An empty soul that needed to be filled

A lone heart that needed another

An evil mind that needed to learn to love

The cure is soon

The cure that will save the poor spirit from everlasting damnation

For the this hapless mortal could nothing but take

Take what was his

Take things that of which did not belong in his grasp

But the cure

Oh the cure

It was forthcoming

The cure was not in the form of external peace but of love that needed to be returned

The cure was hidden inside a wandering being

Not at all lost

The roving individual

Pardon, the nomadic women was destined to save the soul

Who's spirit was closest to the fiery pits of hell then other being to walk this very earth

Fate had woven it's bright threads to intertwine their destinies

To make it so

To create a love that was never ending

For this women knew of her calling

She wandered across the far corners of the earth searching for the soul that would fit the puzzle

The puzzle which the highest gods took part in

The most complex story ever created

It took generations to make this destiny

But it finally came to be

Came to these two people that changed the fate of the universe