The policeman looked around him once again and then walked to his car. He took out his cellphone as well as a small walkie-talkie and locked the doors after slamming his own. He then walked back towards Tabitha and opened her back door and gestured her to get in. She turned towards the car and heard him say behind her, "Crawl." And she did as told. She placed her knee on the seat and pushed herself in. She crawled in until the other rear door, all the while dropping her books and magazines onto the floor. He followed in after her and sat onto the seat after pulling the door close after him. He undid his belt and pulled his pants down, as well as his boxers. He then removed his wallet, pulling out a condom and placing it on himself. She turned her head, watching him take his clothes off, amazed at the fact that she had said yes to this. She turned herself around completely and sat on her legs, facing him. He turned to her, wondering why she wasn't in the position he had asked her to be in. That was when he saw the look in her eyes, regardless of the dim light. She was worried.

She whispered to him, "This is my first time."

"I'll be gentle," he answered her and this time, pushed her down on her back, changing the position he had in mind. He pulled both her legs up and on one side of him so he could pull off her shorts and panties with less difficulty. As soon as they were pulled off, he spread her legs on both sides of his own, so his knees were between her calves. He looked down at her and loved what he saw. She was completely shaven everywhere he looked. He rubbed the outside of her thighs and watched her expression. She crinkled her eyebrows and tried to keep her sounds from being heard.

Can we please get this over with?" she asked him, a bit impatiently.

He lifted his face from her inner thigh and just looked at her. "Why hurry babe? We've got three hours." He winked at her as he lowered his head between her legs. She saw his left hand rise up to the car light. And right before he turned it off, she felt his soft tongue lick her core. She yelped the second everything went pitch black. She continued moaning as she felt his tongue circle around her clit.

Don't.." she couldn't finish her sentence; she hadn't ever felt this before. He pulled his head up from between her, satisfied with how wet he had made her. He needed her to be wet, since it was her first time; he didn't want this to be painful for her. He then felt for her waist and found her shirt, which was then pulled over her. He then slowly grazed his fingers over her soft skin, reaching for her bra. He threw the articles of clothing onto the floor and crawled over her body. He looked down at her, his lips inches from hers. She felt his warm breath on her, hoping his lips would come close enough for her to taste.

Are you ready?" he asked her. She nodded her head and braced herself. He gently lifted her right leg and kept his hand firmly beneath her upper thigh. He was inches away from entering her when she said, "Wait!" He stopped at her entrance and looked up at her with a confused look.

What's your name?" she asked him. He chuckled and bent down to her ear, all the while lifting her leg up and pushing himself inside of her a bit more. She whimpered as she felt this occur. His warm breath caused her shiver as he whispered, "Bryan."

He balanced his forehead against hers as he gently pushed himself inside of her. She moaned loudly and grabbed Bryan's shoulders as he slowly pushed himself inside of her completely. He bent his head down to take one of her nipples into his mouth.

She gasped and moaned due to all the feelings he was stirring inside her. Tabitha couldn't believe this is how it felt to have a man inside of her. The things he was doing to her was something she hadn't ever felt. After he thought she was used to his size, he slowly pulled back and then pushed back into her. She moaned his name as he set his rhythm. He let go of her nipple and looked back at her face. He couldn't see anything, but he felt her heartbeat through his chest, he felt her nipples graze his collar bone, he felt her left thigh against his warm hips, and he felt as if he wanted time to stay still. This girl beneath him made him feel different. He enjoyed being near her and wanted her to enjoy it too. Even though he shouldn't be giving a second thought about her well-being, he still did. "Tell me when you need me to stop," he whispered to her. She nodded, but then realized he couldn't see her and whispered back, "O.K."

He began pumping back and forth into her, listening to her moans grow louder when his rhythm would increase and turn into soft mewls when he'd slow down. He could tell she was about to come when she began pushing at his chest and her heartbeat became erratic. He slowed down and eventually stopped moving inside of her. He felt around with his free hand for his cellphone he had left on her passenger seat. He clicked a button to see what time it was. 3:45 a.m. He had a lot of time left with her. He slowly pulled himself out of her and wrapped his arm around the back of her neck. He pulled himself up and brought her with him.

"Turn around," he ordered. She did as she was told and turned over. She faced the window while balancing on her right knee while her left leg stood on the ground; same with Bryan. He pulled her waist up a bit higher and spread her legs more, pushing her right leg completely against the seat. He then lifted himself up, felt around her and finally pushed himself inside of her. Tabitha jumped at the sudden invasion and clutched onto her seat cover, as well as leaving her window with a tantalizing handprint. He continued to push into her, holding onto her waist with one hand, with his other hand creeping over her body and resting on her breast, tickling her nipple. She screamed as he began ramming into her as fast as he could, assuming she could handle his different rhythms by now. She gasped and whimpered, leaving hot fog against the window whenever Bryan intruded inside of her. Her hair fell onto her face and was trapped against her skin and the cold window. Bryan let go of her breast and pulled her hair; she was now facing the ceiling of her car. Tabitha could hear Bryan's grunts as he continued to slam his own body against hers, feeling her body spasm. He let go of her hair and waist, and placed both hands on her breasts, massaging them until he heard her moan with pleasure. Bryan suddenly stopped pushing into her and pulled her up against him while keeping his hands in the same place they had been previously. He pushed her legs forward with his own and laid down on the seat with Tabitha laying on top of him. He then shifted himself, all the while balancing Tabitha, so he sat on the seat normally, rather than laying down on the seat. He pulled Tabitha down so he could whisper into her right ear. "Fuck yourself, Tabitha." She again did as she was told. She placed her hands on his upper thighs and began pushing herself up and down off of Bryan, setting her own rhythm. Bryan softly touched her chest, feeling, as well as hearing, her breasts flap against her skin as she bounced on top of him. She moaned loudly, falling down on him, forcing him to fill her completely. He then placed his hands on her hips, guiding her strokes and thrusts. He felt her beginning to close around him, which was why he pushed her down onto empty space beside him on the seat. Tabitha laid on the seat with her round ass in the air. He continued to thrust into her as hard as he could until Bryan heard her scream louder than she had all night. She closed tightly around him, resulting in forcing Bryan to come as well. He grunted as he let out what he'd been holding in since he saw her naked form in front of him. She clutched onto the seat covers as her orgasm slowly rippled through her. He laid down on top of her, completely spent. Tabitha couldn't believe what she had just felt. Her body felt on fire and she felt beautiful in so many ways. Bryan reached down to her and softly kissed her on her cheek. She smiled at this. She smiled at what they had just done. Even though she knew she shouldn't have shared this moment with Bryan, but rather with someone she knew and trusted, she didn't regret her actions one bit.

Bryan pulled himself out of her and sat down on the seat, followed by Tabitha doing the same. She sighed, as did he. "That was amazing," Bryan whispered, as if talking to himself. Tabitha nodded. She shifted and reached down to obtain her clothes and said, "So no ticket then, huh?" Bryan chuckled and followed her actions, "No ticket."