Chapter 12

I was watching Kenny. He had somehow convinced Harvey, some maids and the chief to play tag with him. But it was tag hide-and-go-seek. Kenny was currently it and he was wondering through the large main room which was home free. I was on the steps watching him and I had been watching for the last couple of games- but Kenny was so into the games he didn't noticed. He thought I was still in the music room.

Kenny was the cutest thing in the world and I loved how childish he could be- it made me feel happy. His newly dyed purple hair was falling messily in front of his gorgeous green eyes and he had the cutest smile on his face that I made me forget everything but him. He turned and he's eyes landed on me and he's smile grew.

"Lukie! Come and play!" He screamed waving his hand franticly as he smiled at me.

"It's okay- as long as you don't let Harvey into home free!" I shouted back standing up to point out my butler who was trying to sneak past the distracted Kenny. Kenny whipped back around to see Harvey free before running into one of the many halls.

I smiled after them, their laughter echoing through the house. I wondered down the stairs to make sure I could keep an eye on my Kenny and to check the time. Stopping in front of the giant wood oak door I turned my back to it and gazed up at the clock that stood at the top of the stairs above the picture of my family.

My father stared down at me with his disapproving frown and my step-mother's dark eyes glared at me. Six year old Becca was smiling happily for getting a new doll and a seven year old me was off to the side pouting. My blues eyes were in a glare and I never forgot how Becca was always favoured. The grandfather clock above the picture struck three and let they were summoned the door flung open and I turned to see the devil walk in with the bitch he married in tow.

"Lucas Luther Lychester!" My father's voice boomed through the house and I winced away from it and him. My father was a tall man and though his hair was already a near white blond you could still see the white hair in it and in the beard he had. He's eyes were a dark almost sinful black and they always seemed to pierce through my soul when he stared at me.

The doorway that the faces of evil were standing in were being held open by their personal door people and looking past them I could see the limo driver struggling under the weight of just the bitch's shit.

"Look at your Father when he is talking to you!" My eyes snapped away from poor Stephen at the shrill noise that was Amelia. She is clinging to my father and I'm sure her talons have pierced skin.

I bow in a mocking way with a sweeping gesture, "So sorry Mistress Bitch." I mumble under my breath. But Amelia hears me.

"Luther, he's calling me that name again!" Amelia screeched and I wished my ears were bleeding just so I wouldn't have to hear her.

My father sighs- and I'm not sure if it's at me or Amelia, "Lucas, we've been over this childish nonsense before- it needs to stop."

I stand up straight and stare into my father's eyes, "You are completely right, Father." I watch as they both stare at me in shock. Amelia is no longer clinging to my father- but still looking like she wants to slap me. "You've married a five year old harlot bitch and I think it is completely childish that she plays dress up and tries to be my mom." I say a mischievous smirk on my face.

The confusion falls from Amelia's face first and she turns red in anger, "Luther!" She screeches complete with a childish foot stomp. My father has gone really quiet and I know he is piss. His face is growing red in anger and I wonder if that's how I look. My father takes a step towards me towering over me and I hold steady already knowing what's coming.

"Lukie, Harvey's it!" Kenny screams as he races into the room. I watch and I almost wish he had come in through any of the other five doors. But nope he came in through the one closest to the front door and before he can stop he runs into Amelia. Kenny yelps in surprise and he and Amelia go down. Amelia screeches and her talons grip Kenny's arms.

I watch as they go down and Amelia's head hits the ground bouncing painfully and of course Kenny face plants into her over inflated fake breasts. I move to try and reach Kenny but my father reaches him first and pulls him off his wife; throwing him away- almost like trash. I caught Kenny who looks confused as he gazes at me. He smells like one of Amelia's favourite perfumes and I nearly choke on the smell. Kenny recognizes me and smiles I smile back on reflex- but it falls from my face at Amelia's scream.

"Did you see him? He attacked me." Kenny's eyes get wide at this and turn from green to coffee brown. He spins around quickly and leaves my arms.

"I'm so sorry this was all my fault. I was running and I didn't see where I was going..." Kenny says in a soft apologetic voice.

"Damn right it's your fault! What were you raised on the streets? Don't you have any manners?" Amelia is screaming at Kenny as she stands up. I watch as my Kenny's shoulder sag and he's whole body deflates.

"Amelia! Shut up for a second!" I yell my blood boiling in anger. Amelia closes her mouth in shock as I move to stand behind Kenny who is gazing at his sock clad shoes.

"I'm sorry," Kenny whimpers before rushing out the front door. I sigh pushing pass my father and Queen bitch as I chase after Kenny.

"Kenny, wait a second." I catch Kenny and grab his wrist pulling him to a stop. Kenny turns to face me and buries his face in my chest.

"I'm sorry, Lukie. I'm so sorry!" I nod not completely understanding why Kenny is so upset- but still trying to comfort him. I run my hand through Kenny's purple hair and hold him close to me.

"It's okay Kenny. No need to be so sorry."

