard a lot about you." Ken said with a pleasant smile that made my heart clench painfully.

"Seriously, Mary wouldn't shut up about you. She thinks you and Ken would make a good couple." Jer said crawling onto the table to wrap Mary into his arms.

I felt my cheeks warm a bit as I looked at Mary instead of Ken, "What about the fact that I'm straight and have a girlfriend?"

"Those are just miner details. Beside Ken is so sweet and Amanda is a raving bitch." Mary said crossing her arms angrily.

"What are you talking about? Amanda is an angel." I replied in slight bafflement, though I was use to this fight.

Mary snorted in a very un-lady like way, "Lies, under it all she is a raving bitch. All blondes are."

"So are you saying you're a raving bitch?" Ken asked in his soft voice.

Mary smiled over at him, "You catch on quick. That is exactly what I am saying." Mary cooed as Ken blushed at having everyone's attention on him. "Aww, you're so cute and naïve. It's like you're a baby." Mary paused at that before smiling wildly. "That's your nickname; Baby. Because of your baby face and cause you are the youngest."

"Really, how old are you, Mary?" Ken asked looking confused.

"I'm seventeen for your information." Mary sniffed turning her head away from Ken. "So I beat you… you sixteen years older!" Mary yelled like it was an insult though it just made Ken laugh.

"So what we are the same height." Ken responded.

"Know what I have work to do and Gabe and Jer need to get to class. So we are leaving." Mary said forcing the other boys to leave before she stormed from the room slamming the door behind her.

Ken and I sat in silence before what we were talking about before came into my mind. "You know I think she did that on propose."

Ken thought my idea over for a minute before nodding, "Yep, I think you're right." He blushed suddenly and I nearly smiled at his virtue. "I am really sorry about running into you."

"Don't worry about it. It was the schools fault way to many corners." I said waving my hands. Ken giggled and I was struck by his beauty once again. Looking away from him I changed the subject, "So if your sixteen how'd you end up with a morning spare?" I asked glancing over at him.

"Well, because I was in some Advance classes at my old school so they put me into some grade 12 classes. So I might be in some of your classes."

"Lucky me," I told him a smile slowly spreading on my face.

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing." Ken responded with a smile as his cheeks turned red. I backed up a bit in surprise before leaning closer to him.

"Really, and what is it that makes you lucky?" I asked in a husky whisper, a lust filled haze falling over my mind.

Ken leaned forward in his seat and I was vaguely aware that I was flirting with him, "Mmm, just the fact that I get to look at you." Ken replied his minty breath invading my nose.

"Really?" I asked again, but not out of surprised, I just had nothing else to say. Ken's eyelids started to cover his gorgeous eyes and I was disappointed to see them go, but my eyes flickered to his lips. Moving my head closer to him we were a breath away, when the fucking bell rung. Ken jumped in surprise and my mind was lifted from its daze as I realized what I almost did.

I jumped up from my seat and grabbed my bag, thinking about getting far away from Ken. I moved to open the door when Ken called out to me.

"Luke! I don't know where my next class is…" I turned to see Ken biting his lips and gazing sadly at the floor.

I sighed mentally; I'd feel terrible if I left him here so I did the only thing that could be done. "Let me see your schedule. I'll help you find your next class." Ken looked up at me with his honey brown eyes the green sparkling in them again.

"Really?" He asked reminding me of what nearly happened as he stood gathering his stuff together.

"Yeah, come on though or we'll be late." I said ushering him through the door as I took his schedule. Trying not to think about what just happened.