Chapter 29: The Heirs go a Hunting

Graham watched around suspiciously for any sight of his mate before nodding. "We're safe, Tabansi."

The Botswana-native man laughed heartily. "Graham, one would assume you're actually terrified of your wife."

Graham gave Tabansi a droll look. "You know my wife, Tabansi. She'd saw my nut sack off with a buttered knife if she figured out what happened."

Which was to happen any second now.

It had taken Octavio a full half a year for him to fully recover from the horrific event of his near death experience. Reina was constantly hovering over her son, tending to him and giving him his daily medicine (which Russell fooled her with with sugar pills). It was hectic for Graham whenever he tried to near his son for any good noogin'. Both Jubilee and Reiina would attack him with the viciousness of any mother bear.

Octavio had healed nicely. His skin color changed back to its healthy hue, and his eyes were very much alert. And though his body was flushed from the sickness, Octavio lost a lot of weight. He seemed weak and fragile. His parents, even Jubilee, always rushed to help him, but Octavio had turned into a hissy priss.

Well, for a sixteen year old, it was common for teenagers to seek independence.

Octavio sniffled, swaying from side to side as he struggled to maintain his balance. Though it had been a few weeks since he's fully healed, from time to time he had a hard time walking without support.

Someone nudged his shoulder.

"It's so fucking hot here," Katie complained, wiping the back of her hand over her perspiring brow.

"Aren't you from Africa?" Octavio asked.

"I was born here, not raised!" she snarled, going over to her father to complain about this so-called hunting trip.

When they had the two little ones, Graham and Tabansi had immediately planned a date for them to take their heirs hunting. Tabansi was originally from Botswana, and had experience when it came to hunting the elephants, lion, and buffalo in the region. Though he loved the thrill of hunting in the wild and danger, Tabansi set up a safe and controlled environment for Octavio and Katie at one of the game ranches at the Kalahari Desert.

Tabansi merely patted his daughter's head when she whined about the heat. "Do not worry, Katie. Soon the heat will not bother you anymore."

"But it's hot! Look, my mascara is running with my sweat!" Katie groaned, taking out a hankerchief from her white shorts and wiped her face with it. "My beauties running off! Oh, gods, I'm dying!"

Rosine sighed as she watched the girly girl painted wolf howl her woes. She turned to Graham with a sarcastic smile. "You two really haven't thought this over have you?"

"Shush your mouth," Graham said, pushing his sister away. "We've got everything under control?"

"Oh, really?" she said.

"Yes, really!" He glared at her.

"Than what's that?"

Graham huffed and turned around to look over his shoulder only for his face to go extremely pale. A small whine escaped from his lips and before he could try to escape, the small dust storm collecting in the distance quickly approached.


Reina flung herself towards the cowardice man, and literally clawed his arm into ribbons. "I told you what I would do to you if you did this! You had this coming, mister!"Reina plunged her growing canines into his arm.

Graham screamed. He managed to rip himself out of her grip and quickly darted out into the game range. And that wasn't going to stop the fiery mother from ripping her husband a new asshole. She warned him multiple times when he begged her to allow him to bring Octavio to Botswana.

He didn't listen.

He...didn't listen.

Rosine winced as she watched Reina shifted into her tiger form and chased after her human-formed husband. She shook her head and sighed heavily. It was his fault to be honest. Her brother had it coming.

"Come, Rosine. The waiting room is ready." Tabansi ushered the tiger heir and the wolf heiress inside the small hut.

Octavio sat down heavily on the couch. He placed a hand over his Guns and Roses shirt and patted his chest. There a small tightness that slowly went away. Octavio grimaced and sat up higher. He pushed away Katie when she sat too close to him. Ignoring her angry snarl ('Screw you!'), Octavio turned to the other couch and frowned.


Jubilee who was suffering from the scorching heat was fanning herself frantically. There was seriously no way she could survive. She felt as if she was melting ice cream and there was no way to save her. She even wore a v-neck midriff tank top with short shorts. Originally, she didn't want to wear this at all due to how scantily dressed she appeared, but it helped her deal with the heat.

As soon as she heard her name, Jubilee picked up her head from the arm of the sofa. "Why is it so hot?"

"That's what I've been asking!" Katie cried, flinging off her shirt. "Even wearing my sports bra isn't helping!"

Octavio was busy staring at his nanny's body.

His eyes widened and watched as a bead of sweat slid down from her temple to the elegant curve of her neck. His lips parted slightly and a pink tongue washed over it. The small bead of sweat trickled down over her collarbone and into the valley of her breasts.

Something warm was happening inside of Octavio. It was exciting and wanting.

What is this?

Viva swept into the room with a smile that belonged to a dental ad. "Hello, everyone!" Holding a silver platter of tall glasses of water. Before she could even utter another word, she was attacked from all sides. She opened her eyes tentatively and gaped at her empty tray.

"Thanks, mom!" Katie said, pitching the empty glass to the side and chugging the next one. Even the ice could be heard crunched.

"Darling, darling, your image!" Viva whispered loudly. She rushed over to her daughter and attempted to fix her clothing, but was faced with a snarling image of a wolf. "Stop it now!" She swatted her daughter's head. "Katie, you're acting like a buffoon! Isn't she, Octavio, darling?"

And that's when it happened.

During the duration of Viva fussing over her daughter, Octavio was staring at Jubilee. He watched as she was drinking her glass of water, streams of it trickling from the edges of her lips and traveling down her chest.

He gulped.

Of course, Octavio has always been attracted to his nanny. It was literally a given when Jubilee was a sex symbol to all. With her busty chest, thin waist and shapely hips, Jubilee attracted men from all around.

It was a wonder why he was such a vicious child.

Without even noticing, Octavio started oozing the scent of arousal. He picked himself off the couch and started his way towards Jubilee.

The door to the small hut slammed opened.

"Oh, and that wasn't the end of that, Graham!"Reina hissed. Before she could utter another word, Reina sniffed the air.

Both Reina and Graham's eyes swerved to an aroused Octavio approaching his oblivious nanny with more than the intention of pouncing on the woman.

Viva, who was sitting in the very same room, gaped openly. She turned to Graham, who was turning a really disgusting pallid color within the second. "Your son is mated with a human?"she gasped dramatically, not realizing she was speaking in her own language as she dropped the platter of glasses onto the floor.

"Viva, please," Graham pleaded, his eyes swerving to the nanny who shot up from the couch and stared at them with concern. He cursed when his idiot of a son pounced his nanny, burrowing his face into her soft pillowy breasts. "Dammit, Octavio! Not now!"

Viva stood up from her seat, pushing her daughter behind her trembling form as anger and rage roared through the slender woman. "Your son is mated with a human?"

"What?" Jubilee said in confusion.

"Shut up, Viva!" Reina snarled, showing her mouth full of fangs as she was ready to defend her son. The woman wasn't over Octavio's kidnapping and near murder, so when Viva was approaching a matter than was to be dealt within the family and kept a secret, the inner feline mother was roaring to life.

"No! How could you do this? You know how much the community is with humans and animal matings! You have damned your son and the woman to hell, Reina! And you, Graham have damned them as well! Shame on you!"

Jubilee placed a hand on Octavio's forehead and pushed him away; she ignored him when he bounced off the couch and dropped dead to the floor with a yelp. She stood and held her hands up. "Woah, woah, woah. I know dressed somewhat similar to Cameron Diaz from Bad Teacher, but come on. There will be no copulation between man and animal. What the hell is wrong with..."

Before her sentence could finish, Reina and Viva threw themselves at each other.

It would've been perfectly fine to Jubilee if they hadn't transformed into their animal skin.

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