"I don't like the yelling, Lukie. There is always so much yelling. Don't be mad with me." Kenny whimpers pulling away from me to stare at me with sorrow filled brown eyes. Tears are still beaded in his eyes and my heart clenches.

"I'm not mad at you, Kenny and I'm sorry for yelling. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'd rather do anything else in the world but hurt you." Kenny nods and bows he's head trying to hide his face from me. I move my hand from his hair and I lift his face up to look at me. Kenny gazes at me with sad eyes and I wonder why he doesn't believe me. A tear slips from his eyes and I wipe it away. Kenny smiles at me suddenly before standing on his toes and kissing me.

I close my eyes at the feel and all too soon and I feel Kenny moving away from me. Without opening my eyes I move my left hand back to his hair and wrap the other around his waist. I pull Kenny back to me and my mouth is hot over his. My tongue is invading his mouth dancing with his and my hips are pressed so close to his I can feel his body reacting under my finger tips.

I pull away from Kenny and open my eyes to see my wanton bitch is back. I smile at his flushed face and closed eyes. His lips are parted in a sigh and he moans softly when he realizes I'm not kissing him. Kenny opens his eyes to look at me with golden lust filled eyes. I love this colour on him; he always looks like a horny angel. Kenny suddenly smirks at me and instead he looks like a lustful demon- either way I want to fuck him.

A car horn honks and I put a little space between Kenny and my body to see a limo pull up beside me. The tinted front window rolls down and Stephen grins at me. "Harvey got a call from Mary. Apparently you'll be picking the young Missus up. She says the plan has changed."

I roll my eyes as Stephen laughs, "That's never good." I grumble.

Kenny on the other hand didn't even seem to hear the words he's too busy taking the limo in. "Oh, I get to ride in a limo!"

"Get in Master Lucas- before you're father notices what I did to his wife's stuff." I smirk starting to lead Kenny to the back.

"Again?" I call to Stephen who nods, "Nice." I say before opening the door for Kenny and climbing in after him.

"You guys got boozes in here to!" Kenny is searching every corner of my personal limo and he is getting more excited by the things he finds.

"You can have some if you want." I say almost in a bored tone even though there is a smile on my face. Kenny pauses to look at me in disbelieve.

"No way," Kenny whispers breathless; I shift from my spot and move to sit beside Kenny at the mini bar.

"Let me guess; you've never drank before." Kenny shakes his head and I really don't want to corrupt him with this yet but he is staring at me with those curious hazel eyes. "Here we'll start you with a glass of champagne." I mumbled pouring a flute of champagne for Kenny. Kenny takes it his eyes dancing in something akin to amazement. I pour myself a scotch on the rocks.

Putting my arm around Kenny's shoulder I stretch out my legs and glance at Kenny's now converses covered shoes. Kenny takes a sip from his glass and giggles. "I've got some bubbly." He mutters to himself. I watch Kenny as he slowly- sip by sip drains his drink. Once it's gone Kenny turns to me and licks his lips, "That was nice." He murmurs. I nod and he notices I hadn't drank any of mine. "What's yours taste like?"

"I don't think you'll like it." I reply before drain my cup in one shoot I wince at the burning liquid before glancing back at Kenny who has somehow made his way into my lap without me noticing.

"I wish you'd fuck me." Kenny mutters and I wonder if he's already drunk. Kenny starts to play with the buttons on my shirt like he can't decide if he should take them off or not.

"You don't know how much I want to fuck you." I mumbled back to him places our empty cups on the mini bar. I pull Kenny's face down to meet me and I nibble on his lips softly.

"So why don't you?" Kenny asks against my lips before kissing me hard. I moan as Kenny rocks his hips on mine- making my hips jerk up to meet him. Kenny pulls away from my mouth arching his back as he moans. My hands are on his hips fingering the soft fabric of his shirt; my knuckles brush his sides lightly. Making Kenny does this cute thing in between a giggle and a moan and I smirk in the crook of his neck.

I bite Kenny's neck and he yelps before groaning as I suck on the spot I just bit. Kenny is running his hands through my hair pulling me closer to him. I back up a bit and Kenny whine and tries to pull me back as I strip him of his shirt. Once his shirt is removed I shift a bit so I can lay Kenny on the leather seats. Leaning on my knees in between Kenny's legs I stare at him. His skin is a nice tan colour and he stands out on the black leather. Kenny gazes at me through half closed eyelids his hair falling in front of his eyes.

I can see the tent in his skin tight pants and I wish I could remove them without having to move Kenny. Kenny opened his eyes to watch me with a golden gaze and I moved kissing him hard; with teeth and tongue. Kenny moaned and I pulled away from him to smirk. He whined again and my hands trailed down his chest followed by my mouth.

My hands brushed past his nipples and I paused to place a soft teasing kiss on each which made Kenny groan. I smirked before continuing my trail down his flat stomach when I reached he's treasure trail. I paused at his belly button as my hands reached the top of his jeans. My fingers quickly undid the zipper and I heard Kenny moan my name from above me as he panted.

