Ginger Angel

I was sitting in mom's green Toyota waiting for her to turn the car on. Rubbing my arms I tried to warm myself as I tried not to think about where the car was currently parked, even as the words glared at me, Toronto Police Service 55 Division. I was broken from my trance at my mom's sniffling.

Looking over at her I noticed her curly long hair was falling out of its bun. Her makeup was running as she cried silently. Her hand was over her mouth as she tried to stifle sobs. "I don't know what to do with you anymore. Why do you have to be so difficult?" Mom mumbled in between sobs. She buried her face in hear hands and most of her words were lost to me. What I did hear broke my spirit.

"Mom," I called to her as she started to calm down. "Mom, what are you talking about?" I asked hopeful that I had heard wrong, though my fear continued to rise.

Mom wiped her face and stared blankly through the windshield. She blinked her hazel eyes; that I wished I had. "This is the last straw Angelina. I've given you freedom and you've take advantage of it. You sleep around with guys older than you and you never use protection." Mom sighed looking like she had aged years in the couple of minutes that had passed. "You've already had two abortions. I can't deal with this anymore."

She started the car and the heat blasted in my face. Mom turned to look at me, "You are going to live with your father." The words froze me and not even the heat could warm me. We stared at each other for a long minute before tears fell down my face. She was sending me away, sending me to my cheating son of a bitch father and his fucking hooker. She was sending me to my grave, to fucking hell and she didn't even care.

Debbie's car pulled up in front of the new school I would be forced to go to. I fiddled with the uniform before opening my door quickly, slamming it in her face as I walked away from the bitch that I once called mom.

I walked through the empty halls I tried to remember my way as not to get lost. Turning a corner which had an arrow pointing towards main office, somebody ran into me. Our limbs got tangled together and we fell to the floor. My head hit the ground with a softy thud. Pain and shock raced through me as my eyes popped open to look at the person who was currently gasping in pain. Deep red (and slightly greasy) hair was falling across his forehead and his deep coffee brown eyes stared through my soul. Freckles splashed across his nose to both of his slightly chubby cheeks. His plump pinkish lips were held in a grimace as he stood stiffly off me.

He towered over me, as he dusted himself off before offering me a hand, "Are you okay?" His voice was soft-ish rumble.

My shield went up and I batted his hand away, standing from the ground. "Watch where you're going." I bit out as I dusted myself off not noticing the paper that fell from my messenger bag. The ginger boy bent down and I decided it was the perfect time for a getaway.

Moving swiftly around him I dashed down the hall turning quickly into the girl's bathroom. Breathing deeply I realized it I wanted to be cool; I'd have to mess with my uniform a bit. Standing in front of the mirror I pulled out my switchblade. Taking my skirt off I started to cut two inches off, pulling it back on it landed about mid thigh. Smirking I pulled the black blazer off deciding I liked it I quickly unbutton my shirt before cut an inch of it too.

Pulling my shirt on the showed off my belly piercing I pulled the blazer on top and swung my messenger bag over my shoulder. Giving myself the once over in the mirror, I blew myself a kiss before heading off to the office.

I walked down the hall with practiced confidence, my skirt swirling around me as I stepped into the office. The door closed softly and one of the secretaries looked up at me. She was older and had her blond-white hair was in a tight bun. Her lips were painted a bright red and she was wearing glasses on her nose.

"What have you done to your uniform?" She asked the forced smile, falling into a scowl. I raised an eyebrow at her, hoping I looked confused though my smugness shinning through. She sighed like she didn't have patience for me. "We have a very strict dress code. I'll get you another uniform but don't let this happen again."

I nodded trying to look innocent as I gave her my dress size three numbers too small. She eyed me suspiciously before telling the younger secretary to help me sigh in.

"Do you have your timetable?" She asked in a bored tone looking up at me.

I nodded my head before opening my bag. I shifted through my stuff looking for the green piece of paper. I chuckled nervously at the slightly annoyed secretary. Balancing on my one foot I place my bag on my leg still looking through it. I wobbled on my foot before losing my balance my bag falling from my knee. All my stuff fell from my bag and my switchblade skid across the floor.

I watched in horror as a door opened and my blade ran into the shoe. A person bent to pick up my blade as I hurriedly shoved my things back into my bag before standing from the floor my eyes focused on the floor.

