Hi All,

A couple of things! I am thinking of adding a Christmas Special to this story. It would be like a one-shot (but attached the this story). British television do these all the time. They are character related but don't affect the plot at all. So basically just fluff. Is anyone actually interested in seeing that? Leave a review here or send a PM.

The other thing is that I am writing again and I have a new story just started. It is called Don't Be Fooled By Cold-Hearted Snakes and I think it is going to be really exciting and so far it has been very fun to write! Feel free to check that out! As of this moment it has 1 review :( ... So, even if you don't like it or it isn't your cup of tea, feel free to leave a review! Seriously, I don't mind it you are calling me out on typos, editing, anything at all! I need to get it off the ground with a few reviews!