"Lukie," Looking up at Kenny I paused once again wondering he if he wanted me to continue. His hands moved from beside him and returned to fisting in my hair and he urged me to continue with a slight pull on my head. I smirked again pushing his pants down and his penis slid free as he hissed. My hot breath fanned out on his penis as I gazed at it.

Kenny's cock was tan like the rest of his body- and I'm almost positive that he was mixed. It was a bit smaller than mine but it looked like a trophy the way it was standing attention- just waiting for me. Kenny jerked his hips up suddenly as he moaned in frustration. I glance up at him a sinfully wicked smirk on my face. My hands gripped his hips holding him down as I licked the length of his cock.

"Lukie!" Kenny whined in dissatisfaction as I avoiding putting his whole length in my mouth.

I rolled my eyes at him though he couldn't see, "Greedy bitch aren't you?" I ask quietly blowing air on his penis. Kenny withered under my hold and I glanced at my beautiful, innocent angel that was just panting with arousal. I wanted to tease Kenny some more but the tent in my pants was getting painful and if I continued like this- I'd come in my pants.

My closed around the tip of his penis and Kenny had to bury his face in the seat to block out his scream. My mouth slide down his cock taking more of him in as I hollowed out my cheeks suck it in inch by inch. I reached the base deep throating it as Kenny continued to pant and moan above me. I started to move slowly at first and Kenny moved with me. But soon his thrusts started to pick up speed and I knew he was close as he started to chant my name from above me.

"Luke, Lukie, Luke, Lukie, Lu..." Kenny broke off in his chants his grip on my hair tightening. "Lukie!" And then he froze in his movements as he came. I slide him out a bit as the salty taste of his semen filled my mouth. I swallowed it on reflex and I'm glad I did- Kenny tasted wonderful. I slide Kenny's softening penis from my mouth with a soft pop and moved up the entire expanse of his tried body- kissing it as I went. Kenny's chest was still rising rapidly as he tried to catch his breath.

Reaching his mouth I kiss him softly before rolling him onto his side so I could spoon him. Once I had Kenny tucked into me I continued kissing his neck. Kenny moved a bit, making his ass rub into my forgotten hard on. I hissed in near pain and Kenny glanced back at me.

"I've forgotten you again." Kenny says in a whisper. I start into his golden green eyes and I move a hand to trace it.

"Don't worry about it- I'm fine." I whisper bad kissing him softly.

Kenny bites his lips before his hand slides down and rubs my straining penis through the fabric of my pants. I hiss in his neck as my hips jerk up into his hands. My hands hold Kenny close to me gently rubbing his nipples in time to my thrust. I'm moaning incoherent words into Kenny's neck and I feel the tightening in my body and before I can stop Kenny I'm coming. I muffle my scream of incoherent nonsense in Kenny's neck panting as Kenny turns in my arms to face me.

Opening my eyes I stare into mischief filled green eyes and a crocked smirk. "And you wonder why I'm such a greedy bitch."

I smile back at him kissing his lips, "I like you like this." I reply as we rock forward from the motion of the car stopping. I then realise I'm in my limo.

"Luke, we're almost there. You and Kendal should probably make yourself decent." Stephen says from a speaker.

I nod and reach for the speaker that is near Kenny's head I push a button on it, "Thank you, Stephen. If you could stop here, I'll tell you when we are decent."

"Got it," Stephen relies before I feel the limo come to a stop. Moving back to lie with Kenny I realise he is blushing darkly.

"Did he...?" Kenny starts to ask before becoming too embarrassed.

"No, soundproof." I explain before sitting up and pulling Kenny's boxers back up. Kenny yelps and I chuckle. "What was that?"

"Your hands are cold." Kenny replies.

I turn to look at Kenny who is pouting his hands crossed in front of him. "You didn't seem to mind before."

Kenny's blush comes back and I smirk as I pull his pants back up. "I was distracted." Kenny sits up properly as I have trouble doing up his pants. He pushes my hands away and I sit up fully. "I can do it myself."

I lift my hands in surrender before reaching to the mini bar and pouring both Kenny and myself a glass of wine. Kenny sits beside me leaning his head on my shoulder and I see he is full dress. I hand him a glass and he downs it before grimacing. "Not as good as champagne." I sigh before picking up the bottle of champagne and filling Kenny's glass. Placing the bottle back I tap the glass that separates the driver from the back and the limo starts again and we are moving again.

Kenny quickly drains his glass again as I sip my wine, "Wow, drinking is fun." Kenny giggles and I smile at how cute he is- though I'm worried that he is such a lightweight. "Pour me another." I drain my glass about to refuse him when the limo pulls to a stop. I hear the passenger door open and Harvey is at the door closest to Kenny holding it open for us. Kenny smiles before making his way to the door. I follow after him trying and failing at not staring at his ass.

Kenny steps from the limo and stumbles a bit. I steady him as I place my feet on the ground and glance up at the building we have stopped in front of. "Fuck," I groan softly closing my eyes like I'm in pain. Mary is right- all blondes are bitches on the inside.