The person cleared their throat excepting me to look up at them. Raising my head I was met with the sight of the ginger from the hallway. He was smiling smugly at me and his brown eyes danced with amusement.

"Miss Jackson, I was called to the office to help the new student." The ginger said his eyes moving from me as he stuffed my knife into his uniform pants pockets.

"Yes, Calvin this is An-ga-line." Miss Jackson said chopping up my name.

Calvin glanced at me coolly, smiling still. "Yes, we've ran into each other." Calvin commented raising an eyebrow at me, making me blush.

Miss Jackson looked at us both confused by the tense look we were sharing before clearing her throat. "Did you find your timetable An-ga-line?"

"My name is Angelina and no, I think I've lost it." I replied starting at Miss Jackson, trying to forget the ginger in the room. But it seemed he would have none of that as he cleared his throat. My eyes snapped to them; even though I wished they didn't. He pulled a folded green piece of paper from his pocket placing it in front of Miss Jackson.

"I found this on my way here. I think it might be Angelina's." My name left Calvin's lips like it was the most natural thing in the world. Not chopping it up like everyone else did.

I stared dumbfounded at him as Miss Jackson looked over my timetable. "Well good news, you have the most of the same class. Calvin will give you a tour." She said as the other secretary came back with my new uniform. "Then you will get changed." I nodded taking my new uniform and timetable.

"Don't worry Angel you are in good hands." Calvin said guiding me from the office, slipping my blade into my blazer pocket.

I had been living with my father for nearly three weeks. I had been able to avoid meeting Roxanne's son by skipping dinner and sneaking out (to meet up with Tony – the doctor who did my abortions). I knew I would have to meet him one day. I heard him down the hall his music pounding through the house.

School had been awkward because I soon came to realize Calvin was a grade 'A' nerd. After he directed me to my first class I was swept away in a crowd of cool. I was rising through the rates and learning the ropes. I had slept with most of the guys in the cool group and some seniors. The first thing I found out was that Calvin was one of the guys' main targets. I think Jessie had a thing for Calvin, even though he was dating Brittani (the bitchy head Barbie).

All my hard work of avoiding Calvin and being cool, all went to hell the Monday I turned a corner (a bit lost) and came face to face with Jessie making out with a red head- who was clearly not his blonde girl friend.

I gasped loudly making Jessie jump away from whoever he was kissing. Jessie's tall body hid the person from me but the red head obviously didn't like that as he came to stand beside Jessie. Jessie looked like a deer caught in headlights. His tan face was a few shades paler. His blue eyes were wide with worry.

Calvin smiled at me placing his hand on Jessie's shoulder, "Hello Angelina. How are you? I haven't seen you in a while."

Jessie looked at Calvin in confusion, as I looked down at my timetable- trying to keep my mind blank and my tone cold. "I'm good Calvin, just a bit lost." I answered truthful bringing Jessie's attention back to me.

"Your next class you have with me, right, English?" Calvin asked. He waited for my nod before offering me his hand. "I'll take you there." I looked at his pale hand for a long moment before placing my smaller peachy hand in his.

"See you Jessie." Calvin called to Jessie. I brushed past Jessie slipping a note into his pocket. Glancing over my shoulder I winked at him mouthing call me. I kept good pace with Calvin my converses squeaking on the floor, as my hand was still trapped in his pale and sweaty one. I was quiet staring- puzzled at Calvin. Calvin noticed as he stopped watching and turned to look at me.

He sighed dramatically before waving at me, "Just ask the question."

Before I could stop myself the words were leaving my mouth, "Are you gay?"

Calvin shook his head chuckling softly, "No Angel. I'm not. I'm bi."

"B-but…Jessie?" I barely asked too confuse to form real sentences.

"Jessie is gay. I was helping him find himself, but he loves Shawn."

I tried to remember who Shawn was. An image of an emo looking boy, who Jessie always hung out with, flashed in my mind. Looking at Calvin I realized the two looked nearly the same. "But you-they- we are only seventeen how do you know…?" I paused unsure of how to word it.

"It's not about what sex they are Angel. It's if you love them or not." Calvin replied before he continued to walk down the hall.

I stared after him one last question nagging at me. "Why do you call me Angel?" I asked softly.

Calvin froze in his steps before turning to look at me. His pale skin was darkening in a blush. He opened his mouth to reply looking flustered for the first time since I knew him. The bell suddenly sounded through the hall and Calvin turned running into class. I frowned in confusion before following him into English.

