A sharp ringing sound suddenly forced Tiem out of his sleep the next morning. He felt quick movements within his arms and the comfortable warmth disappeared from his chest before he was even fully awake.

He groaned, pulling the covers closer. "Fucking shit!" He heard Rairs voice mutter and he forced his eyes open to see his bare back as he struggled with the alarm clock. Not the worst sight to wake up to in the morning. The sound stopped abruptly and Rair threw the batteries to the floor. He glanced behind him to Tiem before angrily throwing the clock too. The sound of hard plastic sounded as it crashed to the floor.

"Mom doesn't want me to sleep all day." He explained, staying where he was propped up on his elbow with his back towards Tiem. Saying 'mom' instead of 'my mother' or some other more creative version still didn't sound natural to him, but Tiem had insisted lately that he did. Tiems chest felt cold. Was Rair shy again? Not risking the chance that he would get out of bed, Tiem leaned a bit and pulled ever so lightly at his arm. It didn't take more than that though as Rair willingly lay down again, and Tiem put his arm around him again as he inched himself closer. Tiem had also taken off his shirt last night before going to sleep, and he now pulled Rair tight to his bare chest.

He felt a pang of happiness. This must be the best morning ever. Yesterday was definitely the best night at least. Snuggling his face closer to Rairs neck, he felt Rairs hand covering his own on his chest. Rairs feelings. They kept seeping through the cracks of his armor, and even though he still didn't display them clearly and openly Tiem knew he was getting closer.

The feelings were mutual. Rair had said so himself. Kind of. Or at least he had shown it, and that was better than nothing. They must be mutual. It was ok to think that way, right? The way Rair now leaned against him was proof enough. If only it wasn't just him misinterpreting things.

"Can I…" He started, and hesitated as he felt Rair freeze up a bit. "Can I think of you as my boyfriend now?" he finished nervously. It sounded stupid, but somehow he had to ask.

"Think whatever you want" Rair said with embarrassment, his fingers now lightly caressing his hand. Of course he wouldn't answer that so easily. Tiem sighed against his neck, and felt Rair shiver slightly.

"I love you" Tiem whispered like he had done last night, pushing further on his emotions despite how nervous it made himself feel. Having a heart rate this fast couldn't possibly be healthy but he wanted… something. Some proof, some reaction.

"I-" Rair started, but then he only shifted uncomfortably and he didn't say anything. If only Tiem could see his face. He loosened his hold and pulled at his shoulder, but Rair resisted and he sat up to use more force and Rair eventually let him turn him to his back. Tiem leaned over him then with one arm on each side of his head. Just as he had thought, Rairs face was deep red as he looked up at him with a troubled expression. At least he could safely say there was a certain reaction, so unlike what he showed everyone else.

"You what?" Tiem hinted, carefully keeping his tone light. Rairs mouth opened and closed, but there was no sound. He breathed out heavily and cleared his throat before trying again. "I…" But the words stopped again and he looked away, getting a deeply troubled look.

Tiem frowned. He could sense Rair was starting to get frustrated. What if Tiem had misunderstood the whole thing? Maybe he didn't want to hear what he had to say after all. "It's ok…" He said gently, and he shifted his weight to roll off him but Rair grabbed his hand.

"Shut up." He said. He looked a bit annoyed, but his voice was shaking. Tiem stayed where he was but he still kept the weight on one arm as Rair took the hand he was holding, leading it to his neck. He adjusted Tiems fingers and he understood then what he was doing as he felt Rairs quick pulse beating hard against his fingers. Ok, so maybe he was a bit nervous again.

Rair gave him another look, and then locked his eyes on the ceiling, taking another deep breath. Exhaling, he closed his eyes. Tiem waited patiently, not moving even a muscle.

"Me too." Rair said awkwardly after hesitating for another while, opening his eyes with an apologetic look. The silence stretched out for a moment as Tiem processed his words before he hurriedly bent down, kissing him passionately.

Definitely the best morning ever.

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