Innocent Badass

I as walking through the nearly empty halls of Black Rose High. It was Seven thirty and the school was just starting to fill with early risers and teachers. I was wearing the school uniform of a black and purple checkered skirt that stopped at me thigh. I wore a white shirt under my black blazer that had the monogram BRH on the right breast pocket. My red hair was pulled back in a neat pony tail as my blue messenger bag bumped on my leg as my converses slapped on the concert floor.

My phone buzzed and I pulled in from my bag to check the text message. It was from Megan; Brenda, you wanna a coffee? Texting her back I walked through the gothic castle I called a school. I reached my locker and was pulling my binder for the day out went my locker was pushed open. I looked over at a blonde boy who was leaning against the locker beside mine.

"Morning Chubby," Jack called with a dark sneer on his face.

"Early aren't you, Jake?" I mumbled turning away from his cruel face and a dark eyes.

"Had a meeting with a teacher." Jack replied pulling my ponytail as he smirked. "You finish my homework Chubby?"

I nodded pulling out a blue binder that was marketed Jake. I flipped through the pages before finding today's homework. "Here is your English essay on Hamlet, your Math questions, your script for Drama and your French project." I called out all the homework I had done for him the night before as I passed him the different things.

"Good working with you Chubby." Jake said leaning close as he pulled my ponytail again. "Don't forget," I held my breath as my body went ridge. Jake's hand slid to my shoulder and he was standing so close that his expensive colane was making me dizzy, "Work extra hard in Gym for."

I nodded again, wincing away as he pet the top of my hair. I stared into my locker for a long minute as Jake walked away. My breaths were coming out in pants and my chest was hurting as I tried to calm down. I slammed my locker and turned around quickly and nearly running into Megan.

"Wow, Brenda rushing to find me?" She asked as she looked me up and down suggestively.

I laughed Pulling Megan into a hug, "Of course my sexy girl."

"Here take you latte before I drop it." Megan replied wiggling from my arms. I took my coffee pouting a bit at Megan.

"You no love me, you no hug me?" I said in a babyish voice as my stereotypical Asian looked through her bag. Megan was my best friend and was at the top of our grade. She was short (a mere five feet), she had long black hair that fell straight and usually into her dark eyes. Her uniform was prim and proper and was flattering on her unlike how it was on me.

"Sorry darling," She mumbled going through her phone as she pulled me into another hug. "I got to keep up with my mom. You know how she get's." I nodded in understanding that I didn't actually have. Megan's mom was a single mother and was continuously worrying about Megan and her younger brother- Justin.

"Whatever, let's go to class." I said linking arms with Megan, "We can talk about the band that we'll never have." I said making Megan giggle as we walked through the hall.

"Okay, darling tell me what's wrong?" Megan said when we were finally seated in our empty class room. I sitting in my desk and Megan was pranced on her desk beside mine. "You only talk this much when you're avoiding thinking."

"Nothing," I answered in a sigh knowing there would be no point in me trying to lie Megan, "Had a great talk with Jake this morning."

"Oh, darling. You need to learn to stand up for yourself." Megan said in a motherly voice, petting my head in a soothing way.

I nodded, "I know, but it seems like its getting worse." I said softly trying to say it out loud, trying to keep it from being real.

Megan's eyebrows wrinkled in worry, "Worse? Worse how?"

I opened my mouth to answer when the bell rung. The halls started to fill with noisy students and they soon started trickling into the class. "I'll tell you later." I muttered to Megan as she took her spot.