It had been days since the hallway incident and now Calvin and I were avoiding each other. I had black mailed Jessie into doing things for me and I was happy with where I was, but a problem had just popped up and I need a plan. Ron (my dad) was forcing me to have dinner with his wife and her son. I had been dreading this since I first got here. Now I was facing my doom.

I was sitting in the blank, white guest room. A window stood across from my door leading to the backyard. My room and Roxanne's son's room where the only ones facing the back yard, and the sunroom. I was thinking about sneaking out when my door swung open. My light was flicked on and for a second I was blinded.

"Angelina, it's time for dinner." Blinking rapidly I looked up to see Ron standing in the door way. I grumbled before moving from the window seat. Walking around my bed I pushed past Ron cursing under my breath.

"What did you say?" Ron asked walking closely behind me.

"I hope you cooked something good." I replied hurrying down the stairs.

"I didn't make dinner, Calvin did." Ron said. I froze half way down the steps at the name that had been haunting me since I got here. Something about Calvin made me feel like I was lost little girl before I met him. Shaking my head hoping it was just an odd coincident, I rushed down the rest of the stairs.

I stood in the front hallway for a second before remembering were the kitchen was. I turned down another hallway and moved past the family living room and the dining room before stepping into the bright yellow kitchen.

I was met with a gorgeous blonde bimbo who was sitting at a set table. There was lamb in the middle of the table with pretty wine glasses set at ever spot. I stared at the food for a long minute before looking back at Ron.

"I'm a vegan." I said simply.

"Yes, I know Debbie informed me of that." Ron glanced down at the school uniform that I was still wear. My tighter one was dirty so I was wearing the ripped one. "What did you do to your uniform?"

I opened my mouth to answer when I heard the infamous voice of the boy who was avoiding me.

"That's not important right now, Ron. Let's just have a good dinner." I turned to find Calvin placing empty plates on the table. He placed two full of vegetables, and macaroni and cheese on the table. He sat in front of one before waving Ron and I over to the table.

I went to sit in any random place when Calvin waved me over to the seat beside him. I stared at him confused. He looked up from his food to smile at me. "We vegans gotta stick together."

Still confused I sat beside him. Dinner was awkward as Roxanne tired to talk to me. Calvin would talk about some nerdy thing before I'd feel his hand on mine, making me jumping, and bringing Roxanne's attention back to me.

"Any boys catch you eyes at school, Calvin?" Roxanne asked nearly making me choke.

"Nah, I think I'd rather have this girl at school. She is an angel." He mumbled happily and I felt his hand brush my thigh.

I jumped before scooting away from him. "What about you An-ga-lin-e?"

"My name is Angelina." I mumbled. "I don't stick with one guy, they all catch my eye. My eyes are just always drifting."

Ron shot me a dirty look as Roxanne gaped at me. I smiled before excusing myself and rushed from the house- saying something about studying.

I had just stepped off the bus. I was in front of my old school. I was holding my phone in my hand trying to reach either Jenny (my best friend) or Tony but I wasn't getting any bars. I wondered up the steps of my old school and sat on a railing where my friends and I (cool kids) use to hang out.

A car suddenly roared by loudly and I easily recognize the red convertible as Tony's. Standing from the stairs quickly I started to run towards the car that was now idling at a stop sign. I felt dread creep through me and my feet started to slow.

I was right -Tony was sitting in the red convertible but what hurt me was the fact that he was sucking face with a redhead. When Tony and the girl finally decided to break apart I couldn't help the tears that raced down my face. My best friend curled into the side of my boyfriend. Before I could see any more, I turned and ran. I felt betrayal rip through me as I ran.

Wind whipped through my brown curls as I ran. My feet seemed to know where they were going so I let them guide me. Tears streamed down my face, blurring my brown eyes and my vision. My feet started to slow as I came to a familiar street turning down the street I saw my mom's house standing with the front room light on. I walked slowly towards the house peering through the curtains. My mom was curled up on the couch with a man and a little girl.

She had gotten tired of me and was trying again. Anger burned through me mixing with the betrayal. I hoped this family failed too. I turned from the house running again I ran blindly around a corner and ran into somebody. We fell to the ground in a tumble of limbs. I tried to sit up off the body when a sob shook me.

"Angel, are you okay?" The soft and caring voice of Calvin asked as warm hands wiped tears from my face.

I started to cry harder confused by why Calvin was such a nice person. I felt hands run through my brown hair as I tried to calm down. Calvin ran circles on my back soothing me. Sitting up a bit I realized we were on someone's lawn.

Looking into Calvin's coffee brown eyes I saw many emotions swinging in them. "You okay, Angel?"

I nodded my head when Calvin pulled me into a kiss. Surprised I froze as his hot lips pressed softly against mine. I started to response when Calvin pulled away.

He looked breathless and he was blushing. "Sorry wanted to do that for a while."

I smiled down at him before leaning close to his ear. "Calvin, we could do so much more."

I felt him shiver underneath me as I nibbled on his ear. "First time you've said my name." He growled softly. "Now let's hear you scream it."

I giggled as Calvin rolled us over.

It was barely morning when I woke to warm arms wrapped around me and crimson walls. I was use to barely sleeping in my room, after spending that one night- two months ago with Calvin. Turning over I was met with the sight of my ginger snoring softly- after all I did work him pretty hard last night, almost every night. I smiled before kissing his lips softly.

"Wake up sleeping beauty." I whispered to him as he stirred.

He pulled my closer to his warm, naked body. "I thought the prince was supposed to wake sleeping beauty?" he asked tiredly.

"Meh, my fairytale- my way." I answered making Calvin chuckle as he opened his eyes.

"You're so adorable." Calvin murmured kissing my nose before moving down to my lips. As Calvin started to gear up for round ten (maybe) I ran my hands through his amazingly soft hair.

Calvin's bedroom door open abruptly, startling Calvin and me, making Calvin fall to the floor. I glanced over the side of the bed to see if Calvin needed help when the words that'd change my life echoed through the room.

"You fucking whore!" My whole body froze for a second before I slowly turned to see Roxanne standing in the doorway, in one of my dad's shirts.

Holding the sheets close to me I stood off the bed helping Calvin up as he pulled on pajama pants. "Me?" I asked fury running through me. "I'm the fucking whore?" I yelled moving closer to the bitch. "You're calling me a whore after you fucked my dad, and destroyed my family!" I was nearing Roxanne when Ron finally showed up. Calvin trailed behind me holding one of my hands tightly.

"You tore apart my family and that's all good and dandy. But when I decide to be with someone I love- I'm the fucking whore."

"Angelina, calm down." Ron said as he pulled Roxanne into a hug as she sobbed. "Be logical Angelina- your seventeen you don't know true love."

"Says the man who's been married five different times!" I screamed.

"Go to your room! We will talk about this later!" Ron yelled. Tears raced down my face as I pulled away from Calvin.

Walking down the hall I heard the bitch crying, "Did she hurt you Calvin?"

"Don't touch me, mom- if you can call yourself that." Calvin voice floated towards me. "I've watched you be a gold digging whore for too long, I'm tired of being your prefect son. All I wanted was happiness and now that I've found it you're ripping it away from me."

"But honey. I-I did it …" Roxanne tried to say when a door slammed loudly. I smiled proud at Calvin before hurrying into my room. Pulling on some comfortable jeans I heard Ron and Roxanne walk down stairs to their rooms. I started to stuff random things into my messenger bag when a rock hit my window. I moved towards it to see Calvin standing underneath it. I smiled at him before climbing through the window. Jumping from the low window, I landing in Calvin's arms, I knocked the breath from him and nearly toppled us over.

He smiled at me before pulling me into a passionate kiss, holding each other's hands as we ran into the fading night.

We were currently on a city bus that was taking us to the bus station. Behind us was a boy who was our age cradling a sleeping girl to his side. A small suitcase sat in front of them and I figure they were running away too.

I curled into Calvin's side hoping we were doing the right thing. Like he was reading my mind Calvin kissed my fingers, which he was playing with. "Do you know why I call you Angel?"

I shook my head at him wondering where this was going. "I call you that because it's what you are. You are my angel. You helped me find what was missing in my life. You helped me find you- my love."

I blushed at him pulling him close to me, "You're my angel too, then. I found my life in your love." Calvin blushed lightly trying to pull me in for a kiss. "You're my ginger angel."

I leaned forward to get my kiss when Calvin leaned away from me. "I'm not a ginger."

I shook my head at him pulling him in for a kiss mumbling softly you, "Of course you aren't but you are my ginger angel." Calvin smiled pulling me deeper into the kiss.